Best AI Apps For iPhone & Android (2024)

Artificial intelligence (AI) apps are exploding on ios and Androids.

AI apps can have human-like conversations, provide helpful information instantly, and enhance photos with just a tap.

Some of the most impressive AI apps generate text, translate languages in real-time, identify objects seen by your camera, create art and music, and more. As the technology improves, expect even smarter AI apps that aim to improve wellness, productivity, and daily life.

From digital assistants to powerful photography tools, AI apps make smartphones smarter than ever. The best AI apps leverage advanced AI to help you in little ways all day long. Here are the top 25 Ai apps for iPhone and android.

25 Best AI Apps for ios and Android Phones

1. Replika

Replika AI

Replika is one of the best AI apps for iPhone, Oculus and Android despite its age. The purpose of Replika AI is to serve as a companion that is suited to each user.

Your AI companion’s looks and your desired connection with them—whether as a friend, sibling, mentor, or love partner—can all be customized.

The bot, which has its personality, keeps a journal that it uses to record interactions and save them for later review. For Replika users, basic interactions are free.

2. Lensa


Lensa AI, created by Prism Labs, employs cutting-edge AI algorithms to improve and edit portrait images. An AI-powered tool creates lifelike avatars of people using actual selfies.

These incredible selfies were produced by the AI option, Magic Avatars, which employs the Stable Diffusion deep-learning model. Users can add anything from simple adjustments like blurring the backdrop to completely original representations.

The software is free to download for one week on both iOS and Android, but an unlimited access membership costs $29.99 per year. There are also flexible payment options for certain features.

3. Seeing AI

Seeing AI

A free program called Seeing AI is designed to assist people with vision impairments. With the use of OCR  technology, it has a text recognition capability that reads text aloud to assist the blind.

There are several methods of Seeing AI, such as handwriting recognition, facial recognition, scene identification, currency recognition, and color recognition.  Additionally, the program generates an auditory tone that users may use to estimate the amount of light around them.

The louder the tone, the more light is there. The facial recognition component of the app can identify traits and emotions on the face. The app is currently only available for iOS and is completely free to use.

4. Otter

Otter ai

By recording meetings and taking the necessary notes, Otter, a voice transcription service driven by AI, aims to simplify the meeting process. provides a variety of services and is accessible online or mobile app.

The Otter app may function as an automated assistant or as a stand-alone program. With Otter, audio files may be played again at various rates, and transcriptions can be edited and managed in the app.

Users can use customized terminology, highlight text, include photos, and create customized notes. There is a free version as well as premium options beginning at $16.99 per user. 

5. Elsa Speak

Elsa Speak

ELSA Speak is an AI software that lets users learn to speak English. It employs a color-coded system of red, yellow, and green to state how the uttered words are to each other, relying on speech data and voice recognition technologies to listen to a user’s accent.

The visual clues that state which parts of that term you got may then be used to provide real-time feedback on your spoken words.  You may select whether to dedicate 10, 15, or 20 minutes a day to practicing native-speaker techniques.

Assessments of language competency, customized curricula, progress monitoring, and courses tailored to the user are also included in the app.

6. Wombo


WOMBO Dream is an AI art generation application that enables you to produce graphics from word prompts. Dream asks the user for a thorough text prompt besides selecting an art style, as other art generators do.

Additionally, you may provide pictures for the AI to use as a starting point. Users may also submit photographs and choose music with ease because of the app’s layout, which improves accessibility.

The free version is decent for what it wants to achieve, but a little sluggish and has ads. Both the Play Store and the App Store provide a free download of the software. 

7. FaceApp


Utilizing AI, FaceApp enables users to be inventive while altering selfies. FaceApp uses filters and effects to alter a person’s appearance, age, and gender, and even imitate various haircuts and cosmetics appearances.

Almost any other person’s face can be combined with a user’s to produce unique combinations. Both the free and paid memberships of FaceApp AI include many features.

The Pro filters, extensive hairstyles, and beards are all available to users of FaceApp who subscribe to the premium membership. You can check out the application by installing from the AppStore and PlayStore.

8. Trint


Trint’s online automatic transcribing technology is powered by artificial intelligence. Trints can transcribe audio and video files using automatic speech recognition technology.

Trint’s AI converts audio and video sources into text in over 30 different languages. Users may record, translate, and post information using its AI-enabled smartphone app.

They can even add notes and change the transcription itself. Create and edit closed captions for all your video content to increase reach and make it inclusive and accessible to all. Starting at $60 per person, premium memberships also provide more individualized options.

9. Bing

Bing ai

Using the same GPT-4 technology as ChatGPT, the Bing search engine has an AI conversation capability.

Microsoft Bing has a long history of being used as a search engine to find information on the web, but it can also be used as a chatbot to answer queries and generate original text and graphics.

It can also translate and proofread writing in many languages. Because Microsoft Bing is cross-platform, it is accessible via websites, Android, and iOS. Additionally, Bing AI is capable of writing, such essays, interviews, and other tasks.

10. Ask AI

Ask AI

Ask AI is a chatbot that functions quite similarly to ChatGPT in every way. From business to leisure, Ask AI offers a variety of themes for conversation and can be done in different languages.

The free AI Search Engine has been trained on the most reputable and authoritative books and websites, allowing iAsk AI to provide impartial, factual answers to queries.

Although anybody may use it, the company’s website appears to be focused on turning it into a potent commercial tool that would enable businesses to extrapolate insights. To get the AI to react the way you want, you might need to restate certain queries.

11. Synthesia


A sophisticated OpenAI artificial intelligence program is Synthesia AI. It emphasizes the creation of video content. The platform offers 140+ AI avatars and AI voices in more than 120 different languages.

Besides the pre-made avatars, you may make your own. It’s simple to generate consistent, expert voiceovers that can be modified with a single click.

The application has a straightforward UI that makes creating videos simple for creators of all skill levels. There are enterprise options as well as a personal paid plan that begins at $18.12 per month.

12. Be My Eyes


Be My Eyes is a free iOS and Android mobile application that establishes live video connections between users with vision impairments and sighted volunteers to provide them with visual aids.

The software is helpful for everything, from assisting with navigation on congested roads to determining if a container of milk has expired.

The app added AI for immediate help with a new image-to-text generator dubbed the Virtual Volunteer tool, powered by OpenAI’s GPT-4. 

Any picture may be used, and GPT-4 will interpret it and offer context information with a little help from the user.

13. Alexa

Alexa ai

Alexa, known as Amazon Alexa is the AI voice assistant. Alexa can create lists, set alarms, place online orders, and much more. Many Alexa speakers feature balanced sound profiles, making them appropriate for viewing movies and playing music besides serving as your home’s voice assistant.

Many Alexa-enabled gadgets allow users to wake Alexa up with a word. This capability is still new to other smartphones like Android or iOS.

The app may also be used with other smart devices to operate appliances such as smart thermostats, wearables, televisions, and even vehicles from the user’s phone.

14. Siri

Siri ai

One of the most well-known AI applications is Siri, From sending text messages to identifying the song that is playing, the software employs voice commands and a natural language user interface.

Apple Siri allows you to control your smart home devices, access internet search results, play music, and do other tasks that you may expect a smart speaker to be able to do. Additionally, Siri can adjust to the language, queries, and preferences of users.

15. Rizz AI

Rizz AI is a ground-breaking AI tool that is meant to revolutionize how we interact online. It is not another keyboard application. It is driven by cutting-edge language models.

Rizz AI is one such invention that was developed to add a flirtatious element to interactions. Rizz is a colloquialism for good flirting. The application does not, yet, function like a keyword.

User discussions must be uploaded as screenshots instead. After scanning the texts, Rizz AI applies AI to create clever or plain humorous answers. It is possible to get the program from the Play Store and the App Store. 

16. Google Assistant

The most sophisticated virtual assistant currently available is called Google Assistant. To make Google Assistant available on a variety of devices, Google has formed agreements with many businesses.

It utilizes natural language processing, provides speech and text instructions, and can handle everything from online searches to voice-activated device control.

It offers a variety of services, including real-time translation, voice searching, voice-activated device control, task help, online content discovery, reminders, appointment setting, etc.

It is also compatible with a wide range of smart products, such as refrigerators, lighting, and automobiles.

17. Perplexity AI


Popular conversational search engine Perplexity AI distinguishes itself from competitors like OpenAI’s ChatGPT by using up-to-date data and offering references for its solutions.

It stands out from similar services because it provides current sources for the data provided in its responses. Like how it operates online, Perplexity AI’s mobile app also operates online.

With no effort, the software can find answers to queries, look up data, and engage users in casual discussions. It can be used for many other different purposes, such as translating text across languages or creating content for blog posts, articles, and product descriptions.

18. Luma AI


The future of VFX is Luma AI. The program uses artificial intelligence to produce lifelike representations of items, settings, and other objects. Luma creates lifelike 3D representations of any real-world object using AI technology.

The program then places the objects in any clip or circumstance using a combination of detailed capture and photorealism. It can capture game objects and give them life. also produces top-notch lifelike 3D assets in a short amount of time. 

Even better, you may make a unique film with the item and keyframes of your choosing. The software is free to download from the Software Store. 

19. Magic Design


With Canva Magic Design, you can create visual content without having to have a lot of graphic design knowledge. With no specialized coding or design knowledge, it provides a variety of pre-designed templates.

For usage on a Mac, PC, Chromebook, iOS, or Android device, Canva is available as a downloaded software or as a web-based tool.

Utilizing AI, Magic Design creates intuitive visual designs based on user-submitted design ideas from among the millions of templates, photos, and other graphic components accessible on Canva. Besides the free version, there are two paid options.

20. Cleo


The chatbot Cleo was created to help with budgeting by connecting to a user’s bank account. The main firm of the app, Cleo AI Ltd, hopes to attract younger users. especially the younger Millennials and members of Gen Z.

Cleo AI Ltd wants your business if you fit one of these categories. The app offers basic financial guidance as well as personalized messages depending on whether a user wants to be “roasted” or “hyped” for their financial conduct using AI and natural language creation.

Cleo gives you a wonderful introduction to money management if you’ve never done it before, and conversational AI programming may make using the app more enjoyable.

21. Remini

Remini ai

A picture editing program called Remini – Picture Enhancer does photo improvement using cutting-edge AI techniques and other technology.

Remini is a good option for individuals searching for a simple picture editing solution because it offers a one-tap approach to modifying photos.

Selfie images may be improved with the “Selfie+” function that is part of Remini. It can apply cool effects and brighten photographs that were captured in low light.

Create avatars of you and your loved ones that reflect any mood, any style, or any desire.  Both the Play Store and the App Store provide the ability to download the program.

22. chatbot using AI uses a neural language model. It can produce text replies that resemble those from people and take part in natural conversations.

Character AI’s output is more human-like and lets you converse with many bots, providing a variety of viewpoints. Additionally, a single character may be relatable to all users.

They may set up group chats where several characters can converse with the user or one another. Besides them, you may also take pleasure in some entertaining mini-games.

Adventures with text have been produced by certain users. Because of its huge brain database, Beta Character AI offers countless options.



Wonder is one of the greatest AI applications which has been compared to Pinterest by AI artists.  While Wonder is capable of many things, its text-to-art generative AI powers are the most astounding.

See what comes up when you type “Shakespeare eating a hot dog” into the search bar. The Wonder AI generator contains a strong AI system and a variety of features that provide consumers with satisfying outcomes.

Additionally, it enables you to share your artwork on social networks and through your Wonder profile. But, it’s not possible to edit a piece of created art. As a result, you must renew any part of the work that you dislike. 

24. Youper


A chatbot with an AI focus on mental health is a feature of the Youper app. It helps with emotional difficulties and provides individualized advice and coping mechanisms.

Youper uses the theory of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to treat a variety of mental illnesses, including disorders, depression, anxiety, etc. The app includes a variety of mindfulness exercises like deep body scans, breathing exercises, and several styles of meditation.

As long as you track your mood, Youper also maintains track of your symptoms in a separate Insights window. The software is available for free download from the App Store and Play Store.

25. Socratic


An AI-powered program called Socratic assists students with their schoolwork. It is accomplished by snapping pictures of the homework assignments and responding to them.

Socratic generates answers and delivers findings that are quite accurate. The software combines cutting-edge text and speech recognition technology and offers help with a range of disciplines, including literature, physics, biology, trigonometry, and more.

It won’t complete your assignment for you because its goal is to assist you in learning topics. The app is free to download from the Google Play Store and App Store.

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