Novel AI Features, Pricing & Alternatives

Novel AI is a powerful writing assistance bringing forth the best of your creative imagination. Whether you’re a wordsmith, an artist, or both, Novel AI adapts to your creative process. You can choose to start with a narrative idea and let the AI weave its visual magic.

Novel AI goes beyond words, harnessing the power of AI-generated imagery to complement your stories. 

Novel AI

Backed with a text-to-image generator it allows the AI to craft a narrative that unravels the mystery within. The possibilities are as boundless as your imagination.


Tool NameNovel AI by Anlatan
Launch Date28th April 2021
Company NameAnlatan
CategoryAI Writing tool


Novel AI is equipped with different themes and styles, from epic adventures to heartwarming romances and mystery-laden thrillers to science fiction wonders.

With that, here are the things you can do with Novel AI. 

1. Storytelling

The core function of this tool is to assist you with writing stories, be it fictional, comic, romance, or thriller. 

It will assist you in creating a masterpiece in the blink. The storyteller feature helps you create a constructive story plot. 

All you have to do is write a few sentences based on your story or plot and the tool will auto-generate further texts, based on the input. 

If the output of your story does not meet your expectations, you can ask the tool to redo the sentences. 

2. AI Image Generation

Novel AI is adept with text-to-image generators, which means you describe a picture you have in your head in the form of text, and Novel AI will bring it to reality.

The image developed by the AI will match your description quite accurately. Followed by two models for image creation, whether you are writing a comic, a short story, or a novel you can generate descriptive images and use them without fearing copyright strikes. 

3. Text Adventure

Text adventure functions add extra story plot to your ideation. Based on different modes, this function can help you create a compelling story.

Text adventure can be a fun feature to explore as you begin your writing. You can write one line and the tool will follow the theme creating a stunning plotline for the story. 

4. AI modules 

AI modules are equipped with different styles and themes. This means if you are out of ideas or creativity, this feature will help you explore different genres of stories and plotlines.

You are allowed to replicate famous writer’s styles be it Arthur Conan Doyle, Edgar Allan Poe, or H.P. Lovecraft. You can even select a theme of your choice such s dark fantasy, romance, dragon, or Mars colonization. 

5. Customization

Since you own the story, you might as well take charge of editing it. With Novel AI you can design your space however you want be it themes, font, or color schemes, Novel AI lets you create a piece that leverages your artistic skills. 

6. End-to-End Encryption  

Privacy is essential and Novel AI helps you unleash your best potential without worries. All your stories on this tool are encrypted with XSalsa20. 

Use Cases

  • Writers and Authors: Novel AI can serve as a creative companion for writers, helping them overcome writer’s block, generate plot twists, and refine their writing style. Authors can use the tool to explore new story ideas, develop characters, and enhance narrative arcs.

  • Idea Generation: The tool offers features that help you explore your creative potential. It will help you create an engaging plotline and theme for your story or comic. 

  • Visual Artists: Visual artists seeking inspiration can use the tool to generate story prompts that fuel their artwork. Conversely, artists can use AI-generated images as references or as a starting point for their creative process.

  • Book Cover Designers: The text-to-image generator can help designers create visually appealing covers of books. Designers can explore AI-generated images to spark ideas for book cover designs, aligning the visuals with the essence of the story.

  • Therapeutic Writing: If writing is your hobby, Novel AI can be your best pal. Individuals using writing as a form of self-expression or therapy can find Novel AI helpful in generating prompts that encourage introspection and emotional exploration.


  • It allows you to test the app on a free version to review whether or not you want to buy the subscription. 
  • Powered by stable diffusion, Novel AI brings hefty features to the table that add depth to your storytelling and visuals. 
  • It offers customized settings where you can edit the layout, fonts, and colors of the theme.
  • Backed with XSalsa20 encryption, it prevents your story from being stolen or leaked.


  • The free trial ends in a blink. To use further you need to buy the plan from their pricing section.
  • The interface may not appear very user-friendly and can take up to weeks to get a hold of it.
  • The story and idea generation may not provide the best results. 


Novel AI pricing structure is divided into four plans. Free, Tablet, Scroll, and Opus.

Each plan has different pricing to offer along with different unlocked features. Below are the prices and features mentioned for each plan. 

Free Trial

  • The free trial lasts up to 100 free text generation. 
  • Features 2048 tokens of memory, which is about 8192 characters
  • Generate up to 100 AI text-to-speech

Tablet $10/Month

  • Offers unlimited text generation
  • Can store 1024 token memory which is about 4096 characters.
  • 1000 Anlas every month for AI image generation.
  • Text-to-speech generation to bring your stories to live
  • AI image generation.

Scroll $15/Month

  • Scroll features are similar to Tablet
  • Unlimited text generation
  • Access to the best AI storyteller (Euterpe) from Novel AI
  • Features 8192 characters of memory
  • 1000 Anlas every month for AI image generation
  • AI text-to-speech for smooth storytelling
  • AI text-to-image generation.

Opus $25/Month

  • Unlimited text generation
  • Advance AI-text-to-speech
  • AI text-to-image generation
  • Permission to access experimental features

Novel AI Alternatives

1. Jasper Ai

Jasper AI is a writing assistance tool for business communication and marketing strategies. Designed to empower businesses, marketers, and professionals, this tool harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to craft compelling content that resonates with your target audience.

From persuasive ad copy to engaging blog posts, Jasper AI Writing Tool is your secret weapon for driving brand success through impactful and tailored communication.

2. Sudowriter 

Sudowriter is your ultimate companion for novel creation and manuscript refinement. Seamlessly blending advanced artificial intelligence with the art of storytelling, this tool is a writer’s dream.

Offering unparalleled assistance in crafting novels and perfecting manuscripts. From generating imaginative plot twists to providing insightful editing suggestions, Sudowriter is an AI-powered tool to transform your writing journey into a seamless and rewarding experience.

3. Holo AI

Holo AI is a hub for writing Novels, short stories, and fan fiction. A tool that empowers both aspiring and seasoned writers, this tool is your passport to creating captivating novels and crafting mesmerizing short stories and fanfiction.

Equipped with various prompts and features Holo AI helps you flourish your inner writer. Whether you’re weaving tales of fantasy, crafting intricate fan worlds, or refining your literary masterpiece. Holo AI Writing Tool is your steadfast partner on this creative journey.

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