Lensa AI Revenue, Users & Statistics 2024

Lensa AI works by using generative AI. This allows the app to take a simple selfie photo and change it into a customized avatar, fantasy scene, anime character, or other image.

This AI can add artistic styles, backgrounds, costumes, and other details. Tech company Prisma Labs created the app.

It became viral with over 26 million downloads in total. Users have created more than 100 million avatars and images with the app.

It does this by analyzing the selfie and then generating a new image based on the patterns it recognizes.

78% of Lensa users agree that the app makes realistic Avatare from their selfies The app aims to give regular people access to advanced AI image generation in a user-friendly way. It shows how AI like this could be used more in everyday life.

Lensa AI’s new “Magic Avatars” feature has driven major growth for the app. It was introduced in December 2022. Shortly after launch, Lensa AI reached #1 on the US App Store download charts.

In just the first 5 days after releasing Magic Avatars, Lensa AI generated $8.2 million in revenue. This exceeded the company’s total revenue for the entire previous year.

The viral popularity of AI-powered avatars has rapidly expanded Lensa AI’s user base and revenue.

Lensa AI Key Statistics

  • Lensa AI has generated a revenue of $16.2 million in 2022.
  • $8 million in revenue was solely from the new Magic Avatar feature introduced in December 2022.
  • At the start of December 2022, Lensa AI had 1.1 million users.
  • The Lensa app has over 26 million downloads across both iOS and Android platforms.
  • Over 10 million job seekers registered on Lensa AI platform
  • Partnered with 70,000+ companies worldwide
  • Lensa Ai is present in 20+ countries, available in multiple languages
  • The company has raised over $13M in funding from investors
  • #1 Grossing App in United States, Australia, France, Canada, Germany, England, Italy and Turkey

Lensa AI Overview

  • Lunch Date: Lensa AI was created in October 2018 and released in October 2019
  • Headquarters:
  • Headquarters: Lensa AI’s headquarters are in Sunnyvale, California.
  • People: Lensa AI was founded by Andrey Usoltsev (CEO) & Oleg Poyaganov (CTO).
  • Business Type: Private photo editing app company.
  • Owner: Owned by Prisma Labs.
  • Industry: Photo Editor, AI Image Generator

Lensa AI Revenue

Annual revenue 2021 to 2023

In 2021, the revenue stood at $6.5 million, serving as a foundational year. However, in 2022 the revenues stood at $39.24 million, marking a six-fold increase from the previous year.

This sudden surge was due to the tool’s popularity and the Magic Avatar feature introduced in December.

As for 2023, in just the initial four months, the revenue has already reached $8.26 million, suggesting a promising trajectory for the rest of the year if the trend continues. .

Annual revenue 2021 to 2023

YearRevenue ($ in mm)
2023 (Till April)$8.26

Sources: Statista

Monthly Revenue Jan 2021 to April 2023

Monthly Revenue Jan 2021 to April 2023

In 2021, Lensa AI’s monthly revenue started was between $0.4 and $0.85 million per month.

In 2022, the monthly revenue stayed about the same until November. In November 2022, the revenue spiked up to $1.46 million.

The revenue skyrocketed to $30.75 million in December 2022 due to rising popularity and new features.

In 2023 so far, the monthly revenue has gone down some from that peak. But it’s still way more than before, over $1 million per month.

Month and YearRevenue ($ in mm)
January 2021$0.65
February 2021$0.44
March 2021$0.46
April 2021$0.41
May 2021$0.38
June 2021$0.35
July 2021$0.53
August 2021$0.46
September 2021$0.47
October 2021$0.62
November 2021$0.61
December 2021$0.85
January 2022$0.86
February 2022$0.58
March 2022$0.46
April 2022$0.39
May 2022$0.47
June 2022$0.56
July 2022$0.62
August 2022$0.58
September 2022$0.46
October 2022$0.45
November 2022$1.46
December 2022$30.75
January 2023$4.17
February 2023$1.66
March 2023$1.34
April 2023$1.09

Lensa AI Users

Lensa AI annual users 2020 to 2022 (mm)

Lensa AI has over one million active users as of December 2022.

Lensa AI annual users 2020 to 2022 (mm)

YearUsers (mm)

Lensa AI Downloads

Annual downloads 2020 to 2023 (in mm)

Annual downloads:

The Lensa app saw fast growth in downloads from 2020 to 2021, increasing around 86% from 5.1 million to 9.5 million.

In 2022 the download growth rate slowed to 10.5%, reaching 10.5 million. So while Lensa expanded each year, its growth pace moderated in 2022 compared to the previous surge.

Please Note: The 2022 numbers are before the launch of the Magic Avatar features as it resulted in a download spike of 19.3 million downloads.

Annual downloads 2020 to 2023 (in mm)

YearDownloads (in mm)
2023 (Till April)3.68

Source: AppMagic

Monthly Downloads Jan 2021 to April 2023

Monthly Downloads Jan 2021 to April 2023

When Lensa first launched in 2018, it got about 1.6 million downloads in January 2021.

In November 2022, the app suddenly got way more popular because of TikTok and Instagram. It got almost 2 million downloads just in November 2022.

Lensa AI was downloaded over 19.3 million times worldwide in December 2022. But then in January 2023, downloads dropped to only 1.4 million.

The sudden spike was due to the introduction of the “Magic Avatar Feature

However, the number of downloads went down again in January 2023 after the initial surge.

Month and YearDownloads (in mm)
January 20211.6
February 20211.05
March 20210.9
April 20211.2
May 20211.05
June 20210.54
July 20210.73
August 20210.56
September 20210.48
October 20210.61
November 20210.46
December 20210.76
January 20220.64
February 20220.49
March 20220.18
April 20220.16
May 20220.31
June 20220.48
July 20220.49
August 20220.51
September 20220.32
October 20220.27
November 20222.3
December 202219.3
January 20231.4
February 20230.83
March 20230.78
April 20230.67

Source: Statista

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