Get the full picture with mobile
usage statistics
Find out what happens post-download, with DAU, MAU,
cohorted retention, and ARPDAU metrics

Usage Intelligence: Research

  • Estimates available for more than 4 million apps
  • Powered by device-level data from more than 3.5bn unique mobile users

Usage Intelligence: Benchmark

  • Plot downloads vs. DAU to see relationship over time
  • See impact of a version change on D7 retention with cohorted retention

Usage Intelligence: Track

  • Save and compare multiple apps via Watchlist feature
  • Set market screens based on overall MAU or retention thresholds

How Usage Intelligence can help you succeed


Rich metrics:

Downloads indicate the start of a user journey; usage metrics show where it ends up. Usage Intelligence provides insights on the performance nuances that make a difference.

High quality:

Powered by deterministic, event-level user behaviours from 3.5bn unique mobile devices, Usage Intelligence is powered by the largest and most diverse training set in the industry.
Take the Next Step in Your Mobile Strategy
Usage intelligence is currently available as an add-on to the App and Market Intelligence packages.
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