SoundCloud Revenue & User Statistics 2024

Founded by Alexander Ljung and Eric Wahlfross, SoundCloud is one of the most powerful tools, known for its massive independent music creator. 

Like Spotify and iTunes, SoundCloud lets users listen to anyone for free and upload tracks with their rights. Originally this platform was created for professional musicians, but over the years, it opened the door for all sorts of content creators. 

Presently, millions of creators distribute their music, beats, and demos with producers and singers through SoundCloud. Simply put, it’s a collaboration platform many artists use as the first step in their careers. 

As of 2022, SoundCloud was reported to have over 76 million subscribers with 120 monthly active users. The company announced its global revenue for 2020 of over $237 million.

This article will discuss the statistics and revenue usage to help you better understand SoundCloud’s target demographics, revenue, users, and more.  

SoundCloud Revenue

SoundCloud Key Statistics 

During the initial years, SoundCloud grew at a surprising rate. The platform rose from 15 to 150 million registered users in just a few years. In 2018, the company reported generating $127 million

But the creators of the platform struggled to generate income. In fact, many streamers do not receive anything for their stream. Over the years, the number of new music being uploaded on SoundCloud has drastically increased.   

To become more competent, SoundCloud has made a few changes in its management. Here’s SoundCloud key statistics in brief: 

  • In 2021, SoundCloud was reported to generate $271 million in revenue. This figure was higher than what was protected in 2020. 
  • The platform has more than 130 million registered users. 
  • More than 30 million music creators have registered themselves with SoundCloud. 
  • Recently, the platform was valued at $800 million, up from $700 million in 2021. 
  • Almost 27% of SoundCloud users are from the US. 
  • More than 63.5% of the audience is between 18-34 years. 

SoundCloud Overview 

  1. Launch Date: October 2008
  2. Headquarters: Berlin, Germany
  3. People: Alexander Ljung, Michael Weissman 
  4. Business Type: Private 
  5. Industry: Music Streaming 

SoundCloud Revenue

In 2020, SoundCloud made over $200 million in revenue. It was the highest recorded annual revenue. 

SoundCloud Revenue

SoundCloud Annual Revenue 2011 to 2021 ($mm)

Year Revenue ($mm)

SoundCloud Users

Presently, SoundCloud has more than 130 million users. Between 2015 to 2018, the platform deleted over 70 million users due to inactivity

SoundCloud Users

SoundCloud Users 2012 to 2022 (mm)

Year Users (mm)

SoundCloud Valuation

In 2021, the brand value of SoundCloud was $700 million, up from $500 million in 2020. Likewise, SoundCloud was valued at $350 million in 2018, an 133% increase from 2016. 

SoundCloud Valuation

While the platform was founded in 2007, it is currently valued at more than $800 million. Still, the platform is behind Spotify, valued at around $30 billion. 

SoundCloud Valuation 2015 to 2022 ($mm)

Year SoundCloud Valuation ($mm)

SoundCloud Music Creators

With the increase in popularity of SoundCloud, the number of music creators on the platform has also increased. As of 2021, the platform had reported having a total of 30 million creators. 

SoundCloud Music Creators

SoundCloud Music Creators 2018 to 2021 (mm)

Year Music Creators (mm)

SoundCloud Number of Tracks

SoundCloud will have over 150 million tracks available in 2021. This figure has decreased from the previous year. 

SoundCloud Number of Tracks

In 2020, SoundCloud had over 200 million songs, up from 180 million in 2019. In 2016, the platform was reported to host more than 125 million songs across all its subscription tiers. 

SoundCloud Number of Tracks 2015 to 2021 (mm)

Year Number of Tracks (mm)

SoundCloud Traffic by Country

More than half of SoundCloud’s traffic is from the US, followed by the UK and Germany. In contrast, France offers the least amount of SoundCloud traffic. 

SoundCloud Traffic by Country

SoundCloud Traffic by Country (%)

Country Percentage of Traffic 
Germany 4
Russia 4
France 3

SoundCloud Funding

After its launch in 2008, SoundCloud has received a total of $552 million in funding. 

SoundCloud Funding

SoundCloud Funding 2009 to 2022 ($mm)

Year Funding ($mm)

SoundCloud Demographics

Almost 35% of SoundCloud users are under the age group of 18-35 years.

SoundCloud Demographics

Visitors of SoundCloud By Age (%)

Age Visitors (%)
18-24 years 31.5
25-34 years 32.5
35-44 years 16.3
45-54 years 9.8
55-64 years 6
65+ years 3.9

Top SoundCloud Musicians

SoundCloud is a music streaming platform popular among many artists. 

Top SoundCloud Musicians

Top SoundCloud Musicians (mm)

Artist Number of Followers (mm)
Future 10
Big Sean 9.51
Wale 8.32
Pusha T8.19
Big K.R.I.T8.06
Lana Del Ray 8.06
Justin Timberlake 7.82
Calvin Harris 7.17
Diplo 7.10

SoundCloud FAQ

Ques 1: In how many countries does SoundCloud offer its services?

Ans: SoundCloud is available in more than 190 countries. 

Ques 2: What companies have tried acquiring SoundCloud?

Ans: Twitter was interested in acquiring SoundCloud in 2014 at $2 billion. Likewise, Spotify was also interested in acquiring SoundCloud in 2016, but it did not make a bid. 

Ques 3: How much music is uploaded on SoundCloud?

Ans: Around 12 hours of audio and music are uploaded on SoundCloud every minute. 

Ques 4: How popular is SoundCloud?

Ans: In 2020, SoundCloud was ranked 2nd most searched music streaming platform worldwide. 

Ques 5: Which country has banned SoundCloud?

Ans: While SoundCloud is a popular platform, it is banned in a few countries, including India, China, Turkey, Kyrgyzstan, and Kazakhstan.

Ques 6: Which social media platform directs the most traffic to SoundCloud?

Ans: SoundCloud gets the most traffic from YouTube, followed by Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, and others. 

Ques 7: Can SoundCloud premium user artists see who listens to their music? 

Ans: Yes, SoundCloud premium user artists can view the user accounts, cities, apps, and countries of the users. 

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