Caktus AI Pricing, Features & Alternatives 2023

Imagine having a tool that aids all your problems in maths, science, and writing, and even teaches you how to code. 

Well, Caktus AI is exactly that tool.

Caktus AI is designed to empower students and learners of all levels. The tool provides comprehensive assistance across a spectrum of academic challenges.

Whether you’re crafting a persuasive essay, tackling intricate math problems, or diving into the realms of Python coding.

It brings every solution on the table backed with 100% academic resources. 

Caktus AI

Company Overview

Company NameCaktus
Launch dateMay 2023
FounderHarrison Leonard, Tao Zhang
Category AI Writing Tool

Features Of Caktus AI

Listed below are some of the features that the tool offers:

1. Personalized Writing Style

Writing with the AI tool always leaves you stressed about having a different writing tone and style. With Caktus AI you can personalize your writing style by uploading a sample of your writing.

This generative AI will learn how to write like you and store the style in its system for future projects. 

2. AI-Driven Essay Writer 

Having difficulty in generating an essay? Leave it to Caktus, Caktus can help you generate a polished and toned essay with the given input. Unleash your full writing potential with Caktus AI tailored for essay writing.

3. Content Improver

Do you wish to transform your writing from good to exceptional? Here is a simple way to do it. Insert your content in Caktus AI and use the content improver feature.

This feature analyses your text, offering insightful suggestions to enhance sentence structure, vocabulary, and overall composition.

4. Learn 10+ Programming Languages

The tool offers more than 10 programming languages. So, if you are an aspiring programmer or data science student. This feature might be a useful resource. Below are some of the programming languages listed.

  • Python 
  • JavaScript
  • Java
  • C++
  • Rust
  • SQL
  • TypeScript 

Text Summarizer 

Caktus AI offers text summarizer assistance which can be an invaluable tool for students who spend hours summarizing their notes and texts.

Insert your document in the Caktus prompt and let the feature distill main points and key information from a lengthy piece of text. This will save your time fostering better comprehension, and productivity.

Use Cases of the Tool

  • Content Writers/Bloggers: Caktus AI can help you draft research-based articles based on the given input. This can help in structuring a better and more cohesive article highlighting the clarity and vocabulary. 
  • Homework and Assignment Help: Caktus can provide step-by-step solutions for math problems and science questions. They help students understand concepts better and complete assignments more effectively.
  • Teachers and Professors: Caktus’s text summarization can help professors summarize lengthy texts with main points providing key takeaways and saving time in gathering information for their next class. 
  • Students of all Levels: Whether you are in school or college Caktus AI can make your academic easier and breathable with its effective tools and features. 


  • Efficient Tool for Students: Caktus AI is designed for students to help them write effective essays and understand the subject’s complexity with ease. 

  • Enhanced Efficiency: Tools like text summarizer and content improver can be a great asset in writing essays and reports. This can enhance the efficiency of reports saving loads of time in the hand. 

  • Coding and Programming Support: Caktus offers coding and programming support which can help budding programmers and aspiring students to learn coding. The best part is the code generated by Caktus works. 

  • 100% Backed with Academic Resources: The biggest concern for a student can be whether the information generated by Caktus is credible or not. Caktus is integrated with Core which means it only refers to resources published online. 


  • Subscription-Based Model: Students detest anything that costs them more money. While you can enjoy some features for free. To unlock various tools and features users need to buy a subscription. 

  • Dependency on Technology: While the initiative to help students with homework and assignments is generous. The overreliance on technology might hinder the development of critical thinking and problem-solving skills of students. 

  • Lack of Contextual Understanding: AI tools drive information from massive data base which mostly generate accurate information. However, AI tools might struggle with understanding the nuance and context of certain subjects, leading to inaccurate assessments or recommendations.

Caktus AI Pricing

Caktus AI pricing plan is divided into two sections yearly and monthly. Each pricing plan has different services to offer concerning its prices.

The tool also offers a free plan with up to 20,000 credits. If you wish to extend your services with Caktus but are confused about which plan to buy, Here is a brief overview of what their pricing plan looks like:

1. Monthly Subscription – $14.99/Month

The monthly subscription can be a good option for academic students who spend hours writing reports and assignments. Features like citations, essay writing, content improvement, and text summarization can be valuable assets throughout your academic years. 


  • Class Helper
  • Premium Templates
  • Unlimited Outputs per day
  • Writing Tools
  • Math & Science Tools
  • Coding Tools
  • Citation Tool 

2. Yearly Subscription – $8.33/Month ($99.99 Billed Annually)  

If you are a regular user of Caktus you might want to invest a little more in the tools and features. The yearly plants include all features of monthly and some additional features mentioned below. 

  • Unlimited AI outputs
  • Conversational Tutor
  • Academic Sources
  • Step-by-Step Solutions

3. Free Plan

The free plan gets activated as soon as you create an account on Caktus. Upon creating the account, you will be awarded with 20, 000 credits that you can use for essay, writing, math solving, and coding assistance. However, once you exhaust your limit, you need to subscribe to a plan suitable for your needs to continue its service. 


1. ChatGPT

ChatGPT is a sophisticated AI language model developed by OpenAI, empowered with extensive training on diverse text sources. ChatGPT possesses capabilities like engaging in meaningful conversations, answering queries, offering explanations on a wide range of topics, and assisting with various tasks. 

Its core feature involves generating human-like text, providing information, brainstorming ideas, offering writing suggestions, language translation, code assistance, and more. While ChatGPT offers a paid plan with additional benefits, you can avail of the basic services on the unlimited free plan. 

2. Scite. AI

Scite.AI is a gateway for the future of academic research. With its AI technology, it helps you with various tasks like researching, analyzing, and characterizing citations.

Scite.AI is a powerful tool that caters to anyone involved in academia, research, and knowledge dissemination, helping them navigate the complex world of citations and references with confidence and precision. Along with the features, Scite.AI is integrated with the Chrome extension. 

3. Scholarcy AI

Scholarcy, is the revolutionary AI tool designed to streamline your reading experience by condensing complex articles into concise, insightful summaries.

Whether you’re a researcher, a student, or a professional seeking efficient knowledge consumption, Scholarcy is here to transform the way you engage with academic content.

One core feature of Scholarcy is, that it identifies tables within PDF or Word documents and provides the option to download them in Excel format, enabling you to conduct your result analyses.

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