Beacons AI Features, Pricing & Alternatives 2024

As the influencer and e-commerce space becomes more crowded, it can be challenging to stand out.

However, AI-powered tools offer businesses and individuals the means to truly shine in the market. 

A prime example of such a tool, capable of propelling your business to new heights, is Beacons. AI. serves as a mobile website builder designed to assist content creators in capitalizing on their bio links across popular social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. 

Its comprehensive range of features encompasses a link-in-bio tool, a media kit builder, and an invoicing tool, enabling creators to optimize their online presence and revenue streams. 

beacons AI

Company Overview

Company Beacons 
Launch Date2019
FounderDavid Zend, Neal Jean
CategoryMarketing AI Tool 

Features of the Tool allows users to create customizable landing pages where they can showcase their content, social media links, products, and services.

It offers an extensive range of features which are listed below:

1. Customizable Landing Pages

If you own a digital business, you probably have a lot to show and share, this is where the customizable landing page (link-in-bio) comes in handy. allows users to create personalized landing pages where they can showcase their content, social media links, products, and services.

These landing pages were highly customizable, enabling users to match their branding and style.

2. Link-in-Bio Tools

The main functionality was the “link-in-bio” tool, enabling content creators to share a single link on their social media profiles.

Clicking on this link directed followers to a personalized landing page, granting them access to a variety of links, content, and offerings.

3. Media Kit

A media kit is a digital resume of creators, it is a documentation of essential information about an individual or brand’s online presence essential information about an individual or brand’s online presence.

It is typically used for promotional purposes, especially when seeking collaborations with sponsors, partners, or potential clients. 

A media kit includes

  • Profile Information
  • Statistics
  • Content Highlights
  • Collaborations and Testimonials
  • Branding and Designing
  • Goals

4. Invoicing Tool included an invoicing tool that was designed to simplify financial transactions for content creators, particularly when they were engaging in collaborations with brands and clients.

This feature made it convenient for users to create and send invoices for the services they provided through the platform.

5. Integration with social media

Beacons.AI is an AI tool designed for creators to give them leverage as they peak in their field. Therefore, it conveniently lets users integrate with various social media platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. 

6. Monetization Opportunities 

As we aim to reach a new peak with our digital business, Beacons.AI helps its users monetize their online presence more effectively.

Creators get the opportunity to promote their business and online presence via affiliate products, selling merchandise, or direct followers and sponsored content. 

7. Analytics and Insights

As a creator or a business owner tracking activities and insights becomes a crucial part of running a smooth business. provided users with analytics and insights where Users could track metrics such as page views, link clicks, and engagement, helping them assess the effectiveness of their online marketing efforts.

Use Cases of the Tool 

  • Content Creators: This encompasses individuals engaged in digital content creation on diverse platforms, including social media influencers, bloggers, YouTubers, photographers, and artists. assists them in managing their online identity, boosting their content visibility, and generating income from their creative endeavors.

  • Brand and Business: Beacons is equipped with tools and features that can help you grow your business and audience. Small businesses and brands can leverage to create a professional online presence, promote products and services, and provide customers with a central point to access information, contact details, and links to their online stores or social media profiles.

  • Content Agencies: Managing multiple clients may get hard in terms of tracking activities and payment. With Beacons.AI you unlock features that help you gain clarity and visibility in business. If the agency manages multiple influencers, content creators, or brands can use to streamline their client’s online presence and marketing efforts in a centralized manner.

  • Freelancers. Freelancing has become a full-fledged business in the modern day if you are a freelancer seeking to grow your presence online. Becaons.AI tools significantly help you in raising the bar. You can use Beacons to display their services, portfolios, and contact information to attract clients and leads.


  • Beacons enable location-based interactions, allowing businesses to send relevant information, offers, and notifications to users when they are close to a physical beacon device.
  • Beacons.AI enhances customer engagement by delivering personalized content or offers based on their location and preferences.
  • In retail and logistics, beacons can help track inventory and assets more efficiently, reducing losses and improving supply chain management. 
  • Beacons.AI makes it easy and convenient to reach goals, track insights, and maintain good relations with clients and customers. 


  • Beacon may not be your first choice if you have limited requirements for your business or individual endeavors. 
  • It is a price-based model that may not be suitable for beginners and small businesses. 
  • Secure transmission of data between the beacon and the user’s device is crucial to prevent data breaches and unauthorized access.

Pricing of Beacons.AI

Beacons.AI is a price-based model offering three different plans. Free, marketing bundle, and VIP.

Each plan offers additional features including previous offers. The pricing comes with the comfort of easy cancellation.

Here is what each plan has to offer.

1. Free plan

The free plan is a good start for anyone who wants to build an online presence to highlight their content to the audience.

What makes this free plan convenient to all users is, that all the 14 tools that Beacons.AI offers are available in the free plan.

You can sell digital products, track analytics, send customized emails, and much more. 

2. Marketing Bundle $30/Month 

Marketing bundle is the most popular paid offer by Beacons.AI, marketing bundle includes everything from the free plans and offers additional features.

  • Get a custom domain for your Link in Bio with the first year’s domain fees waived.
  • 0% transaction fees on all store sales.
  • Import your email list
  • Remove Beacons branding
  • Custom site marketing benefits, like UTMs, SSL certification, and SEO metadata.

3. VIP Plan $100/Month

VIP plans offer a powerful set of features for creators ready to monetize their online presence. The plan includes everything from free and marketing bundles plus offering expert advice from industry experts on setting up your link in bio page, emails, and store items. It includes priority support from the Beacons team and a physical NFC business card (from the US and Canada only. 

Beacons.AI Alternatives

1. Carrd

Carrd is an innovative platform that can help you build a name for your brand using artificial intelligence. With Carrd AI, creating stunning and functional websites becomes simpler and more efficient than ever before. 

It empowers users to effortlessly craft professional websites, from personal portfolios to business landing pages, all with the help of smart, automated design suggestions and tools.

Whether you’re a seasoned web designer or a complete beginner, Carrd AI is your go-to solution for turning your ideas into a beautifully designed web reality.

2. Linktree 

Linktree is a web-based tool popular among individuals and businesses for crafting a unified landing page housing numerous links to their diverse online profiles and content.

This platform is particularly prevalent on social media platforms like Instagram, addressing the limitation of a single link in users’ bios. The services include

  • Multiple links in one place
  • Customization
  • Analytics
  • Integration
  • Monetization
  • Free and paid plans

3. Stacky. me 

Stacky. me is another website builder tool that inherits the power of generative AI. With Stacky you unlock the limitless possibilities of web creation.

With seamless integration with top social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn, and a user-friendly drag-and-drop editor, crafting your dream website has never been easier. helps you create a face for your brand that attracts the audience and generates constructive leads. 

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