League Of Legends Player Count & Stats 2024

Released by Riot Games in 2009, League of Legends (often referred to as LoL) is a collaborative multiplayer arena game where two teams, each comprising five formidable champions, battle to obliterate the opponent’s base.

This online game masterfully blends the thrill of strategic competitions with role-playing game nuances. With its ever-evolving roster of champions, regular content updates, and vibrant competitive scene, League of Legends offers an engaging experience for players across all proficiency levels.

League of Legends Player Count

The tool provides real-time data on League of Legends player count. It offers insights into the game’s current popularity and player engagement.

Player Counter

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League of Legends has a player count of 180 million monthly active players as of 2022. We estimate that LOL will have a player count of 152 million as of 2023.

League of Legends Player Count
YearLoL MAU (in mm)

Monthly Player Count Stats:

Over the last few months, the number of people playing “League of Legends” has gone up and down.

In February 2022, it hit a new record with 14 million players in one day. But in June 2023, the number dropped to 9.9 million players. Even so, millions of people still play “League of Legends” every day.

MonthAverage Monthly PlayersPeak Players In a Day
Last 30 Days153,109,07010,207,218
July 30, 2023151,144,19610,076,256
June 30, 2023149,057,3639,937,106
May 30, 2023152,973,41410,198,281
April 30, 2023153,504,53910,233,689
March 30, 2023151,200,07110,080,051
February 28, 2023149,663,0529,977,483
January 30, 2023151,445,82510,096,335
December 30, 2022148,506,03013,365,488
November 30, 2022149,980,62613,498,202
October 30, 2022150,908,81013,581,738
September 30, 2022151,102,40513,599,162
August 30, 2022150,130,06813,511,652
July 30, 2022149,906,84013,491,561
June 30, 2022151,281,40813,615,272
May 30, 2022152,951,48213,765,579
April 30, 2022152,366,71113,712,949
March 30, 2022153,312,72713,798,091
February 20, 2022155,556,28114,000,011
January 30, 2022153,307,06113,797,581
December 30, 2021154,981,27613,948,260
November 30, 2021150,367,73913,533,042
October 30, 2021149,255,96213,432,982
September 30, 2021151,297,13213,616,687
August 30, 2021151,851,54013,666,584

LOL Key Stats

  • In February 2023, Twitch streams of League of Legends content racked up a staggering 112 million viewing hours.
  • League of Legends continues to have an engaged player base, with over 2.4 million active users as of late April 2023.
  • One popular League streamer on Twitch amassed over 3 million views in just 30 days last November, showing the game’s power to attract audiences.
  • League cemented its place as the most-watched game on Twitch as of December 2022, beating out all competition.
  • The highly anticipated 2022 League of Legends World Championship Finals shattered records with over 5 million concurrent viewers tuning in live.
  • Since its launch in 2020, the mobile version of Wild Rift has proven extremely popular, surpassing 55 million downloads.
  • In 2021, Wild Rift topped the charts as the most popular game among Chinese gamers, highlighting its international appeal.
  • With over 150 million registered players globally, League of Legends continues to be one of the most-played online games worldwide as of 2023.
  • The league attracts gamers of all ages, but data shows most active players are between the age of 21-24 as of late 2023.
  • Male gamers dominate League’s player base, making up 87% of users.
  • By September 2022, Wild Rift had smashed through the $750 million mark in total revenue since launch.

League of Legends Overview

  • Launch Date: October 27, 2009
  • Headquarters: West Los Angeles, California
  • People: Brandon Beck & Marc Merill (Co-founder), Andrei van Roon (Director)
  • Business Type: Video Game
  • Owner: Riot Games
  • Industry: Online Gaming

League of Legends Revenue Stats

LOL Mobile APP revenue

League of Legends Revenue Stats

League of Legends: Wild Rift, the mobile version of League of Legends, brought in over $5.58 million from in-app purchases in July 2023, according to the publisher Riot Games

MonthRevenue (In mm)
July 2023$5.58
June 2023$5.11
May 2023$5.03
April 2023$5.59
March 2023$5.45
Feb 2023$5.13
Jan 2023$5.72

Yearly Revenue Breakdown

The highest annual revenue for League of Legends was in 2017 at $2.1 billion, while the lowest was in 2018 at $1.4 billion. The latest available data for 2022 reports a revenue of $1.8 billion.

YearRevenue (In Bn)

Highest Esports Earning Players in LOL

As of June 2023, the top earning League of Legends eSports player is Faker from South Korea, with total career earnings of over $1.47 million.

RankPlayer NameEarning (In Thousands)
1Faker (Lee, Sang Hyeok)$ 1470
2Duke (Lee, Ho Seong)$ 955
3Bang (Bae, Jun Sik)$ 916
4Wolf (Lee, Jae Wan)$ 913
5Bengi (Bae, Seong Ung)$ 810

Countries that Dominate LOL

Countries that Dominate LOL

The United States contributes about 14% of the total League of Legends players as of 2023.

CountryPercentage of People
United States14.44%
Germany 5.97%

League of Legends Demographics

By Gender

League of Legends Demographics_ By Gender

87% of the League of Legends gamers are males.

GenderPercentage of People

By Age

League of Legends Demographics_ By Age

37% of the people fall into the age group of 21 to 24 years that are the most active players in League of Legends.

AgePercentage of People
Below 18 Years10%
18-20 Years27%
21-24 Years37%
25-30 Years22%
31-35 Years3%
36 and over1%
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