Fortnite Revenue, Player Count & Net Worth 2024

Fortnite is an interactive online video game series developed by Epic Games. The game has a post-apocalyptic zombie world theme.

It was first released in 2017. After launch, the game received huge appreciation and phenomenal success worldwide. 

Fortnite umbrella consists of two games, i.e., Fortnite: Save the World and Fortnite: Battle Royale. 

After the former game released a paid-for early access in 2017, players were expecting it to release a free version as well.

But Epic Games decided to remain a premium experience by making its game available on macOS, Microsoft Windows, Xbox, One, and PlayStation 4.  

Scroll down to check out the data and statistics on Fortnite. 

Fortnite Earnings

Fortnite Key Statistics 

In August 2020, Fortnite violated Apple’s and Google’s guidelines, after which it got removed from App Store and Play Store. Later, the developer of Fortnite started using their own payment system. 

Here’s a brief idea of Fortnite’s usage statistics: 

  • The game is believed to have generated $5.8 billion in revenue in 2021. 
  • Before the game was banned from App Store and Play Store, it had made $1.1 billion in revenue. 
  • Approximately 400 million users have registered on Fortnite, of which 83 million users play once a month. 
  • Most players of the Fortnite game are in the 18-24 age bracket. 
  • In 2020, Sony invested $250 million in Epic Games. 

Fortnite Overview 

  • Launch Date: 26 September 2017
  • Headquarters: Cary, North Carolina 
  • People: Tim Sweeney (CEO), Donald Mustard (CCO)
  • Business Type: Private
  • Parent Company: Epic Games
  • Industry: Gaming

Fortnite Revenue

Fortnite has become a worldwide sensation in just a short span of time. It is one of many F2Ps established by Epic Games. 

Fortnite Revenue

The game is believed to have generated $5.8 billion in revenue in 2021, more than the annual record of 2018. It made $9 billion more for Epic Games in 2018-19. 

PlayStation 4 is the main source of Fortnite income. Around 47% of players invested through this platform between March 2018 and July 2020. 

Fortnite Annual Revenue 2018 to 2021 ($bn)

Year Revenue ($bn)

Fortnite Lifetime Mobile Revenue

Before getting kicked off from the App Store and Play Store, Fortnite made more than $1 billion. 

After the game was launched in 2017, it started the mobile device gaming experience the next year. While the sales were slow, they quickly exploded in 2019. 

In 2018, Fortnite made 100 million in monthly sales. In the next few years, the sales increased to 1100 million.  

Fortnite Cumulative Mobile Revenue 2018 to 2020 ($mm)

Fortnite Lifetime Mobile Revenue
Year Revenue ($mm)

Fortnite Registered Users

Fortnite Registered Users

By May 2020, Fortnite has reached 350 users. By the year 2023, the number of registered users will have increased to 400 million.

It has 250 million average monthly players, out of which 25 million are daily players. 

Fortnite Registered Users 2017 to 2021 (mm)

Year Users (mm)

Epic Games took full advantage of Fortnite users, who have increased during special events

Fortnite Monthly Active Player Count

After its launch in 2017, Fortnite was widely played worldwide. Fortnite is believed to have over 12.3 million concurrent players during peak seasons. 

The game has maintained a consistent monthly active player base of 80 million. The year 2021 can be a peak year as the monthly active player count increased to 83.3 million. 

Fortnite Registered Users 2018 to 2021 (mm)

Fortnite Registered Users 2018 to 2021 (mm)
Year Users (mm)

Fortnite Age Demographics

More than 60% of Fortnite players fall between the age group of 18-24. But most players are believed to have lied about their age to play Fortnite.  

Around 22.5% of players are between 25 to 34 years. In contrast, the remaining players are over 35 years old.  

Fortnite Age Demographics

Fortnite Age Demographics 2022 (%)

Age Percentage of Users 

Fortnite Gender Demographics

More than half of the Fortnite players are believed to be male. A survey revealed that only 10.3% of players were female in 2022. 

Fortnite Gender Demographics

Fortnite Gender Demographics 2022 (%)

Gender Percentage of Users 
Male 89.7
Female 10.3

Fortnite Global Player Spending

The Fortnite platform is a popular place for microtransactions. Why? Because 77% of players have spent at least one in-game purchase.

Fortnite Global Player Spending

In comparison, the remaining number of players have not made any purchases but have completed registration. 

Here’s how much Fortnite players have spent on in-game purchases: 

Money Spent on Fortnite Percentage of Fortnite Players 
Players spending money on Fortnite 77%
Players not spending money on Fortnite 21%
Did not prefer to say2%

Fortnite Hours Watched Streaming

Since the game’s launch, streaming and Fortnite have gone hand in hand. Even though the game has drop-off from its popularity, it is famous among streaming viewers.  

Fortnite Hours Watched Streaming

In the year 2020, Fortnite had over 1.6 billion hours of streaming services. 

Year Hours Watched (mm)

Fortnite Trends 2023 

Here are some popular Fortnite trends of 2023:

  • Launch of Creative 2.0: In 2023, the metaverse is expected to arrive in the Fortnite community through Creativity 2.0. It will bring many innovative tools and game-creation modules to the game. 
  • Nothing and the Last Reality on Island: It’s expected that Nothing and the Last Reality on Island might be the finale of Fortnite season 4. 
  • Competitive Season: Fortnite will organize tournaments where all the players can participate. 

Fortnite FAQ

Ques 1: How many users did Fortnite have before it was banned on iOS?

Ans: Before the ban, Fortnite had around 116 million users on iOS, where 73 million were playing exclusively on the platform. 

Ques 2: What are the record concurrent players?

Ans: In April 2020, the record number of concurrent players was 12.3 million. 

Ques 3: What is the median weekly time spent on Fortnite?

Ans: The median weekly time spent on Fortnite is between 6 to 10 hours. 

Ques 4: Who is the popular Fortnite player?

Ans: The most popular player is Ninja, with almost 24.2 million YouTube followers and 16.7 million Twitch followers. 

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