Best Free AI Story Generators for Marketers

AI story generators are amazing tools for your arsenal that can invent plots, characters, and entire stories.

Besides saving time, they can also serve to inspire creativity and provide you with fresh ideas that you might not have had otherwise. 

So here’s a chance to explore the best AI story generators that can help you in writing your next novel. 

Best AI Story Generators

Best AI Story Generators:

1. Shortly AI

ShortlyAI is an AI narrative generator that provides limitless word usage. It provides a distraction-free writing backdrop where you can enter a few keywords or a brief phrase, and the AI will create a whole story for you.

It is also intended to assist content producers, such as authors, bloggers, and marketers, in producing content. You must select “I’m writing a story” as your first sentence.

You can then enter your title and the first few words.  The best aspect is that you may use their free version to write stories. Grab one of their premium plans to write lengthy, in-depth stories or novels.


Command technique:

By inserting text commands, the system function assists in customizing and producing content. By including what you want more or less of, you can also improve your writing. Adding or removing particular keywords from your post will do this.

Video Scripter:

With the aid of its writing help, it creates a unique title for your video and develops your script. Additionally, this boosts the amount of engagement with your material.

Article brief:

You can alter your content’s length to suit your needs by adjusting the output length. The quality and quantity of your text enjoy this. You can alter it however you want.

Output length:

You can make sure that any writing or content generation of your material stays on topic. For the AI to know what to generate for your article, it allows you to summarise what has been written.


Shortly AI offers a monthly package for $79 per month that allows you to produce an endless amount of content. And $ 65-a-month annual plan with a two-month free trial is also available.


  • An easy-to-use but effective interface is available.
  • It can be used to produce various types of content that are appropriate for various goals.
  • No matter which subscription plan you choose, Shortly AI provides limitless word credit.
  • Availability of strong instructions to simplify jobs; etc.


  • It offers inaccurate statistics and sparse pricing information. 
  • Inadequate integration
  • Fewer features (appropriate for long-form articles and stories)

2. Rytr

Rytr is a powerful story generator that has several features to make writing more attractive. Rytr can turn a brief suggestion or concept into a complete story with your help.

Its foundation is a neural network that was trained on more than 500,000 stories. For writing without interruptions, Rytr provides a straightforward document-style editor. A tale generator powered by artificial intelligence is accessible and inexpensive. 

The sophisticated settings and features of Rytr allow you to further customize your narrative. You may create elegant and compelling narratives with Rytr’s support. 


Languages and formats:

Rytr provides 30+ different languages like French, Chinese, Korean, English, etc, with 20+ Tones and Punctuate, capitalize, and space texts to give them a polished appearance.

Free access:

Your limited resources prevent you from committing to a monthly subscription. You have free access to 10,000 characters per month on Rytr.

Flexible subscription plans:

Rytr has a wide range of applications and enterprises that you can use for. Pick a compelling voice if you need to persuade new customers to join the team.

Use cases for writing:

Optimize your text for SEO as well as use it for writing blog articles, email newsletters, caption social media advertising, producing video scripts, and more.


Rytr’s free plan provides 10,000 characters and up to five AI images can be produced each month. The Saver plan at $9 and the Unlimited subscription starts at $29 a month which offers endless options for creating stories.


  • Allows you to create original content using more than 30 use cases.
  • 30+ languages and 20+ writing tones are used in IT content generation.
  • Provides a plagiarism detector built-in.
  • Provides a unique function called “Story Plot” that aids in the creation of gripping stories.


  • When it comes to long-form content, Rytr’s AI generator struggles since it may produce strange, monotonous, or absurd output. 
  • In comparison to its rivals, Rytr’s keyword tools and SERP analyzer are both quite subpar. 

3. NovelAI

NovelAI is an artificial intelligence (AI) writing tool created only to produce books. Detailed and intricate plots, characters, and conversations can be produced using novel AI.

It helps you organize and arrange your narrative, assuring its coherence and understandability. You can pick the ideal genre for your narrative on the app thanks to its broad selection of categories.

The randomization and repetition levels can also be customized, and you can even limit the frequency of some phrases. It can output stories of any length, from a few words to lengthy paragraphs.



With the help of NovelAI, you may engage with AI-generated characters and conduct simulated dialogues with them.

Natural Language Processing:

You can play around with Natural Language Processing (NLP) tools on the platform, which acts as a blank canvas for your creativity. 

Trained on Real Literature:

NovelAI’s AI models are apprised of actual literature, their writing is more realistic and comprehensible.


Explore your writings through a cinematic, dynamic interface that lets you influence the story’s direction with your judgments.


NovelAI provides three subscription plans along with that the Paper tier which is the free trial with 100 free AI generations. The Tablet tier starts at $10 per month, The Scroll tier starts at $15 per month and The Opus tier starts at $25 per month. 


  • It is capable of producing unique content that illustrates the interactions between many cultures and their POVs
  • NovelAI can make sure that the tone and style of several pieces of content are consistent.
  • NovelAI can produce material faster compared to others. 


  • It can be difficult to manage and the quality of the content produced by NovelAI can fluctuate.
  • It poses moral issues about ownership, integrity, and duplication.

4. Sudowrite

Sudowrite is a writing platform driven by AI that allows for world-building and planning.  It produces high-quality material like stories, essays, and blog entries with ease. Writers of various expertise levels can use Sudowrite because of its interface.

It provides writers with beneficial keywords, synonyms, and other writing advice. Additionally, Sudowrite provides cloud-based collaboration and storage options.

Sudowrite is an easy-to-use everyday tool for writers because it integrates with well-known writing programs like Google Docs, Scrivener, and Microsoft Word.


Keyword specialized:

To help authors write stories that are specific to their target audience, it provides automated keyword ideas and insights about reader reactions.

Writing tools:

You can compose the first draught of your novel with the aid of guided and automatic writing, tone shift, and expansion. 

Revision tools:

They provide a tonne of various methods for brainstorming your novel or various parts of it. Including conversation, characters, plot aspects, items, tweets, and article ideas. 

Best for long stories:

For writing longer stories, Sudowrite is among the greatest AI narrative generators. Providing you with ideas for long-form stories and plot lines can assist you in overcoming writer’s block.


SudoWrite provides three paid plans which come with a free trial before subscribing to it. The Hobby and Student plan starts at $19 per month, The Professional Plan starts at $29, and the Max at $129 per month. If you subscribe to the yearly plans, you will get up to 50% off on all these prices.


  • For resolving plot challenges, the Brainstorming function works wonders.
  • Plans that are reasonably priced (beginning at $19 as of this writing).
  • The program might provide comments on your writing from beta readers.
  • Sudowrite has an endless capacity for producing side characters.


  • Its experimental features might not function as intended.
  • Their plagiarism checker isn’t available yet.

5. Jasper AI

Jasper AI can produce interesting and unique stories. It evaluates the setting of your story and makes recommendations for how to strengthen the plot, characterization, and structure.

It uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing (NLP) to produce content that resembles human writing. It also learns to improve its capacity for coming up with fresh ideas.

Jasper is adaptable and may be used for many types of writing assignments, including blog posts, articles, and short stories. Insights on readability, SEO optimization, and grammar can be provided through text analysis as well.



Jasper AI has over 50 outstanding writing templates available, including Creative Story, which supports the creation of compelling stories. 


It can assist you in writing blog posts, landing pages, product descriptions, and imaginative stories. It’s also wonderful for search engine optimization.


Publish your stories on a variety of websites and devices in formats like PDF or ebook.

Collab with the virtual editor:

Use a collaborative, user-friendly editor to work on your stories as the AI provides suggestions and criticism.


Jasper AI provides three subscription plans. The business plan that can collab with your company, The Teams starts at $125 per month with a 7-day free trial, and the Creator at $49 per month with 7 days free trial. 


  • You can pick from more than fifty different content templates.
  • The neighborhood is quite vibrant and can offer insightful counsel and support.
  • Those that blog can enjoy the long-form help feature.
  • Making original, plagiarism-free content doesn’t take much time.


  • When utilizing the long-form helper, information might be repeated.
  • Jasper could appear priced to business users. For most users, it can be expensive though.
  • It can’t be used to entirely change already published articles.

6. Writesonic

Writesonic is a fantastic writing tool that aids in the creation of captivating stories by authors.

To produce personalized, interesting, and intriguing stories, it examines your particular writing preferences and style.

Writesonic also provides a variety of writing tools, such as a blog post outline and landing page text generator.

It is a fantastic writing tool for both beginning and experienced authors because of its interface, sophisticated language processing features, and multilingual support.

A distraction-free writing environment enabled by AI is another feature of Writesonic.


Different content Options:

Writesonic is an all-in-one content production platform that allows authors to produce all different kinds of stories. 

Multi-language support:

The ability to write in several languages makes it the perfect tool for global content producers.


The user-friendly, straightforward layout of Writesonic makes it simple for authors to stay on task.

Time-saving functionality:

Writers may come up with content ideas with its autocomplete feature while still having the option to edit content till it’s perfect.


Writesonic provides 3 subscription plans and the Enterprise plan that can be customized starting at $1000 per month. The unlimited and Business plan starts at $20 and $19 per month accordingly. There is also a free trial for 10,000 words per user per month before subscribing. 


  • Quickly produces content that reads naturally.
  • SEO-friendly material that is free of plagiarism
  • Reduces the possibility of typos or grammatical mistakes
  • Writesonic comes with a trial period.


  • To check the functions of the product, the trial does not have enough credits.
  • The credit-based method can be problematic if you need to produce copies.
  • There is a character limit for content expanders.

7. CopyAI

GPT-3, a cutting-edge algorithm for natural language understanding, is used by Copy AI, a potent AI story-writing tool. It also has extra features like “Growth Ideas” and “Brainstorming and Startup Tools”.

With over 90 tools for content creation, CopyAI is the ideal AI narrative writer for you. You can produce copies for digital ads on Facebook, Linkedin, and Google, copies for social media posts, and copies for website content, blogs, sales content, etc. 

It also provides a 7-day free trial with unrestricted access to explore and use the product.


Plagiarism checker:

In contrast to other content authoring tools that charge extra for a third-party plagiarism checker, has one included.

Chrome extension:

Use the writing tool on any page you open with the help of’s Chrome extension.

High-end content:

The initial outputs are often a fantastic place to start when developing content, yet you may need to make a few adjustments here and there.


Make blog articles, personal letters, or captions for social media with more than 90 copywriting templates. 


Copy AI provides a free trial to test the basics with 2000 words limited. The Pro plan starts at $49 per month with a 7-day free trial and the Enterprise plan for unlimited word counts. 


  • Practical Chrome Extension for quick access to many apps.
  • The flexible tool with the ability to write AI text and narrate long-form stories.
  • For in-depth and captivating storytelling, use the Copy AI Freestyle template. 


  • The content that is generated could be too random.
  • Long-form copy building is a multi-step process that can occasionally lag.:

8. Canva

Canva Magic Write provides Plot lines, story arcs, and character archetypes are a few of the elements of stories that users can build with this tool.

Additionally, to improve the quality and coherence of the work, you are given canny word choices, sentence restructuring suggestions, and grammar checks.

The typefaces and colors used in a template can also be changed, and you can also make your templates. It’s perfect for social media managers, copywriters, and businesspeople who want to produce compelling articles or content.


Distraction-free environment:

The clean interface guarantees that writers may concentrate on writing without interruptions. Users may create, edit, and polish their writing all on the same platform.

Tone and style:

Users may enforce tone and style preferences for their material that reflect their corporate image.

Editing tools:

Grammar checking and word substitute options are only two of the straightforward yet effective editing tools. 


Teams may collaborate on writing projects with Canva Magic Write’s collaboration tools. It allows teams to produce their material.


Canva provides a free trial with 250,000+ free templates. The Canva Pro starts at $ 6.01 per month for one person and Canva for Teams starts at $12.02 per month for the first 5 people with  a free trial before subscribing.  


  • Canva is extremely user-friendly and easy to use as a generator.
  • Canva provides several layouts and components.
  • It’s possible to customize templates.
  • Canva provides access to stock pictures.


  • The ‘Raw’ file cannot be downloaded to your PC.
  • Your account can be deleted at any moment by Canva.
  • The features of the free version are constrained. 

9. Sassbook

With the help of text-based suggestions, Sassbook enables you to create captivating stories. Authors can create engrossing and authentic stories with an extensive selection of established narrative genres and customization possibilities.

It offers a wealth of resources, including those for concept generation, story development, and character building.

Sassbook’s real-time like/dislike functionality enables the tool to receive useful feedback on each output. With Sassbook, you can focus on the enjoyment of writing.



The tool provides seven distinct genres. Your style, tone, and uniqueness can be adjusted by toggling between them. 


You can sum up any document. Condensing a lot of content into bite-sized pieces is ideal for anyone seeking to make sense of big amounts of text. 

AI Headlines:

The user engagement and SEO ranking of your content are enhanced by great titles. You may write compelling headlines for your articles, blogs, stories, or other materials. 

Expert writer:

Sassbook AI Writer aids in helping you express yourself whether you’re a blogger, digital marketer, journalist, student, storyteller, or someone who writes emails or posts on social media. 


Sassbook provides a free trial with basic features for 0 dollars per month. The standard plan starts at $39 per month with$15 API credits and the Premium plan at $59 per month with $25 API credits.


  • Helpful configuration settings.
  • Attempts to add some flavor by including links.
  • You are free to select the article’s style.


  • Many features are protected by a paywall.
  • In most cases, auto-generated connections are useless.

10. Plot Factory

Plot Factory can generate, organize, and keep their stories in one location. With the help of this collection of AI tools, authors can design, build, and outline their stories.

Although it lacks a specific mobile app, the platform is completely mobile-optimized and functions on both Android and iOS.

Its AI-driven story generator aids authors in creating fresh concepts, characters, and plotlines.



They feature a name generator that you can use to generate first and last names while choosing options like gender and background.

Discord group:

A strong community enables you to share ideas and learn from one another.


It’s a brand-new tool that allows you to view existing collaborators and invite new ones for your tale from this screen.

Audio narrate:

You can choose to narrate a scene or a whole chapter when telling your story.


Plot Factory provides a free sign-up option with no installation required for 250-word narrations per day. Along with that, there are other three subscription plans. The hobbyist at $9 per month, Enthusiast at $14 per month, and Novelist at $19 per month. 


  • You can use Plot Factory on your mobile since it’s an online tool.
  • A full writing platform with organizational tools and AI-powered story development.
  • Features for cloud-based collaboration and storage.


  • No desktop application is accessible.
  • Its ability to create a new world seems unconvincing.

How to choose the best AI Story Generators?

1. Efficiency and Speed:

AI writers can produce text fast and in great quantities, which makes them valuable for jobs like content creation. For those that need to create a lot of written content, such as people or organizations, this can save time and resources.

2. Accuracy and consistency:

To increase the quality and clarity of the content they produce, AI writers can produce writing that is devoid of spelling and grammar mistakes. 

3. Flexibility and customization:

A wide range of applications may enjoy AI writers’ ability to be trained to produce content in some styles and formats. 

4. Cost:

Using AI authors can save money by eliminating the need to pay writers and editors on staff.

5. Enhanced creativity:

employing AI writers has the potential to bring about a variety of advantages, including increased productivity and accuracy, cost savings, and more creativity.


Q1. Is there a free AI story generator?

Ans: Several alternative AI story-authoring tools are worth checking into, even if NovelAI is generally regarded as the greatest free AI narrative generator.

Q2. Can AI write my life story?

Ans: They can, indeed. AI has developed to the point where it can now produce readable, passable content that, given the correct cues, can be used to compose a complete book.

Q3. Is Japer AI worth it?

Ans: Jasper may be a useful tool in their toolbox, assisting with idea generation, outline creation, and even full-length article writing.

Q4. Can AI write creative stories?

Ans: Yes AI Story generators are capable of writing creative stories along with Novels as well. 

Q5. Is Rytr free?

Ans: Rytr does provide a free trial where you can generate 5000 words per month. 

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