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Priori Data Gives You Insights to Plan for Long-Term Success with Your App Business


In an ideal world…

App developers & publishers of all sizes have access to data and insights into their competition.

But in the real world…

There is not much room for investment in intelligence software during the early stages of an app’s life.

Dreams becoming reality

We make a simple pitch: connect your app store accounts, and get 12 months of access of valuable app data at a discounted price.

What exactly can I get?

Great app data at a discounted rate
Benchmark your performance against your competitors at a daily level
Exclusive offers and early access to new features
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Key Features

It is easy

Signup takes less than 30 seconds, and there is no SDK or code to install.

It is safe

Your data will be used to help us improve our estimates. It will never be sold, shared, nor shown to any third party.

You get better data

Your data helps us provide more accurate estimates for your markets, which in turn makes it more relevant for you.

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Over 1,500 top developers, comprising over 20,000 apps, have joined Priori's Partner Program. 1,000 new apps join every month.

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