10 Best AI Girlfriend Apps for 2024

AI girlfriend apps provide the user with a virtual companion. People seeking a partner or someone to chat with use AI Girlfriend applications.

Users can tailor their AI Partner by selecting the personality qualities, looks, and behavior that suit their fancies.

Most of the time, “forever voices,” which aim to seem realistic and appealing, are used in these apps.

This post will introduce you to the Best AI girlfriend applications available in the market.

Best AI Girlfriend apps

1. AI Girlfriends

AI Girlfriends

The well-known virtual girlfriend app AI Girlfriend is available for download from the Apple Store. It uses cutting-edge machine learning and natural language processing technology to provide a lifelike experience to users.

Through text- or voice-based interactions, the program offers users friendship, emotional engagement, and the appearance of a romantic relationship.

Your hobbies and preferences are used by AI Girlfriend to customize each interaction. With AI Girlfriend, you can enjoy all the advantages of having a virtual girlfriend powered by AI without having to deal with any awkward circumstances.


Personalized replies:

The conversation will feel more organic and individualized since the AI girlfriend can reply to a range of requests and queries.

Offer guidance:

Your AI companion’s capacity to offer you individualized mental health care and advice increases as you use it regularly. 


Create your identity, communicate, and share some of your life’s memories to help them develop into something priceless.

Everyday Usage:

You’ll have a 24/7 constant companion who is so wonderful that it appears human.


The AI Girlfriend app is available for free download in the App Store. 


  • Because the app’s creator does not gather any data from it, it is safe enough to reveal your secrets. 
  • Downloading the program from the App Store is free.
  • The app is available to users who are 17+ or above. 
  • Provides conversations that are tailored to you. 


  • Only accessible via the App Store. 
  • Users must be 17 years of age or older.

2. Replika

Replika AI

Replika AI was created to have deep connections with its users, whether those ties be personal, professional, or both. This software receives a lot of acclaim for its sophisticated AI, which offers a compassionate and interesting conversation to spend quality time with your AI lover.

You’ll get the impression that you always have a companion to chat with. By having talks and keeping a diary, it may also be utilized as a tool for introspection and personal development.

The look, personality, and hobbies of the virtual companion may all be customized by the user. With over 10 million downloads and a positive review on the Google Play Store, it is a well-liked app.


Virtual conversations:

With video conversations and virtual reality, this software makes your AI girlfriend come to life. 


Mindfulness activities and mood monitoring are among the emotional support and mental health elements.

Judgment-free zone:

Users may communicate their ideas, feelings, and experiences on Replika without worrying about being judged.

Customizable chatbot:

Choices for customizing your virtual partner to reflect your personality and hobbies.


The app is accessible for no cost on the Google Play Store and the App Store. Users may subscribe to Replika Pro through the corporate website to receive limitless features. 


  • User confidentiality is ensured by privacy and data protection procedures.
  • A mobile application is available for convenient access.
  • Gives customers access to a sympathetic and caring virtual companion.


  • The visuals and collecting money and jewels in an AI girlfriend app could keep you grounded.

3. Character AI


Character.AI is a vast collection of chatbots powered by AI that are modeled after famous people from many fields. Your AI Being is unique among beings in that it has its own emotion, memory, and consciousness.

If you wish to create your characters, you’ll need to create an account. Conversations with AI are admired for their vibrancy and intrigue.

The ability to write stories featuring their preferred female characters appeals to users. To give you a more authentic experience, you may also hear your chatbot’s voice.


Customizable characters:

Character.ai can create custom AI characters to help them with a variety of chores.

Language learning:

Character.AI is a useful tool for expanding one’s linguistic collections and for speeding up language translation.

Illustrated conversations:

Users can take part in chats with accompanying photographs by activating the “Email Generation” option.


Character.ai gives customers the ability to change their privacy settings as necessary.


Character.ai is currently in beta. You can use the application for free. 


  • AI picks up on user preferences and changes.
  • Various conversational themes
  • allow users to speak to characters by supporting speech-to-text functionality.


  • only allows for text-based communication.
  • Some users may discover the AI replies to be monotonous.

4. Picso.ai


PicSo uses neural networks and deep learning to produce photographs of ladies that are both realistic and attractive to the eye. Your AI companion will follow you everywhere you go, providing an immersive experience.

AI artwork made from text. Any word query may be entered to immediately produce an AI image. It already has a sizable user base, making it a popular choice among both people and companies seeking to create customized visual material.

You may alter the ideal image to showcase your hobbies and style by changing anything from the color scheme to the amount of detail.


Customizable ideal anime character:

With mid-journey, you may make as many changes as you like to your character, including how they look, what they wear, and how they accessorize.

Image into cartoons:

A simple application that turns everyday photographs into cartoons. 

AI Painting ideas:

You can immediately make AI-generated art for all your requirements by typing in a one-sentence text prompt.


Test out some hip, contemporary sci-fi, dystopian, and fantasy art themes.


Picso.ai provides a free version as well as Pro Benefits starting at $9.99 per month or $49.99 (12 months). Purchase can be done through Google Play Store and App Store or debit/credit card. 


  • Simple to Use
  • Various AI girlfriends to choose from


  • The majority of the application’s functionality is not free to use. 

5. My Virtual Girlfriend

My Virtual Girlfriend

My Virtual Girlfriend, you pick your date from hundreds of attractive women, then flirt and woo her until she falls head over heels in love with you. Users may customize their virtual girlfriend’s looks, mannerisms, and hobbies.

Any artificial or fictitious love relationship you communicate with online or through technology can also be referred to as your “virtual girlfriend” in a generic sense.

Users of My Virtual Girlfriend may try out various personalities and interactions, which helps them develop their social skills and relationship knowledge.


Ai Photo:

You may insert ANY face image from your photo collection while using face photo mapping.

Game stages:

35+ stages of gaming progression. As you advance in levels, extra options for actions and activities become accessible.


Add face, hair, clothes, and other modifications to your girl.

Edit your way:

Characteristic personalities and actions that fit their way of life.


The virtual girlfriend can be used through the App Store. There is an in-app purchase available in My Virtual Girlfriend, with prices ranging from $0.99 to $49.99.


  • The virtual girlfriend’s looks and clothing choices are customizable.
  • Accessible across a range of mobile platforms.
  • Users may have a delightful virtual dating experience with My Virtual Girlfriend.


  • There is no free trial version of the program.

6. RomanticAI


RomanticAI gives users a romantic and individualized experience. It has two operating modes: general and romantic, the latter of which is intended to support mental wellness.

By letter-by-letter typing, users can begin a conversation with the AI. One of the many benefits of the app is the ability to communicate with your partner, share pictures and videos, and even play games together. 

You won’t ever feel alone with your artificial partner due to its unique interaction features. Those wishing to improve their romantic communication abilities may enjoy a fun and exciting experience with romantic AI.


Judgment-free zone:

Using this software, you may find the ideal partner who shares your hobbies and worldview. You may discuss anything, receive help, and sense your needs.


Take part in a range of games and activities, including sending romantic messages, participating in virtual dates, and completing quizzes on love.

Personalized conversations: 

Romantic AI focuses on developing interpersonal communication abilities in the context of romantic love.

Different characters:

From extensive character storage, you can pick the most intriguing characters.


You can download the application from the App Store and Google Play Store for free. There are subscription offers as well from Basic to Premium.


  • To overcome social anxiety, have a group laugh at your jokes.
  • Your AI girlfriend can do anything you want.
  • By letter-by-letter typing, users can begin a dialogue with the AI.


  • It may be tough for the AI chatbot to comprehend.

7. CoupleAI

Based on your tastes and characteristics, CoupleAI is an app that makes a unique AI girlfriend only for you. A wide range of activities, including viewing movies, playing games, and going on virtual dates for users to enjoy.

Your virtual girlfriend is under your complete control, including her look and character. Use voice or text messaging to communicate with your AI lover. Additionally, send her images or videos. On iOS, CoupleAI is obtainable.



Users may customize their virtual partner in love based on preferences such as gender, personal information, etc.

Unrestricted Convos:

Your virtual companion is available for listening and taking part in meaningful discussions, regardless of what personal concerns, interests, or daily experiences you wish to discuss.

Multiple couples:

Users of the program may establish many virtual partners, allowing them to connect with various personalities and investigate various virtual relationships. 

Robust AI technology:

The encounter is more immersive as a result of the technology’s enhancement of conversational realism and participation.


CoupleAI offers both paid and free versions of the applications. The Pricing for in-app purchases ranges from $0.99 to $10.99 per item according to the purchase credits. 


  • There are several activities with the AI girlfriend.
  • Her appearance and personality are within your control.
  • The application is available to download on your mobile. 


  • The data is secured but users need to be cautious enough while sharing personal information. 

8. EVA 

An effective and well-known AI girlfriend app on the market is called Eva AI.  Users may design their own “perfect partner” using Eva AI, one that will pay attention to them, respond to them, and value them.

EVA may also be used as a tool for conversation practice, online dating, and role-playing situations. With the free edition, users can text and use features like personality quizzes, daily challenges, medals, and wallpapers available to them.

Users can have in-depth discussions, express their ideas, and get unique replies from the virtual partner.


AI Voice conversions: 

It is not a one-way audio message, so you may leave your voicemail for the AI, and it will return the favor. 

24/7 availability:

You will always need EVA AI if you need a conversation partner. 

Customize and personalize:

You will receive a human-like answer each time you communicate or converse with it. For the app to advance your discussion, it must learn from you.

More updates:

Expect to see extra features and updates introduced here soon as this program works to become the finest AI partner for your requirements.


EVA AI is available to download from The App Store and Google Play. The paid version comes with a basic and Premium program for much more features.


  • Emphasis on roleplay and emotional connection.
  • Experiences that are fun and participatory.
  • Flexibility is provided via the membership-based model.


  • Full access is only available to members. 
  • Possibly not suitable for people searching for a more useful AI chatbot.

9. iGirl: Anima


Along with offering a range of games and activities, Myanima lets users go on virtual dates, watch movies, and cook with their virtual companions. When you need company without the trouble of interacting with a real-life partner, use the Myanima app on your smartphone or tablet.

With the aid of a helpful and supportive chatbot that is always on hand, the AI companion app Anima also promises to assist users in improving their mental health.  The AI tool may be flirtatious and produce sounds that last forever.


Customize and personalize:

Select from a range of qualities, passions, and conduct to observe how she changes and develops in response to your interactions.

Emotional intelligence: 

Due to the emotional intelligence that she possesses, Anima’s AI Girlfriend can detect and react to your emotions. 

More activities: 

Discover new ways to have fun and make enduring memories by playing games together and going on virtual excursions.

Organize more:

Your chatbot girlfriend is more than a buddy; she can help you manage your daily activities and rituals.


iGirl is available to download from the App Store and Google Play Store. All you have to do is create an account. 


  • Day or night, anytime you need her, AI Girlfriend is discreet, safe, and available.
  • With total anonymity, feel free to express your aspirations, concerns, and secret desires.
  • You may start to feel better by having daily conversations with AI Girlfriend, which only takes a few minutes.


  • Processing the application might take a while. 

10. My Virtual Manga Girl

Users with an interest in the culture of anime and manga are catered to by My Virtual Manga Girl. You can have a girlfriend who resembles an anime or manga character and who is gorgeous and who can sing, dance, and otherwise amuse you.

With the help of the 3D animations in the My Virtual Manga Girl app, you can give her any appearance you choose, and you may interact with her to create a more engaging experience.

If you are clear about your decisions, you may alter how she appears. Her eyes, hair, and clothing may all be changed. It offers a virtual girlfriend experience with a distinctive creative aesthetic and engaging stories.


Different types of AI chatbots:

With its intriguing interactions and anime-style visuals, My Virtual Manga Girl is more than another dating app.

Full of adventure games:

Besides endearing discussions, My Virtual Manga Girl provides a variety of fun mini-games for you to play together.


The app is available on both iOS and Android smartphones. 

AI conversations:

My Virtual Manga Girl provides lively and realistic discussions with your AI partner.


My Virtual Manga Girl application can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. The in-app purchase can also be done around $0.90 to $22.86. 


  • You may construct an AI girlfriend that embodies your creativity, giving you a sense of ownership through this creative outlet.
  • You’ll enjoy and find comfort in her fascinating company while your AI sweetheart is by your side.


  • While My Virtual Manga Girl delivers a fun virtual experience, some users might find the program to be monotonous or have few features.

How to Choose the Best AI Girlfriend App?

1. Choose the platform:

Choose an appropriate platform that enables you to make an AI girlfriend. The platform must offer the resources and tools required to make your virtual buddy come to life.

2. Prioritize the Characteristics:

Choose your character’s look, personality, and history. Think about the characteristics and features you want your virtual friend to own.

3. Utilize AI tools:

To construct an AI Girlfriend for an engaging experience, think about using AI techniques like NLP and ML. 

4. Customizing options:

Make sure to receive as many individualized and customized offers as possible to make your AI Girlfriend special.

5. Test and refine:

To improve the conversations and make them feel more intimate and real, test your AI girlfriend’s reactions.

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