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Are You An App Publisher?

We help more than 1,000 leading app and game developers track their markets and the competition. Learn where to launch your next product, and benchmark your performance against the best!

Become a Partner and benefit from a discount up to 50%.

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What you will gain:

  • Set Your Goals

    Track your Competitor's Ranks, Downloads and Revenue. Define your Milestones.

  • Define Your Action

    Decide your Marketing Strategy to reach Top Ranks.

  • Get a 25%-50%

    Connect your App Store Accounts and get a 25% Discount for each.

  • Unlock Your Own
    Apps For Free

    Don't get charged for Apps you have Published.

What you need to do:

We have been researching market opportunities in mobile for a long time. PRIORIDATA has been very beneficial for adjusting our expansion strategy

Onur, Head of Insights @OneFootball

The Watchlists allow us to systemize our various market analyses and seamlessly integrate these into our existing processes.

Jens Abke, CEO @Lotum

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