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Soundcloud is one of thousands of companies using Priori Data to improve their ASO, track their mobile app competitors and identify new opportunities around the world.

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Keyword Intelligence

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Competitive Intelligence

Track your apps and your competitors

Unlock downloads and revenues
Create watchlists of competitors
Check your performance in every country
How does it work?

How does it work?


Thanks to our intuitive interface, you can explore apps, add them to your watchlists, and compare their performance on your dashboard.


We collect data of more than 15,000 apps from our partners. It allows us to estimate performance data for more than 3 millions apps at an average 80% accuracy.

Mobile app data for everyone

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Trusted by talented people

Priori Data provides us with extensive and reliable data with easy to follow UI. Our main product to understand the mobile app store performance in one central place.

Dean Johnston, Head of Business Intelligence @MusicQubed

Dean Johnston, Head of Business Intelligence @MusicQubed

I simply created a watchlist of all our competitors and had an immediate overview of their recent performance, who is rising, falling and how we rank in comparison.

Lisa Kennelly, Director of Marketing @Clue

Lisa Kennelly, Director of Marketing @Clue

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