10 Best AI Tools for Creators & Influencers in 2023

Doing almost anything is easier today with AI. Chatbots can help write stories, Smart apps can design graphics and art. 

Even music can be made just by talking to an AI assistant. With these new AI tools, anyone can be creative.

Want to make something awesome?

Then let’s look at the best AI tools for creators that the market can offer.

Best AI Tools for Creators:

1. Article Forge

Article Forge

With the help of deep learning and AI, the writing tool Article Forge can produce unique SEO content in under a minute. To provide helpful and interesting information, it analyzes your input using sophisticated algorithms.

The interface is simple and one can change important elements like article length, supplementary keywords, and subheadings.

It offers pictures, videos, and links to make sure your information is interesting and pertinent. Article Forge does the rest when you give it the keywords you wish to use.


Based on your instructions:

By giving specific instructions on what to write about, you can produce more specialized and helpful articles.

Extend and improve:

Write as many headings, subheaders, and sections as you wish to extend your articles (20,000 words or more) forever from the Article Forge editor.

Create in bulk:

Use the bulk generator on Article Forge to create hundreds of articles. 

Plagiarism free:

Copyscape detects no duplicate material in any of the articles produced by Article Forge. 


Article Forge provides per-word basis costing, starting from 25k words at $27 per month, 250k words at $57 per month, and 500k words at $127 per month (3+ users).

You can use the free trial version for the first five days before subscribing. And for the business account, directly contact the company from their official site. 


  • A content creation tool for SEO, Article Forge. 
  • With only one button click, you can produce articles of various lengths that are 99% unique.
  • The level of content quality is competitive.


  • It concentrates on producing long-form material for your website or blog. 
  • 10,000 words might not be enough within the trial period.

2. Narrato


With Narrato, you can manage the whole production process in one location, while producing high-performing content.

Narrato takes the role of a jumbled, disconnected tool stack, eliminating the need for many tools in the content creation process.

To get input and post material to their website or blog, users may share content briefs, outlines, and text with team members.

Narrato also provides content planning features like content calendars, Kanban boards, customized processes, and workflow automation.


Custom templates:

Create unique templates with the opportunity to make them the default for projects to output material in a standardized way. 


With few text instructions, create beautiful AI graphics in a variety of styles. Look for and download images and graphics for free without credit.

Publish online:

Create custom connections with API and Zapier to any CMS to publish or save content to WordPress, social media platforms, or both.

Headline/product description:

With simply the product name and specifications, you can write appealing product descriptions. Purchase AI copies in the AIDA, PAS, or BAB frameworks.


Narrato provides two subscription plans with a free trial period. Pro starts at $52 per month and Business at $100 per month. You also get a 20% discount on the yearly subscription. For custom-price, directly contact the company from their official site. 


  • Automated workflows and custom content workflows.
  • Library of custom style guidelines and templates for content.
  • Offers grammatical and readability checks, plagiarism detection, and recommendations for content enhancement.


  • May have a few specific use cases for producing material for social networking.

3. Jasper.ai


The automatic copywriting tool Jasper AI creates articles, editorials, and tales for use in marketing. It analyzes your input using sophisticated algorithms to provide interesting and helpful information.

The tool gives users access to more than 50 templates as well as “Recipes” that combine smaller templates into bigger assets.

It comes with an incredible array of comprehensive learning resources and instruction manuals.

Jasper also supports over 30 languages and includes a few extra features like AI art and Jasper chat.



Use AI to create artwork and graphics for things like advertisements, thumbnails, and drawings.


More than 50 specialized abilities, ranging from blog post SEO to creating headlines with great conversion rates. 

Brand Voice:

Teach AI about the details of your business, your product catalogs, your target markets, and your style guide to stay on-brand. 


With a single brief, develop end-to-end marketing campaigns. 


Jasper.ai provides a free trial by registering with your email. The subscription plan starts at $49 per month (creator), Teams at $125 per month, and for business, contact directly with the company from their official site.

You also get a 20% discount if you buy the yearly subscription. You can upgrade as well as cancel your plan anytime you like. 


  • Dynamic AI chatbot to produce content rapidly.
  • Integration of SurferSEO for optimizing keywords. 
  • AI Art creates artwork for advertisements, thumbnails, and other media.


  • Plagiarism checks are an add-on. Your account can get credits beginning at $10. 
  • Can be costly for startups and solopreneurs.

4. Copysmith


For eCommerce and businesses, Copysmith is a piece of AI content generation software. A written essay may be improved from a preliminary draft.

More than 30 templates are available, including content rewriter, event press releases, pitch yourself, and Facebook ad text.

Brainstorming is covered in one section. This area may assist you with many things, including content ideas, listicles, ad headlines, ad concepts, and more.

To keep track of where each client’s work is, Copysmith allows you to organize and save your content in folders.


Bulk content creation:

You may submit a CSV file with the information for each of your blog entries, and Copysmith will create an outline for each one of them.

Google Ads:

By integrating Copysmith with Google Ads, customers may post their material right to their Google Ads account.

Plagiarism checker:

A built-in plagiarism detector is available in Copysmith. By selecting the plagiarism icon in the upper right corner of your workspace, you may access this option.

In-app collab:

The in-app collaboration function enables you to invite team members and collaborate assuring effective teamwork.


Copysmith provides Describely subscription plans at $19 per month for the started pack and $49 per month for the Pro plan. For Business plans directly contact the company from their official site. They also offer a 30-day money back after you subscribe. 


  • The tool optimizes content for SEO, PPC, and CRO.
  • AI picks up on your own phrasing and tonal preferences.
  • Helps writers and content creators save hours.


  • If unused, credits do not carry over to the following month.
  • Some sorts of materials demand five to ten credits.

5. Copy.ai


Copy.ai provides a variety of automatic copy-generating tools. With the use of Copy.ai, you can create customized sales copy, cold outreach emails, blog entries, social network postings, and more.

It analyzes your input using sophisticated algorithms to provide information that is both educational and interesting. keep in mind that editing and fact-checking the produced material could still need some extra work.

Additionally, it offers more than 90 tools and templates to help with the creation of blog articles, landing sites, pay-per-click ad text, etc.



It will rewrite your paragraphs under the guidelines you specify using our free paragraph rewriting tool.

Cold email generator:

You may send a customized email in a matter of seconds by entering any LinkedIn URL and a few basic data about your business.

Meta description generator:

For better rankings and click-through rates, use the free SEO meta description generator for your website.

Bio generator:

It takes only a few seconds to build a free social media bio. Each time you update your social network profile, the program will perform all the legwork to create the greatest funny or humorous bio. 


Copy.ai provides a free version of up to 2,000 words for one user. The pro plan starts at $49 per month along with a 7-day free trial. For enterprise prices, directly contact the company from the official site. 


  • Version without charge No credit card is necessary, and it’s free forever.
  • More than 90 templates are available for creating copy.
  • The effectiveness and production of your team might be 100 times greater using Copy.ai.


  • The Audience Refiner and Motto Generator are excellent concepts but may not be useful for day-to-day work.

6. Frase


Frase, an AI-powered content optimization tool helps you to produce SEO -friendly content. It offers a subject blueprint to help you see content gaps and a topic heat map to help you spot keyword and topic chances.

Use the headlines from the SERP to curate outlines, or use AI to create one. By evaluating and condensing the text from the first page of each search result, Frase helps you save time.

Consider all the keywords that your search rivals are using, together with how often they are used.


Brief content generator:

With headers, keyword counts, and subsections, Frase generates complete briefings in a matter of seconds.

AI chatbot:

The response engine from Frase is a chatbot powered by AI that searches your website to provide a knowledgeable base and responds to user inquiries.

SEO content:

You may import material from a URL into Frase, which then suggests adjustments after comparing your piece with the top 20 Google results.

Other free generator tools:

To assist you in creating your content, Frase.io offers a few free AI generation tools like the Slogan and Introduction generators.


Frase provides three subscription plans along with a 5-day trial at $1. The SOlo plan starts at $14.99 per month, Basic at $44.99 per month, and Team at $114.99 per month (3 user seats). 

The Pro Add-on, which costs $35 a month, also includes AI-generated words in addition to other premium features.


  • Concept maps are made available to consumers to help in idea generation.
  • Makes personalized internal link recommendations based on Google Search Console information.
  • Reduces the amount of time users must spend generating content and creating briefs.


  • Monthly charges could go up with add-ons.
  • You must check the content before utilizing it since the AI writer can provide false information.

7. Writesonic


Using WriteSonic, you can produce original material tailored to your requirements. With the help of this tool, you may produce both lengthy and concise material (blog posts, landing pages, product descriptions, etc.).

For authors who are having trouble coming up with new content ideas, WriteSonic is the ideal option. Both the quantity and the caliber of the words produced are taken into account when Writesonic changes its cost. Users of PCs and Macs may try it out for free.



Rewrite phrases, paragraphs, essays, and whole articles.

Text Expander:

The quickest and simplest method to construct larger and better phrases in a variety of languages. 

SEO integration:

Create original, plagiarism-free material for the website, emails, advertising, and blogs 10X quicker.

Article summarizer:

Without changing the original tone, create succinct and distinctive summaries of your material.


Writesonic provides a free trial of up to 10,000 words per month. The unlimited plan starts at $16 per seat, Business at $12.67 per month (annual), and for enterprise direct contact with the company from their official website. 


  • Within seconds, the tool creates a blog post and an optimized article.
  • It produces content of a high caliber.
  • With only a few clicks, powerful marketing text can be generated.


  • The trial does not contain enough credits to test the product’s features.
  • The character count for content expanders is limited.

8. Outranking


A tool for AI content planning called Outranking goes beyond simple content generation. Additionally, it optimizes the text to improve your written work using ethical SEO techniques.

Outranking’s AI content assistant makes it easier to create content briefs, concepts, outlines, and copy while assuring optimum grammar, readability, and SEO.

It keeps track of the effectiveness of earlier material and aids in content strategy and planning.

Outranking gives customers the ability to post their material to websites or blogs with one click, saving time and guaranteeing information is always current. 


Keyword clustering:

Use research based on real-time SERP data, intelligent clustering, and content strategy to rank for more keywords.

SEO editor:

With the help of GPT-4-32K and an SEO content editor with cutting-edge trained models, material can be written and optimized.

Optimize contents:

For the best chance of ranking, use data-driven content optimization.

Seamless Integration:

It integrates ChatGPT, Plagiarism Checker, Semrush, and WordPress into your content production process.


Outranking provides flexible subscription plans. Firstly, the SEO writer at $69 per month and the SEO strategist at $129 billed monthly along with a 7-day money-back guarantee.

One can also customize plans by contacting the company directly from their official website. Plus there is also pay-as-you-go pricing and add-ons according to the AI characters, Documents, and Assessments. 


  • Assist you in producing a large number of query keywords.
  • Your time spent on manual research is reduced by the SERP analysis tool.
  • Includes several AI content generation application cases.


  • The support team for this product is adequate, if not the greatest, but there is no live chat option.

9. Rytr


Rytr can produce excellent material for a variety of uses, including blog entries, ad copy, and social networking postings. There is a plagiarism detector integrated into this program.

It provides customers with a choice of up to 20 distinct “tones of voice” and supports over 30 different languages. There are more than 40 “use cases” in all, which may be viewed as templates.

Additionally, each plan includes a selection of AI-generated graphics that might be useful for blog and social media postings. and employs analytical copywriting techniques like AIDA and PAS.


Manage your writing workflow:

Store and arrange your projects in one location using a folder structure that meets both internal and customer requirements. Additionally, download the work in HTML or docx format.


Rytr can help you save time and guarantee that your material is always of high quality whether you’re working on an email, social media post, or blog.


Rytr offers robust capabilities so that you can control everything from one location while writing. This means you won’t have to go between tools for SEO, grammar, and other things.


Letting AI respond to consumer reviews, private messages, business emails, testimonials, and more will make it more interesting.


Rytr provides a free plan to generate 10k characters per month, The saver plan starts at $9 per month, and the unlimited plan starts at $29  per month. 


  • Includes more templates and tones at a fair price. 
  • Offers a trial period of up to 10,000 characters each month for free. 
  • Use the plagiarism detector to assess your work.


  • Rytr is a cost-effective choice for customers, but only with the Unlimited plan, which costs $29 a month.

10. Articoolo


A writing tool with artificial intelligence at its core, Articoolo can produce top-notch essays on any subject in a matter of minutes. Users of WordPress will appreciate Articoolo’s WordPress plugin.

With Articoolo, users pay to produce a certain amount of articles each month or plan on an article-buy basis. The program creates a brief article once the keyword is entered; it usually has less than 500 words.

The technology aims to assist authors in producing textual material by speeding up, making it more affordable, and doing a lot more.


Interface and cost-effective:

Finding relevant information, creating material, and coming up with ideas take a lot of time but with this tool, you can at in cheap price. 

Plagiarism free:

You can depend on Articoolo to give you original text that hasn’t been copied or otherwise altered.

Extra feature:

WordPress users will value the plugin from Articoolo.


Articoolo provides different pricing plans starting from $19 for 10 articles, $75 for 50 articles, and $99 for 100 articles. And a Monthly basis at $29 for 30 articles, $49 for 100 articles, and $99 for 250 articles. 


  • Normal operation of the Articoolo free trial is per-user.
  • On occasion, Articoolo does provide promo codes.
  • It is usually advised to use Articoolo for demands relating to bigger topics.


  • There isn’t momentarily a lifetime offer offered to consumers of Articoolo.

How to choose the best AI tools for creators?

1. Interface and learning curve:

Your content team must be capable of picking up the AI tool’s navigational features. Picking tools with an intuitive UI and a somewhat flat learning curve is recommended.

2. Quality of contents:

The most crucial element is without a doubt the caliber of the content the AI tool produces. Make sure it is correct and up to par with your quality requirements.

3. Cost-effective:

To stay inside your content marketing budget, look for tools. Make sure the ROI is high because AI solutions are designed to save expenses, not increase them.

4. Customization plans:

Choose tools with the most customization choices possible so that you may pick the tone, style, format, etc. 

5. Use cases:

The more applications a tool has, from blogs to emails, the less you’ll need to buy different tools for various jobs.

Therefore, these are the few important factors to consider before choosing the correct AI content generator that will help you produce more interesting stuff in your budget.  

Stefan Larson
Stefan Larson

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