Conch AI Writer Features, Pricing & Alternatives

Conch AI is a writing assistance tool that helps you write precisely and better. Whether you are writing a book or a research paper. Conch is backed with tools and features that make your writing fluid and easy to absorb. 

Conch AI

This tool can offer recommendations for improving the organization and structure of the content, making it more coherent and logical.

From generating topic ideas, prompts, and content outlines to helping you overcome the creative block, Conch can be a perfect fit as your writing assistant. 

Company Overview

Company NameGetConch
Launch Date2nd Feb 2023
FounderDante Kim
CategoryAI Writing tool


Since writing is crucial and needs intense formatting and attention. Conch AI brings you the best of its features to adhere to your needs and requirement.

Below are the features offered by the tool: 

1. In-text Citation

One of the most hectic parts of writing content is inserting citations. Properly citing sources adds credibility to your work by showing that your ideas are supported by relevant information from experts in the field. Conch helps you in properly referencing and citing external sources within the text. 

2. Automate with AI

If you are someone who gets lost after writing two sentences, this is a million-dollar feature. As a writer it’s important to maintain the trail of thoughts, Conch AI’s auto-complete generate the next sentence based on the context of the previous one. This helps you to be on track along with sparking ideas as you move ahead with your writing. 

3. Rewrite Feature

When writing a piece, you must come across sentences that are either too long or too short to convey your message. Sometimes the tone of the content doesn’t fit into your ideation either. 

Conch rewrite feature brings you a flash of inspiration with tone suggestions and the right words. Making it easy to read and conceive. 

3. Templates and Summarization

Conch can summarize Pdfs, books, and articles in the blink of an eye. If you are a student who wants to save time, the web summarization feature is gold.

Along with summarization, Conch AI features a plethora of templates that helps you draft anything from a full-length essay to an email to a conclusion. 

5. Ask Conch about doubts

The tool is powered by AI tools like ChatGPT. If you ever encounter a doubt while writing, just ask and conch will help you find the answer within seconds.

Backed with certainty and clarity Conch gives you the most appropriate output of the question asked. 

6. AI Detection

To ensure originality and authenticity in your writing, Conch AI helps you detect the use of AI. With that, it also helps you refine your writing style and tone leading to a perfect score to be submitted or published. 

Use Cases of Conch AI

  • Content Generation: It can be an absolute helping hand for writing content for different purposes. Blog posts, articles, product descriptions, and social media posts. It can help you draft anything.
  • Academic Writing: Writing essays and research papers is the toughest phase of the academic year. With Conch, you can easily draft a full-length essay, create ideas, and insert citations without difficulties.
  • Proofreading and Editing: Whether your sentences are too long or too short, with Conch AI you are adjusting the right format and structure of a sentence ensuring no grammatical mistakes. 

Pros of Using the Tool

  • Time Efficiency: It can generate content quickly, and the automate with AI feature gives a boost to your creative thoughts, saving time in various steps. This can maintain consistency in tone and style throughout the content. 

  • Error Detection: Detect errors and grammatical mistakes to improve the overall quality of your content.

  • Creativity Support: Templates offered in Conch AI can significantly enhance new ideas, and perspectives, especially useful for brainstorming and creative writing. 

  • Assistance for Non-Writers: AI tools can be very helpful for those who have no prior experience in writing or formatting content. It is also helpful for those who have strong writing skills but still need handy assistance. 

Cons of Using the Tool

  • Price-Based Model: While the tool offers free-to-try features, the token limit is too short to test them out.

  • Quality Variability: Over-reliance might hinder your own creativity and critical thinking. You might need to spend time editing and refining the content. 


Conch AI offers 3 pricing plans and Each one offers different features:

1. Conch Classic – Free

Conch Classic is a free plan that offers 1,000 words per month. It includes all the basic functionalities and you can also use the Chrome extension.

2. Conch Pro – $4.99/Month

Conch Pro starts at $9.99 monthly and offers 10,000 words per month. You can also get the yearly plan for $4.99 per month.

This plan includes all the basic functionalities of the Conch classic plans, along with that you get a citation generator and no ad pop-ups will be shown. It is a decent plan but you won’t get early access to new features

3. Conch Limitless$9.99/Month

Conch Limitless starts at $9.99 per month when you buy the yearly subscription. It is considered an enterprise plan that offers unlimited words

You can use the Enhancer, Chrome extension, and Citation Generator and there is no token limit. You will also get early access to all the new features.

If you just want to test it out then you can buy the monthly plan for $19.99 only.

Conch AI Alternatives

1. Rytr

Rytr AI is an assistant tool that can help you write 10 times faster and better. One of the most common roadblocks in the writing field is the lack of ideas and creativity.

Rytr can help you generate killer content effectively. It is one of the most loved and trusted apps by copywriters. With a rich-text editor and powerful tool, you can generate persuasive and polished content with ease. 

2. Scalenut

Scalenut is an AI tool specially designed for content generation that centers on SEO. All your marketing needs and requirements are fulfilled on this platform. It can help you create killer copies that build a brand’s reputation and convert into sales.

Equipped with fine features, Scalenut can help you build a business from scratch. From keyword planning to content optimization to SEO writing. Scalenut covers all your business and writing needs. 

3. Copy AI

Copy AI is another writing tool that inherits features that cater to all your writing demands. Whether you work in marketing or e-commerce, or are a freelancer. The Copy AI tool can give a boost to your writing and critical thinking.

Whether you want to write crisp blog content a highly persuasive sales copy, or an attractive email. Copy AI can help you win all these with its features and reliable tools. 

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