Seasonal Strategies for App Marketing

What is seasonal marketing?

There are certain times of the year when the demand for certain products or services increases or decreases. Initiating campaigns at times of the year when demand increases can transform your app performance in app stores.

If you want to maximize your app revenue, you need to know how to use app marketing strategies for different seasons.

Understand seasonal trends

Consumers tend to spend more at certain times like on special holidays. Certain days and seasons evoke emotions that marketers can tap into to increase conversions. Vastly different search trends often occur when holidays approach. 

It is important to research and identify seasonal trends relevant to your app. You will need to analyze industry-specific historical data and trends. Research what special days or events your competitors target and their campaigns.

Before you start your research, it’s important to ensure that your device is working efficiently. Time is of the essence if you want to take advantage of seasonality. If you’re a Mac user, various reasons can cause your battery to drain. MacOS Sonoma battery life is a particular problem. Find out more about how to deal with battery draining from a good online resource. You will find an easy solution and get the best out of your Mac.

Look at holidays relevant to your app  

Black Friday and Christmas are important days for a shopping app. If you have a sports app, you shouldn’t miss out on events like Premier League Football or the Olympics. For a health app, the start of a new year is a good time to target. This is when many individuals make resolutions to improve their health.  

Find keywords relevant to the season

The keywords users use to search change depending on the season. Tools such as Google Trends can help you to find relevant keywords. You can also see what keywords your competitors use successfully. This gives you a chance of ranking for a specific keyword or phrase during a certain season.

Prepare well in advance

One of the most important app marketing tips is to plan well ahead of time. Start by preparing a calendar of the special days and events you want to target.

You will need to define your key performance indicators (KPIs) and what you want to accomplish with your seasonal campaigns. This gives you more sense of direction before you launch campaigns.

Allocate a marketing budget and start early on content and creative preparation. It can take time to design seasonally-themed content and engaging visuals.

Pay attention to app metadata

Seasonality applies to metadata like keywords, screenshots, app icons, etc. You must optimize your meta-data early as the search engine crawlers will take time to index it. You need to implement it at least a few weeks before a season arrives. Adding keywords like “Valentine’s Day” a day before is too late.

Create seasonal messaging

Promotional texts can make a difference in conversion rates. When you make any seasonal changes make sure users know about them. Content marketing such as blog posts, articles, and videos related to the season can also alert them. You can use seasonal product examples in videos etc. Dedicate social media posts to the season. Send emails that announce planned holiday sales or discounts.

Use season-related visuals

App icons are the first thing users see when they conduct a search. Using a holiday season-related hat is a simple way to make your app stand out in the search results.

Screenshots and video previews can reflect a holiday theme. For example you may change the location of a game to make it appropriate for Halloween. A video preview may feature a witch on a broomstick.

Hold in-app events

In-app events can re-engage existing users. Players in categories such as games often appreciate in-app events on holidays. When challenges and events for special days go live, users who downloaded the app will see them on the listing page. You can also send push notifications to inform them.

Other useful tips

● Collaborating with relevant influencers could extend the reach for seasonal campaigns. They have engaged audiences that could increase your app downloads. Make sure the influencer aligns with your brand image and the needs of your target market. 

● One of the examples of seasonality is the increase in downloads of health apps shortly after New Year. These are times when special offers and time-limited discounts will work well. 

● Apps advertising including seasonal keywords can be successful. Use the right visuals and maybe even include challenges or mini-games to get more engagement.

● You may want to think about using seasonal marketing for your international users. If you have users in places like South East Asia, targeting its major holidays could result in more downloads. 

Get insights from analytics

You will need to use analytics if you want to find out whether your seasonal app marketing is successful. They will give you insight into which of your channels work best, user engagement, and much more. When you have these insights, you can see what’s successful. You can also find out what isn’t working and make improvements.


You will miss out if you don’t use seasonal app marketing. It’s an opportunity to benefit from an increase in spending and the emotions that special holidays evoke in app users. When you tap into this, it can drive downloads of your app and increase the engagement of existing users. This can create a better overall performance of your app and increase your revenue from it.

Stefan Larson
Stefan Larson

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