Tome AI Features, Pricing & Alternatives

Tome AI is a powerful tool that lets you automate presentations using various features powered by AI tools like ChatGPT and Dall-E in the background. 

With neat animation, graphs, and templates Tome AI subtly uplifts your working motion, putting visuals and creativity upfront.  

Not just presentations, but Tome pushes you to create conventional storytelling, marketing, and educational material within seconds. 

The wide range of templates provided by Tome AI focuses on different industries and their various overtures.

From creating a sales pitch for a budding founder to creating a marketing invite for a launch party Tome AI has covered all domains respectively.  

Company Overview

Company NameTome
Launch Date5th December 2020
FounderKeith Peris and Henri Liriani
CategoryAI Presentation tool


If you are wondering how Tome AI works, here is a brief example.

Suppose you want to create a presentation on “How to get better at writing” 

So, you type the sentence in the description prompt and see Tome AI creating an 8-slide presentation from scratch, with visually stunning pictures and text composition. 

What else you can do with Tome AI?

  • Turn documents into presentations
  • Create the perfect image
  • Find the right words and tone for text using the AI rewriting tool
  • Powerful page generation to add depth and dimension to your work.
  • High-quality templates with extensive offerings. 
  • Seamless integration across various application
  • Team collaboration 

Use Cases:

Tome AI brings various facilities to the table, while it focuses on impactful storytelling and profound presentations. It leverages all domains with its visually impressive template overtures.

Here are some of the use cases of the tool:

1. Founders and Entrepreneurs 

Tome helps you express anything, whether you are just starting your business journey, owning a large company, or creating something for yourself. Tome AI becomes your voice of expression. 

Templates Offered

  • Sales Pitch
  • Fundraising Pitch
  • Research Report
  • Invoice
  • One page website
  • Job description

2. Education and Career

Tome AI is best for people in the education domain, it saves your time from creating presentations for every topic. All you have to do is insert your topic in the description and for Tome to create a dynamic presentation. If you are tired of looking for the right template to create your resume, Tome AI is your stop.

Templates Offered 

  • Lecture
  • Resume 
  • Work Portfolio

3. Marketing and Design

Marketing and design are the core components of any industry, catalyzing success and differentiation. A well-thought design can enhance usability, increase customer satisfaction, and foster brand loyalty. This is where Tome AI stands firm, increasing the visibility of your pitch and appeal. 

Templates Offered

  • Creative review
  • Marketing site
  • Team standup
  • Event invite
  • Design Portfolio 
  • Freelance pitch


  • Time Efficient: AI tools are made to save your precious time and effort. With Tome AI you unlock the potential of creativity and rich libraries. It lets you focus on your content by handling the visual appeal of your project. 
  • Impressive and Professional Designs: Tome AI is backed with ChatGPT and Dall-2 which helps you add depth and dimension to your project. Making the designs and animation that match your theme and content. With impressive tools and features your presentation will garner appreciation in no time. 
  • Advances your Productivity: Tome AI helps you pay attention to details by offering an impressive set of templates. Whether you are a freelancer or a designer. There are templates available that caters to all profession. 


  • Limited Customization: While the tool offers various features it’s not designed for customization contributing to its weak side. You may not be able to meet some specific requirements you have in your mind.
  • Paid Model: If you are on a small budget or just starting. Tome Ai may be an expensive pathway to reach places. 

  • Language limitation: Tome AI is still new in the business offering content in only the English language. Which may create a language barrier between the app and users. 


Tome AI offers free trials to its users but your free trial will be exhausted pretty quickly.

Tome AI pricing plan is divided into three pricing structures catering to all your business and professional needs.

1. Free Plan

The free plan is best when you are looking to explore the tool. In the free plan, the creations are limited for max 2 people and you will get only 500 AI credits on signing up. You can use these credits for AI narrative generation, Text editing, and AI image generation

You also get customizable themes, seamless sharing options, and dedicated in-app chat support.

2. Pro Plan

The pro plan is offered at a discounted price of $8 per person, per month if you buy the annual subscription. If you want a monthly billing then you will have to pay $10 per month for one person.

The pro plan has all the basic features of the free plan. Apart from that you will get unlimited workspaces and Unlimited AI credits for Image generation and other Generative tasks.

Being a premium customer, you will also get priority support.

Apart from that you will also get these added benefits:

  • You can export documents into PDF format
  • Turn off Tome branding
  • Create custom logos

3. Business Plan

With business integration, you get everything in pro, plus the advanced features to get better control. 

The pricing is custom and will depend on the organisation’s size.

Below are the advantages you will get if you upgrade to the business plan:

  • Custom tile integration
  • Workspace templates
  • Custom fonts
  • Advanced analytics
  • Dedicated CSM
  • Custom sub-domain
  • Access to version history

You will also get early access to all the new upcoming features.

Tome AI Alternatives

1. Canva 

Canva is one of the most user-friendly creative tools you will come across. The graphics, templates, and font options can simply levitate any ordinary document or project into incredible. A creative space with a plethora of features and tools to offer for small business owners, freelancers, and content creators. 

2. Gamma 

Gamma is another stop for creating insightful presentations with dynamic and responsive designs. The user-friendly interface and easy collaborative features have made the app an absolute try for users.

The app aims to focus on creating presentations that are easy to understand and informative. It allows users to research, write ideas, and embed content within the platform. 

4. Beautiful AI

If you are tired of spending long hours creating presentations with limited templates and boring outlooks. Beautiful AI is your next stop.

The app is infused with 70+ smart slide templates contributing to your creative ideation. The user-friendly interface and subtle animation integration is the reason you’ll love working on Beautiful AI. 

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