Dating App Stats, Revenue & Usage 2024

The online dating industry is booming with Tinder, Hinge, and Many users have registered themselves with dating platforms to find a partner. 

But what is making online dating so popular? The dating platform allows users to decide whether they like someone or not based on a few pictures and information. One doesn’t need to go through a matchmaker rifle to find someone unique. 

Tinder has gained quite a good reputation for its simplicity compared to other dating platforms. It has a simple “swipe right if interested and swipe left if not” system. But it also made online dating less for lasting connections and more for casual hookups. 

Tinder was founded in 2012 and is owned by IAC. It’s a startup incubator that also owns OK Cupid,, and Plenty of Fish. Basically, IAC is a leader in the online dating industry. 

Continue reading to learn the online dating app market’s data and statistics. 

Dating App Key Statistics 

After a successful launch, Tinder has ruled the online dating market in so many countries. But in South America and Europe, Badoo has been a winner. It was created by Andrey Andreev to make dating easier. 

Badoo is one of the most downloaded dating apps, with over 400 million downloads. But the platform has not been able to gain a stable reputation in the US. 

Later in 2014, the co-founder of Tinder launched Bumble, which became a hit among North American users. Bumble became the feminist of the dating app, allowing women to make the first move. Basically, women on Bumble have complete control. 

With Bumble getting popular in the dating industry, the number of people using Tinder for casual hook-ups decreased. Following this, Hinge shifted its focus to helping people find long-term relationships. 

In terms of monthly active users, Badoo and Tinder top the list. These are market leaders in South East Asia and China.  

Here’s a brief key statics of dating apps:

  • In 2021, the dating market made $5.61 billion in revenue, of which $3 billion was from Match Group. 
  • Almost 300 million people use online dating apps, with 20 million users paying for premium services. 
  • In 2021, Tinder had the most number of downloads, followed by Bumble. 
  • While Tinder is popular in the US, Badoo gained huge recognition in the European market. 
  • The online dating market is expected to grow in the coming years.

Top Dating Apps 

1. Tinder 

Launched in 2012, Tinder has truly revolutionized the online dating industry by giving users more control of their experience.


It started the “swipe right, swipe left” trend to remove the seriousness from dating apps. 

As of September 2022, Tinder has had a worldwide revenue of $76.45 million. It remains to be one of the most downloaded apps. 

2. Bumble 

Bumble is Tinder’s main rival in North America. It brought a change in the online dating market by giving women complete control of their experience. 

3. Hinge 

Hinge is another popular platform in the online dating industry. It focuses more on building long-term relationships rather than hook-ups. 

4. Badoo 

Badoo was founded in 2006, way before Tinder and Bumble. The platform branded itself as a social search, games, and quiz app. 


5. Happn 

Happn has gained popularity in the online dating market with its unique approach. Rather than using the location, Happn is designed to match people based on the people they have seen recently. 

6. Grindr 

Grindr is a trusted dating app specifically designed for LGBTQ people. It is a popular choice among the gay community. 


7. Tantan

In China, casual dating is not too popular. But Tantan changed people’s attitude towards casual dating with this unique approach. 


8. Plenty of Fish 

Plenty of Fish is one of the few successful platforms that has been around for so many years. 

Plenty of Fish 

Global Dating App Revenue 

In the early 2010s, the online dating market saw a major decrease in the number of users.

But with platforms like Tinder and Bumble getting launched, the revenue of dating apps has increased. As of 2021, dating app revenue was $5.61 billion. 

Global Dating App Users 

Over the years, the number of global dating app users has significantly increased.

Presently, more than 323 million people worldwide use dating apps. The majority of people join the platform through mobile devices. 

Global Dating App Downloads 

Unfortunately, the number of dating app downloads has decreased in the past two years. The dating app market saw its peak in downloads in 2019, with 287.4 million downloads. 

Global Dating Users by App 

Among the available dating apps, Tinder and Badoo have always been on the top of the list. While Tinder has taken over the North American market, Badoo is popular in South America and Europe. 

US Dating App Market Share 

Tinder has emerged as a leader in the US dating app market, followed by Bumble. Lately, Hinge has also started gaining recognition with its shift towards long-term relationships. 

Dating App Preference by Different Age Groups 

Young people ranging from 18 to 29 years are strongly inclined toward Tinder. That’s because the platform has a playful style and better user preference, which decreases the possibility of serious flings. Also, Tinder is available in premium mode.

People under the age group of 30-64 years are more likely to use because it focuses on serious connections. Only 20% of the people above 65 use dating sites, among which some prefer eHarmony while others like religious dating sites. 

What Number of LGBTQ People Use Dating Apps 

According to a survey, around 55% of LBTQ adults use online dating platforms, which is more than the number of straight adults.

About 21% of LGBTQ online daters have agreed to either be in a serious relationship or married the person they have met through online dating apps. 

Online Dating User Goals 

  • About 42% of online daters have agreed to aim for marriage through dating sites. That means if someone is using dating sites to find a potential marriage partner, they have millions of potential matches to choose from. 
  • Around 13% of the people have agreed to get married or engaged with people they have met through online dating platforms. In contrast, 15% of people reported having been in a relationship that lasted a whole year. 
  • Lastly, 26% of online daters are not looking for anything serious. 
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