Dezgo AI Features, Pricing & Alternatives

Artificial Intelligence breakthrough continues to shape the technology we perceive now.

In a world where every art form is digitalized, tools powered by AI have become a necessity. One such innovation that captured the attention of both creators and consumers alike is Dezgo AI. 

Dezgo AI is a text to image generator that generates images from different inputs, redefining marketing and graphic designing. 

Dezgo AI Features, Pricing & Alternatives

Brief Introduction to Dezgo AI

Dezgo AI stands at the intersection of computer vision and machine learning, providing a bridge for generating descriptive and engaging textual content for images. 

With the implication of natural language processes and deep learning algorithms, Dezgo has become a game-changer in the world of content creation. 

It can paint textual descriptions into a high-quality image within seconds. The image quality surely depends on your fluid description. However, brands and content creators can maintain a unified voice across their content with this AI tool. 

Features of the Tool

Dezgo AI

Dezgo features both free and paid versions. The free version offers a prompt that helps you get started with Dezgo. Paid version on the hand, offers additional features and addons along with the basics. With that, here are the features offered by Dezgo common in both versions. 

1. Text to Image

Text to Image is the first feature you’ll see after visiting the website. The screen will display a “prompt” where you need to describe your desired image. Once done, tap “run” under the output section. The image will appear on your screen. 

2. Image to Image

The image Image feature will provide you with two prompts one will ask you to describe your image, and the other will ask you to insert the image. The improvisation of your image will be your final output.

3. Upscale 

The upscale feature allows you to upgrade the visual quality of your image. Choose the feature and insert your image in the drop box with 768×768px resolution. Once done hit “run” and the leveraged image will appear on your screen. 

4. Inpainting from Text

Inpainting from text is similar to text to image feature, yet serves a different purpose. Followed by two additional prompts, “Mask Prompt” and “Init Image”. This function allows you to remove parts of an object from your image, modifying the final look. 

5. Editing Image from Text

This feature allows you to edit or swap anything from an image using a textual description. Describe the edit you want in the image and insert the image. 

6. Text-to Video

While the text-to-video feature is still in its testing phase, it shows a promising future to generate a video from textual description. 

Use Cases of the Tool

Dezgo AI is not limited to one field or profession but serves various industries to generate stunning visuals from text or image inputs. Some real-world application of Dezgo AI is as follow.

  • Content Creators: Content creation is at its peak, the competition to serve top visuals creates high tensions among the creators. Dezgo AI fulfills that need by creating stunning visuals with text or image descriptions. Adding a creative touch to their content. 
  • Graphic Designing: Graphic designing is a demanding job that seeks creativity and passion in each design. It can help you draw inspiration by generating a close image of your textual description. 
  • Digital Marketing: Generating images that drive both attention and sales is a pleasure. It leverages your thoughts and shapes your marketing agenda in the realm of creativity and technology. 
  • Art of any kind: if you are an artist, you need someone who inspires you to create art. Dezgo is your virtual assistant that pushes your creative instincts by painting the picture through a brief description. Bringing life to your ideas. 


  • Time Efficiency: One of the prime advantages of Dezgo AI is its ability to generate images from textual content within seconds. This can save substantial time by automating the captioning process. Allowing you to focus on higher-level tasks.
  • Free Version: The software offers a free version. It gives you enough leverage and features that the need to subscribe to the paid version disappears. 
  • Consistency: Dezgo ensures consistency in content quality and style. Whether you want to create a logo for your website or images for your social media? It can enhance the online presence and strengthen the brand’s identity with its stunning visuals.
  • Diverse Applications: From social media posts and blog articles to product descriptions and marketing materials, Dezgo AI finds applications in various content creation contexts. 


  • The software runs on the machine and deep learning. While it’s a good attempt to bring life to your imagery visuals, the inconsistency in the quality still exists. 
  • It may occasionally misinterpret or miss nuanced elements within the image. 

Dezgo AI pricing

Free Version

If you want to generate stunning visuals for your website, blog, or social media posts. The free version provides you with enough facilities to serve the purpose. However, these features have their limitations and restrictions. 

Paid Power Mode Version

The power mode version includes Dezgo’s paid offerings, where different parameters are offered without limitations and restrictions. Power mode offers you pay-as-you-go basics which means you only pay for the feature you are willing to use. Making it easy and accessible for all users.

Alternatives of the Tool

Dezgo AI is one of a kind AI tool to generate stunning visual images. However, it may lack certain features or accessibility to meet your requirement. With that, here are 3 alternatives to look out, for if Dezgo AI is not fulfilling your requirements. 

Novel AI

Novel AI is a bit different from Dezgo which generates high-quality outputs. A powerful tool that matches the intensive competition in the world of art and creativity. The tool not just creates stunning visuals but also gives leverage to showcase your storytelling skills. However, Novel AI is a monthly paid subscription with no free services. 

Night Café

Night café is an AI art generator tool that level-ups your art. The user-friendly interface and accessibility reach every individual providing a creative studio. The tool offers daily AI art challenges to put your skills to the test. Stable diffusion, DALL-E-2, CLIP-guided Diffusion, and Neural Style are all part of Night café. Accessible across various platforms, Night café can be a reliable alternative to Dezgo. 


Dall-E-2 is a creation of OpenAI for generating sophisticated AI images. The ability to create images that do not exist is its boosting power. The final output from DALL-E-2 is more visionary and detailed making it another best option after Dezgo. Use it for free to unlock your creative potential and imagery. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is Dezgo Completely free?

Ans: No, Dezgo offers both free and power mode versions. However, the whole facility is not free. If the features offered in the free version do not meet your requirements you can switch to the paid version. 

Q2. Can I sell Dalle 2 images?

Ans: Yes, users are allowed to use the image as they concern without worrying about copyright strikes. 

Q3. What is the power mode in Dezgo?

Ans: The power mode is Dezgo refers to the paid version the platform offers. Paid versions include additional features and no limitations on the features. Making it more accessible to all users. 

Q4. My pictures are not coming out as expected. What should I do?

Ans: If the outcome does not meet your requirement, try using a more detailed description. Use more specific words and vision for the tool to create a close image of your description. 

Q5. Can I switch from the power mode to the free version?

Ans: Yes, you can switch from power mode to the free version. Tap on the lighting icon in the top right corner. If it’s green it means you are using the paid version. If it turns gray, means you are in the free version. 

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