Which types of users are using your
competitor's apps?
Audience Intelligence includes detailed location, cross-
app ownership, and device information, with exclusive
audience activation capabilities built-in

Audience Intelligence: Analysis

  • Detailed audience insights from 3.5bn unique users in 55 countries across 250k apps
  • City-level location data
  • Cross-app ownership & affinity metrics
  • User device models and distribution

Audience Intelligence: Action

  • Find out what types of users are in your competitors' apps
  • Build a custom audience on Priori, and export it directly to the Kochava Collective
  • Execute the campaign through a network of your choice

How Audience Intelligence can help you succeed


"Who" matters

If you are active in user acquisition, targeting based on location, cross-app ownership, and device types matters for your ROI. Usage Intelligence gives you those inputs across 3.5bn unique users.

From Insights to Action

Study the types of users you want to target, create your custom audience, and immediately activate it, in a single platform. Finally, actionable intelligence.
Start Acting, Smartly
Audience intelligence is currently available as an add-on to the App and Market Intelligence packages.
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