Bumble Users, Revenue & Statistics 2024

In recent years, online dating has become popular, with numerous apps like tinder and Bumble catering to individuals seeking romantic connections.

Bumble, founded in 2014 by Whitney Wolfe Herd, has emerged as one of the leading players in this competitive market. 

Not only has Bumble gained traction for its unique approach to empowering women, but it has also experienced remarkable revenue and user engagement success. 

In this article, we will delve into the revenue and usage statistics of Bumble, shedding light on its impressive growth and impact on the online dating landscape.

Bumble Key Statistics

Bumble’s revenue growth has been nothing short of extraordinary. 

According to recent reports, in the fiscal year 2022, Bumble recorded total revenues of $488.9 million, marking a staggering 31% increase compared to the previous year.

This surge in revenue can be attributed to multiple factors, including an expanding user base and the monetization of various features within the app.

One of the key drivers of Bumble’s revenue growth is its premium subscription service, Bumble Boost. 

With Boost, users can access additional features such as unlimited swipes, the ability to rematch with expired connections, and the option to extend matches. 

Bumble Boost is available in three different subscription plans: one week, one month, and three months. 

By offering these premium features, Bumble has successfully monetized its user base and generated substantial revenue.

Bumble’s total revenue for the year 2022 was approximately $694 million. 

Bumble has demonstrated strong revenue growth in recent years. For example, in 2020, its revenue increased by around 19% compared to the previous year.

Bumble’s platform has a significant user base. As of September 2021, Bumble reported having over 100 million users worldwide, with approximately 2.7 million paid subscribers.

Bumble’s ARPU is a key metric that reflects its ability to monetize its user base. As of my knowledge cutoff, the specific ARPU figure for Bumble was not publicly available.

Bumble Overview

Launch Date: Bumble was launched on September 1, 2014.

Headquarters: The headquarters of Bumble is located in Austin, Texas, United States.

People: Bumble reported having over 50 million users.

Business Type: Bumble is a technology company focusing on social networking and online dating. 

Industry: Bumble operates in the online dating industry, which falls under the broader umbrella of social media and technology. 

Bumble Revenue

Bumble Revenue

Bumble’s revenue growth has been nothing short of extraordinary. Bumble’s revenue for 202 was $337 Million. 

YearRevenue (in millions USD)

Bumble Users

Bumble Users

Bumble has reported having over 100 million users globally.

YearUsers (mm)

Bumble Valuation

Bumble Valuation

Bumble reached its highest valuation in 2021, shortly after its initial public offering (IPO), when its market cap reached $13 billion.

However, in 2022, its valuation decreased by more than half, dropping to $6 billion, which is lower than its valuation in 2020.

YearValuation ($bn)

Bumble Profit 

Bumble Profit 

After a profitable year in 2021, Bumble experienced a loss in 2022, reporting a net loss of $80 million for the entire year.

YearNet income/loss ($mm)

Bumble Paying Users

Bumble Paying Users

In 2022, Bumble had a user base of 2.2 million individuals who subscribed as paying users. These users opted for premium features that include additional likes, rewinds, and the ability to view the profiles of individuals who liked them.

YearPaying Users (mm)

Bumble App Downloads Worldwide

Bumble App Downloads Worldwide

In 2022, Bumble witnessed a significant increase in global downloads, reaching a total of 28 million installations.

This marks a 27% growth compared to the previous year, solidifying Bumble’s position as the second most downloaded app worldwide.

YearWorldwide Downloads (in millions)

Bumble User Demographics

Bumble User Demographics

The breakdown of Bumble usage among adults in the United States as of April 2020, categorized by age groups.

AgeUsage rate

Bumble Revenue Per User

Bumble Revenue Per User

As of March 31, 2023, Bumble’s Average Revenue per Paying User (ARPPU) stands at $27.93, indicating a 3.6% decline compared to the corresponding period in the previous year.


Bumble FAQs 

Ques 1: What Is the Price of Bumble Premium In 2023?

Ans: Bumble Premium offers a range of pricing options. In 2023, the cost of Bumble Premium starts at $19.99 per week, slightly higher than the price of Boost. However, Premium provides nearly twice as many features as Boost. 

Ques 2: How Many Matches Have There Been on Bumble?

Ans: Bumble has facilitated over 60 million matches since its launch in 2014. 

Ques 3: How Many Countries Is Bumble Available In?

Ans: Bumble was available in over 150 countries worldwide. 

Ques 4: What Is the Main Age Demographic That Uses Bumble?

Ans: Bumble’s main age demographic tends to vary, but it primarily attracts users within the range of 18 to 35 years old. 

The platform appeals to many individuals, including young adults and professionals looking for relationships, friendships, or networking opportunities. 

However, it’s worth noting that Bumble’s user base is diverse and includes people from various age groups.

Ques 5: What Are the Best Alternatives to Bumble 2023?

Ans: In 2023, some popular alternatives to Bumble for online dating and networking include:

Tinder: Tinder is one of the most well-known dating apps globally. It offers a similar swipe-based matching system and a large user base.

Hinge: Hinge focuses on creating meaningful connections by emphasizing detailed profiles and prompting users to engage in conversation starters.

OkCupid: OkCupid is a dating app that utilizes algorithms and user-generated questions to match individuals based on compatibility. 

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