Best AI Music Generators for Creators 2023

Artificial intelligence (AI) is enabling you to transform your potential music into something unique. As humans, we should enjoy trying new things because technology is evolving like us. 

The biggest advantage is that the tools reduce the time you spend hunting.  Based on a few inputs from you, these free AI music generators will produce a brand-new tune. 

Explore these tools that organize to ignite your creativity. You’ll be surprised by how effortless and enjoyable it is to produce music with the help of AI technology.

10 Best AI Music Generators {Ranked}

1. Soundful:


Soundful provides pre-composed templates and full control for beginner AI music creators. Simple genre selection, input customization, and track creation help you discover the best. The platform is a cloud-based architecture, making it accessible. 

An existing song, even one from Soundful’s platform, cannot duplicate by the AI. Users have access to more than 50 templates across several genres to get started. 


AI-based Generator: 

Soundful generates original music tracks with AI and provides a plethora of customizing choices.


Soundful offers outstanding value for money, with membership levels costing $7.99 per month.

Quality of results:

Soundful generates professional-quality music that is distinct from tracks created by human artists.


The UI of Soundful is simple to use, making music creation accessible even for newcomers to the industry. 


Soundful provides free royalty music with membership starting at $7.99 per month. Meaning users can access everything on the platform at no extra cost. Though you have to pay for mastering, copyright, and full ownership of tracks starting at $50. 


  • Soundful’s AI algorithms create high-quality music that can compete with human-produced compositions.
  • The architecture is simple for anyone, regardless of having an experienced background in music. 
  • Soundful customers can download and use their music royalty-free, meaning no extra licensing fees. 
  • Users can get full ownership of their tracks, granting them complete control over their music.


  • Although Soundful provides a variety of customization possibilities. But some customers want more and have unique requirements. 
  • There is always a chance of copyright problems while creating music, especially if users opt not to buy complete ownership of their tunes. 
  • Since Soundful is a cloud-based platform, some users could find this to be a disadvantage.
  • Soundful may still be developing as a product and may not yet have all the functionality of more seasoned music creation tools.

2. Amper Music:

Amper Music

Amper Music is a custom AI generator that can create music in seconds using Amper Music Composition Tools.  The system creates from the ground up producing high-quality music by merging music theory and AI innovation. 

It uses its sample library and datasets. As it produces music from pre-recorded samples, one does not need to know any kind of music theory. To use the free edition of Amper Music, which has a few features, you must first register for a profile on this platform.


Swift composing of music:

Rapid reactions are offered by Ampher music. It creates content for a variety of genres, including MVs, podcasts, video game soundtracks, movie music, etc. With this AI tool, the composition is simpler.


The user’s creations will be saved on the AI storage itself because this AI technology runs on a cloud-based platform. 

Instrumental availability:

Massive instrumental samples from many genres are available in this incredible application. On the interface, IT can also access a variety of musical instruments. AI technology can also produce dynamic music in many styles. 

Storage of samples:

One of the best features of Ampher Music is its enormous collection of musical samples—of course, from a variety of genres. The models and templates from the offered storage space are simpler to create and use.


Amper offers options to buy the songs once they have been generated, with access to all music that is royalty-free. A license can be purchased for as little as $29 per song or as much as $1199 for online advertising. More options that support you as the artist are available with the premium edition.


  • Ampher Music provides a fast range for producing music for any form, style, and genre without any problem. 
  • One of this AI tool’s characteristics is to offer a huge selection of instrumentals and a wide range of song samples.
  • Create music quickly for a variety of media (podcasts, movies, video games)


  • People who live in the European Union, who are the users of this AI music generator are only eligible for a refund after paying if something happens.  
  • For commercial usage, there might be some issues with the copyright. So one needs to look out for a license payment which is not clear on the official site. 
  • Amper’s music generator concentrates more on chord progressions and pays less attention to the melody.

3. AIVA 


Artificial Intelligence Virtual Artist is software that helps you to make custom soundtracks for commercials, video games, movies, videos, etc. AIVA allows users to compose music from scratch and can also remix songs that already exist. 

By first choosing a preset style, AIVA can be used to create music in different styles and genres. You can use AIVA to make modifications to modern music. You can select between EDM, Techno, Piano Solo, and more presets.



Users have the option of uploading their MIDI files to direct the composition process. It is helpful for individuals who need to compose a new song with a similar emotional impact to an existing song.

Subscription plans:

If you choose the Pro Plan, you can own the rights to your compositions and earn money from them without any limitations.


On the community platform of AIVA, you can exchange ideas and work with other people.


By selecting a genre, tempo, and duration with this tool, you may easily make a song without spending hours or days. 


The pricing for AIVA can be split into three categories. As for the individuals they can create an account free of cost and use limited features whereas in the standard one has to pay €11/month which provides some extra features. 

There is a discount option for Students and schools that goes up to 30% on annual plans & 15% on monthly plans. Enterprises can also contact AIVA for commercial usage of the music created with the AI music generator. 


  • AIVA is capable of writing music in a variety of forms and eras, including jazz, pop, rock, and film.
  • AIVA may create customized music to your tastes by learning from your influences and preferences.
  • From free to pro, AIVA offers a variety of pricing options for various purposes and price ranges.
  • The French and Luxembourg authors’ rights organization SACEM has recognized AIVA as the first AI music generator.


  • Symphonies, operas, and other complicated musical forms may not be compatible with AIVA.
  • AIVA might not be able to produce music that is coherent enough to avoid accusations of copying or copyright violations.
  • It might not meet the demands of Professional composers and musicians with years of training and knowledge. 
  • AIVA won’t be able to adjust to the audience’s and the music industry’s shifting trends and taste

4. Ecrett Music:

Ecrett Music

A somewhat intuitive learning platform called Ecrett Music. This program will create original tracks depending on the musical style you set even if you select the same options again and again. You can select from a variety of scene types, including party, travel, and fashion, with emotions ranging from joyous to blue. Following the creation, you may manage it using Favourites, Download History, Video Upload, and other features. 



With a few clicks, you may change the instruments and structures. Melody, Backing, Bass, and Drum are a few of the instruments. 


Ecrett can organize into many categories, such as favorites, download histories, create histories, and films to review to match your choice. 


Of course, it is royalty-free, but it also offers licenses for everything, including games, monetized videos, podcasts, advertisements, etc. 

Easy create:

The best feature is generating music by entering essential information, such as genre and mood, and it will produce music based on that. 


Ecrett provides a free version as well as free trials which you can use before subscribing, providing you with basic features and elements. For a better experience, there are individual and Business subscription plans starting at $4.99 per month and $14.99 per month. 


  • Because it accepts Visa, MasterCard, and American Express, Ecrett Music has a reliable payment mechanism. And you are always free to update or change your payment method. 
  • Any of your works’ attachments or individual files may be redistributed or the rights to them sold.   
  • It is a user-friendly platform that allows editable choices. 
  • Your music is free to use and download.


  • Pricing may be costly.
  • Songs that lack imagination and sometimes sound repetitive
  • The software allows you to alter a few items from scratch, but not the soundtracks

5. Soundraw


With the help of Soundraw, you can make the music you want, deciding on its length, tone, style, and theme. You can alter the liveliness of the track components between low, medium, and high making the personalization of the song even more unique, depending on your dynamics and transitions from one section to another. Without creating an account, Soundraw enables users to use AI to compose music.


Customizable tracks:

Soundraw makes it very simple to create creative soundtracks for movies, podcasts, music videos, commercials, etc. You can make it shorter or change the position for the chorus, anything. 

Inspirational artists:

While creating songs that are tailored to your demands and requirements, you can find musical inspiration.

Beats for Djs:

One of the top music producers for DJs, with royalty-free access and customizable beats and sound.


it is a straightforward AI software, as non-musicians can also use uncomplicated post-editing tools. Soundraw’s workflow is simple enough. 


The subscription plan starts at $19, which provides almost everything in the AI music generator. It also provides a deal offer for individuals of $69. Some can create 3 songs per month in the free version while yearly [lan starting at $179 provides with few more features. 


  • By selecting the mood, genre, and length, you can create a limitless number of songs.
  • The songs can be altered by changing the chorus, intro, and other elements to fit your project or video.
  • The music is AI-generated and isn’t subject to copyright infringements. 


  • The AI that creates the music is still in progress and produces monotonous or derivative music. 
  • The features of Soundraw’s free plan are restricted. Only three songs can be created each month, and downloading the songs is not possible. 
  • Pro musicians are unlikely to be impressed by repetitive genres and poor quality.  

6. Boomy


Boomy lets you create music and distribute it across 40 platforms.  Once your music is finished being created, you may be able to earn streaming fees from various providers, which makes it a special tool.

The tool’s innovative AI writes and creates an entire song in a matter of seconds after you choose a few criteria and click “Create Song.” You can make your music in a variety of musical genres, such as Electronic Dance, Rap Beats, Lo-Fi, Global Groove, Relaxing Meditation, or Custom.


Instrumental and sounds:

By filtering out any noises you don’t want the AI to take into account when creating the track, one can tweak and change the instruments. 

Customization of songs:

The program provides a wide range of customization options, such as tempo change, instrument addition, and mix editing.

Free Tracks:

Users are free to make the created songs and albums available on streaming services.

Cover songs:

One of Boomy’s unique features is that customers can upload their cover art or use Boomy’s AI to produce a brand-new one.


Boomy provides three categories of plan, first one is free doesn’t require any type of payment, and comes with limited features. The second one is the CReator, starting at $9.99 per month and Pro starting at $29.99 per month. Accordingly, both plans provide great and unlimited features. 


  • Boomy offers a free version that enables users to monetize their audio recordings. 
  • You can become a part of a global community of creatives who are inspired by generative music
  • You can upload your music to streaming services and get paid each time someone listens.


  • Your songs’ style and quality may not be under your control because AI creates them.
  • If your music uses illegal samples or violates the rights of other artists, you could be in legal trouble.
  • Boomy’s narrow genre selection could reduce the variety of music as more artists sign up for the platform.

7. MuseNet


MuseNet is an OpenAI in-depth neural network that can compose music in the styles of country, Mozart, and the Beatles over four minutes using ten distinct instruments. The program can produce songs using up to ten different instruments and music in up to 15 different styles, the company claims. 

MuseNet offers a tonne of AI-generated music samples on Soundcloud, but yet, it does not allow users to produce their songs.



The model can merge several musical genres, like Mozart, and the Beatles to produce original and varied compositions. 

Genres and MIDI:

Because the model is trained using data from MIDI files, it may be used to identify music from a variety of musical genres.


MuseNet employs a variety of embeddings, such as location embeddings, timing embeddings, and structural embeddings, to produce samples in a selected style while also providing context, accuracy, and coherence.


Since MuseNet is only available in its free edition, the songs it creates are not royalty-free. You must refrain from using these created tunes in a professional situation.


  • Simple interface that allows for the quick creation of songs
  • It allows you to use your harmonic sequence as a response. 
  • The music created by AI has a distinct and human-like sound


  • There are fewer options for controlling editing and producing music. 
  • The AI tool is restricted to its data set. 
  • MuseNet lacks human variation and oversight of the result.

8. Melobytes


Melobytes is a technology that encourages original content creation and serves as a source of inspiration. To create a distinctive audio track, you can select the musical genre, the instruments, and the audio.

You can also use subtleties like echo, distortion, and reverb. Melobyte’s AI model generates one at random. Additionally, you can change your video selections, audio specifications, and vocal settings as necessary.


Playful Interface:

The program allows you to experiment and produce original, unique stuff. But the outcomes may be unpredictable and of varying quality. 

Inspire and Connect:

Get motivated by other people’s creative contributions to their community. Additionally, one can contribute or partake in each other’s creations.


The app enhances your music with a variety of sound effects, including verb and echo. 


Melobytes is a creative AI-proving subscription offered in three categories. First, is a 7-day pass starting from $13.15, the second is One month package at $17.23/ and a year-round package (currently in discount offer) at $101.87. The AI music generator also has a free version with limited features. 


  • There is no need to register. On Melobyte’s website, you can configure, create, and download AI-generated music. 
  • The AI-generated track can be influenced by a large number of audio characteristics. 
  • The created tracks are not subject to copyright limitations thanks to Melobytes.


  • There are no choices for post-editing.
  • To produce a single track takes too long.
  • It has unimpressive visuals and mediocre music. 

9. Jukedeck


Jukedeck business shares a lot of similarities with Amper Music. To make music with Jukedeck, select the musical genres and styles you want to use—it might be anything from a piano solo to a jump-up drum and bass track. By giving AI composers full creative authority, JukeDeck allows users to create music for free.



JukeDeck analyses music data with neural networks to enhance creative skills.

Sound elements:

JukeDeck tracks can be modified by users, who can adjust the tempo and length to meet their specific needs.


JukeDeck provides the option of free music composition by giving an AI composer complete authority.


Individuals and small organizations can buy composed music from JukeDeck for $0.99. Additionally, it offers users royalty-free tunes. This flexible pricing structure gives a wide range of buyers affordable access to excellent pieces of art.


  • Free music maker for personal use only
  • The recent acquisition by social media juggernaut TikTok
  • A lot of customization is possible like changing the instruments, tempo, and pitch.


  • There is no premium plan, so buying a lot of songs can be pricey.
  • Currently anticipating the release of Jukedeck 2.0 after TikTok bought the AI music player.

10. is one of the most straightforward free AI music generation tools. To deliver original, non-royalty music, it makes use of cutting-edge AI techniques. You can select a track for inspiration or upload a video or podcast. The music can be altered in length, genre, mood, and instrumentation so that users can select the ideal song to go with their story.



It creates original mood-based music for podcasts and videos using cutting-edge AI music-generating techniques. 

Different elements:

It offers user-customizable, inexpensive, simple-to-license, exclusive music that is royalty-free and affordable.

Composing and content:

By automating the music creation process, it enables content makers and composers to save time and money.

Pricing: provides a unique way of subscription if someone wants to pay for Pro, with all the features, the package starts from as low as $1.93 per month but for 15mins and that is how the range goes up. There is a free version as well providing Volumne dynamics, Copyrights, Instrumental selection, and Perpetual License. 


  • You can select from a variety of genres and regional sounds.
  • Alternative track selections are also available through the software.
  • It offers high-quality, non-royalty music. 


  • The non-commercial users can only use a limited number of genres. 
  • When it comes to writing music, things move slowly. 

How to choose the best AI Music Generator?

1. Quality Tone:

The quality of the music should be your top priority when selecting an AI songwriter. It is better to listen to the audio samples on the website because different generators use various training data sets. 

2. Price:

Whether you are paying royalties or extra fees for extra functionality, this is a priority. There are software programs that offer free usage with limited features. To ensure copyright compliance, you should also review the licensing conditions.

3. Options to Personalize:

The ability to regulate your music, or to customize your product in various ways, is the most essential function offered by many AI songwriters—for example, tempo, bass, instruments, song length, song effects, etc. The flexibility of customization will bring the finest version of your work.

4. Genres:

Along with the above element, one should also look out for the variety of genres an AI software is providing. There are AI music generators that specialize in certain or maybe limited genres. Such as R&B, rock, pop, classical, instrumental. Sometimes it’s this or that. So make sure the AI tool you are using is providing the elements you want.  

5. Export options:

When you are finished creating your music, you might need to export it from one location to another. And some AI music generators typically offer more formats to achieve this goal. 

It is important to ensure that the software you are using is capable of exporting the file in the desired format.

6. Profitableness:

The development of artificial intelligence-based music makers is still in its infancy. Early adopters are currently the main users of these platforms. The majority of AI generators still lack a unified architecture that can accommodate various users. If you are new to this realm, you should pick an AI music generator with a straightforward interface that will save you time and hassle.


Q1.  Is there an AI that generates music?

Ans: Beatoven is a novel AI music maker that simplifies the intricacy of music production.

Q2. Can AI generate melodies?

Ans: A computer program that uses artificial intelligence to generate melodies is known as an AI melody generator.

Q3. Can AI create good music?

Ans: It’s challenging for AI to mimic the emotional component of writing and playing music.

Q4. Is there an AI beatmaker?

Ans: An AI song creator called Loudly creates intricate musical compositions with a wide variety of song patterns.

Q5. Does Spotify use AI?

Ans: To develop a natural language search technique for users, Spotify used AI and NLP.

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