Best Mobile App Analytics Platforms 2023

Mobile applications have taken the smartphone users’ world by storm. Since there is a plethora of useful and valuable apps available in the app stores, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that people have become addicted to them. 

The search for an appropriate app that offers desired services and functionalities never ceases.

Therefore, once the app is launched for the users, it becomes essential for the developers to check how their app is performing and whether it is able to grab the attention of the right users. It is when mobile app analytics come to play. 

App analytics helps provide the metrics that aid developers in understanding how well the app is doing and what steps can be taken to further improve user acquisition.

It is the reason why app marketers are ready to invest in mobile app analytics platforms and check the effectiveness of their ad campaigns. 

Let’s understand what app analytics is, why it is essential, and what some of the best mobile app analytics performs are. 

Best Mobile App Analytics Platforms

What is app analytics?

App analytics gives an insight into the app’s performance. It provides valuable data to the app marketers, like the number of visitors and installs, users’ retention and conversion rates, how long users stay on the app, and many other key metrics that depict the app’s performance and users’ behavior. 

All these data analytics help app marketers and developers understand the following points:

  • What changes will benefit the users 
  • Where maintenance is required 
  • What’s working and what’s not for the app

In this way, utilizing mobile app analytics helps transform data or metrics into useful information and get an insight into the application. It helps understand the users’ journey and pick the common problems customers may experience. 

Until an app analytic platform is not able to provide the essential data, it does not qualify for inclusion in the Mobile App Analytics category. Therefore, it should:

  • Deliver every essential data about the app’s user behavior
  • Provide insights on demographics and regional use of the app
  • Depicts market trends and user behavior
  • Check user satisfaction and usage 
  • Provide reports that are outlined based on analysis of different factors 

If the platform offers all these features and is easy to use and integrate, consider it your buddy that will help in the growth and success of your app business. 

Best Mobile App Analytics Platforms 

1. Amplitude Analytics

It is one of the most reliable digital analytics platforms used by some of the business giants like Paypal, Disney, Burger King, Walmart, IBM, Capital One, and many more.

Amplitude Analytics 

It helps businesses get insight and personalize their digital products and utilize strategic moves to optimize.

Amplitude Analytics offers information such as:

  • Users’ navigation on your application
  • Features that engage the users the most
  • Ways of improving long-term user retention 

Apart from these, it also helps build solutions to meet the modern needs for growth with its real-time analytics, behavioral analytics, cross-platform tracking, and customer support. 

Features of Amplitude Analytics

  • Metrics– Standard Event Tracking, Custom Event Tracking and Funnels 
  • Administration– Performance and Reliability, User, Role, and Access Management
  • User Identification– User Segmentation
  • Tracking & Reporting– Custom Event Tracking, Real-Time Insights, Dashboard, User Path Tracking and User Activity History
  • Product Analytics– Account-Level Analytics, User-Level Analytics, Segmentation and Funnels

Pricing: Amplitude Analytics has not made its pricing public.

2. Google Analytics

It is one of the most extensively used app analytics worldwide for websites as well as mobile apps.

Google Analytics

The best thing about Google Analytics is it is powerful, easy to use, and comes for free. 

Google Analytics offers the following:

  • Insights about the app
  • Information about the audiences/users 
  • Know-how about the app marketing 

It helps marketers discover ways to earn the most effective results. The testing tools and conversion attribution are some other perks that you get with Google Analytics. It helps small, and large companies attain excellent user experience. 

With this platform, you can understand your application better and evaluate its content, such as features, services, and more. 

Features of Goggle Analytics 

  • Metrics– Sessions- Digital Analytics, Engagement, Entry and Exit Pages, Standard Event Tracking, Retention, Return, Conversions
  • Reporting– Trending, Segmentation, Mobile Reporting, Custom Reports and Dashboards
  • Other– User Data and Site Search Reporting
  • Administration– Performance and Reliability and User, Role, and Access Management

Pricing: Google Analytics is free to use. 

3. Glassbox

Another popular app analytics platform, Glassbox, empowers organizations to offer a fuss-free digital journey to their customers.

One thing that makes Glassbox superlative is its real-time analytics that works across websites and applications. 


It involves powerful analytics tools and AI-driven visualizations that ensure a high-quality customer experience. At the same time, with its single collaborative system, it helps in digital product enhancements.

The excellent customer service and teams from different departments- IT and product management help in strategizing and optimizing the app at every step. 

Features of Glassbox 

  • Metrics– Sessions – Digital Analytics, Engagement, Entry and Exit Pages, Standard Event Tracking and Funnels
  • Reporting– Custom Reports and Dashboards
  • Administration– Performance and Reliability, User, Role, and Access Management
  • User Behavior– Click Tracking, Mouse Movement and Frustration Tracking
  • A/B Testing– Data Analysis
  • Visitor Information– User Identification and Search Box
  • Platform Data– Dashboards

Pricing: Glassbox has not provided pricing information for this service. 

4. Mixpanel

Mixpanel is a renowned app analytics platform serving over 7,000 clients worldwide, such as Uber, Expedia, Lemonade, Yelp, and Buzzfeed.

It depicts better insight into the app performance and helps companies evaluate what matters the most, helping to build better solutions with data-driven strategies.


The effective analytics solution of Mixpanel empowers businesses, helping them understand why and how people are engaging with the app in real time. Based on the information, efforts can be made to improvise on shortcomings and fix errors. 

Features of Mixpanel

  • Metrics– Engagement, Standard Event Tracking, Custom Event Tracking, Retention, Conversions and Funnels
  • Reporting– Real-Time Reporting, Segmentation, Custom Reports and Dashboards
  • Other– User Data
  • Administration– Performance and Reliability
  • Product Analytics– Account-Level Analytics, User-Level Analytics, Segmentation and Funnels

Pricing: Mixpanel has different pricing plans, wherein the entry level starts with $25 per month. 

5. CleverTap

With its powerful services, CleverTap helps businesses personalize as well as optimize their app on every little aspect so that users’ engagement and retention increase and they turn into long-time customers. 


CleverTap understands the importance of audience retention and is more focused on improving user experience; therefore, it works on aspects like:

  • audience analytics
  • deep segmentation
  • multi-channel engagement 
  • product recommendations 
  • automation of solutions 

CleverTap enables hyper-personalization of every user interaction at scale in real-time. It is trusted by companies like Air Asia, Tesco, TED, ShopX, Canon, Gojek, English Premier League, and many more. 

Features of CleverTap

  • User Identification– User Segmentation
  • Tracking & Reporting– Custom Event Tracking, Real-Time Insights, Dashboard and User Activity History
  • Analysis– Campiagn Analysis 
  • Campaigns– Push Notifications 
  • Marketing Operations– Data Collection, Customer Insights, Multi-user Access
  • Campaign Activity– Campaign Insights, Reports and Dashboards, Campaign Stickiness, Multichannel Tracking and Brand Optimization

Pricing:  CleverTap has not disclosed its pricing plans in public. 

6. AppsFlyer 

A few things that make AppsFlyer one of a kind is it helps app business flourish with its powerful analytics, innovations, privacy-preserving measurement, fraud protection, and engagement technologies. 


The exceptional services of AppsFlyer have made it trusted by multiple companies all around the world. It supports different languages like German, French, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Chinese. 

Features of AppsFlyer

  • Reporting– Reports and Dashboards
  • User Identification– User Segmentation
  • Tracking & Reporting– Custom Event Tracking, Real-Time Insights, Attribution, Dashboard, User Path Tracking and User Activity History
  • Analysis– Application Attribution, Campaign Analysis
  • Platform- Integrations- Mobile Marketing
  • Platform Basics– Attribution Windows and Retargeting Attribution
  • Platform Data– Retention Metrics and Analytics Dashboard

Pricing: AppsFlyer has not provided the pricing plans for this service. 

7. Contentsquare

The intuitive technology of Contentsquare works beyond traditional analytics and provides information on customer experience with the app.

The features reveal three aspects of users- behavior, intent, and attitude to help you understand what engages them and what’s not working for them.


At the same time, it offers privacy and accessibility to the users hassle-free. All this helps in improving the growth and success of the application. 

Features of Contentsquare

  • Metrics– Sessions- Digital Analytics, Engagement, Entry and Exit Pages, Standard Event Tracking, Custom Event Tracking, Conversions and Funnels
  • Reporting- Real-Time Reporting, Retroactive Reporting, Segmentation, Mobile Reporting, Custom Reports and Dashboards and Heat Maps
  • Other– E-Commerce
  • Administration– Performance and Reliability

Pricing: The company has not disclosed its pricing plans. 

8. Abode Analytics

Abode Analytics is one of the popular app analytics platforms, as it offers comprehensive app analytics that involves best-in-industry visualizations. It helps businesses optimize the app’s engagement quickly and easily. 

Abode Analytics

From giving real-time insights to integrating audience, Abode Analytics helps capture, aggregate, rationalize, and understand the data to improve it further for better retention, engagement, and conversion. 

Features of Abode Analytics

  • Metrics– Sessions- Digital Analytics, Engagement, Entry and Exit Pages, Standard Event Tracking, Custom Event Tracking, Retention, Return and Conversions
  • Reporting– Real-Time Reporting, Trending, Retroactive Reporting, Segmentation, Custom Reports and Dashboards
  • Other– User Data and Campaign Tracking

Pricing: Abode Analytics has not disclosed the price of its services in public.

9. MoEngage 

If you are looking for the best insight-led customer engagement platform, MoEngage is the best bet.

With the help of its AI-powered insights, it has empowered developers and marketers. At the same time, it helps turn those insights into a cross-channel experience for the users. 


One thing that makes MoEngage interesting is that it enables marketers to be customer-centric.

It does so by giving information about users’ journeys, likes, preferences, interests, etc. Based on this information, marketers can overcome their shortcomings and drive growth.  

Features of MoEngage 

  • Analysis– Campaign Analysis and Uninstall Tracking
  • Campaigns– Push Notifications, Audience Segmentation, Customize, Scheduling, Retarget, Segmentation and Triggered Notifications
  • Analytics– Campaign Performance and Audience Insights
  • Optimization– A/B Testing, Personalization, Rich Notifications and Integrations

Pricing: MoEngage has different pricing plans, wherein the free plan offers up to 10,000 Monthly Tracked Users and limited features. For advanced plans (Growth and Enterprise), you need to get a quote. 

10. Singular 

Once the marketers understand where and how to invest for their next ad, it makes a lot of things clear and easy.


Singular works on this aspect and empowers marketers by providing an insightful view of user experience. At the same time, it focuses on the following:

  • Next-gen attribution 
  • Full-funnel marketing data
  • Fraud prevention

Utilizing Singular helps in different ways, such as measuring and reporting on all the channels, including SMS, referrals, email, and web.

The open integration framework helps in doing so. Moreover, it helps analyze the return on investments by uncovering the marketing performance of every ad campaign, creative, and keyword. 

In addition, it tracks and analyzes the user lifecycle and reports on acquisition and re-engagement. It utilizes deep links and cross-device attribution for the purpose of bringing meaningful and valuable information. 

At the same time, it keeps frauds at bay and ensures the ad budgets stay focused on loyal users. These are some of the reasons that make Singular one of the most promising mobile app analytics platforms. 

Features of Singular

  • Tracking & Reporting– Custom Event Tracking, Real-Time Insights, Attribution and Dashboard
  • Marketing OperationsROI Tracking, Data Collection, Customer Insights and Multi-User Access
  • Campaign Activity– Campaign Insights, Reports and Dashboards and Multichannel Tracking
  • Platform Basics– Attribution Windows
  • Platform Data– Retention Metrics, Analytics Dashboard and Cross-channel insights

Pricing: Singular offers three different pricing models- Free, Growth and Enterprise wherein services vary as per the price. 

Importance of using mobile app analytics 

Developing something is one thing and knowing whether what we have developed is of some use or not is another. And it is when the role of mobile app analytics comes to play. 

App analytics is not an option but a necessity that helps app marketers and developers understand the value of their applications.

It helps to know the users’ experience with the app and recognize the common issues they face. 

Even though reviews can help you get this information, app analytics make things clearer. Here are some major benefits you can achieve by using app analytics-

1. Gives data-driven insights 

It is essential that the app is able to engage the users for a long. At the same time, it should have a large loyal user base.

If there is a decline in customers, app analytics will tell when and where they stopped using the app. This information can help you figure out where and what goes wrong. Based on it, you can spot the errors and win the customers’ trust back. 

2. ROI evaluation 

Once your app is able to gain visibility and ranking, efforts should be made to start monetizing it. The next step should be focused on driving return on investments, and it is when app analytics help. 

By giving data-driven insights, app analytics tells the behavior and interests of your users.

You can use this information to make requirements alterations to the app so that it becomes more valuable, reaches more people, and enlarges its loyal customers. All this will help in improving ROI.

3. Measure exact data

Once you get the exact patterns, prototype, and feedback from the users through app analytics, you can make the required changes in the application. It will help in making the app more valuable and useful and enhance the app experience. 

4. Helps customize mobile applications 

Using app analytics, you get information on errors that help in troubleshooting and fixing them instantly.

In this way, you can customize the app for a seamless experience. 

5. Helps in optimizing the marketing campaigns

If you have initiated a marketing campaign recently, app analytics provide you with its information, telling how well it is performing.

Since app analytics tract conversion and sales data are generated through an ad campaign, you can further strategize and optimize the marketing campaigns.

Things to consider while choosing a mobile app analytics platform 

Even though you have a detailed listing of the top mobile app analytics tools, it is essential to know which platform will serve all your purposes.

Whether you are able to take advantage of your app analytics platform or not is what helps you make the most out of it. 

Once the data driven by app analytics start making sense, you can take the necessary action to improve the app’s performance.

So, here are a few things or factors you need to consider while selecting the best app analytics platform for your unique application. 

1. Key features that the platform offers 

Apart from pricing (one of the major deciding factors), you should take an insight into the features that the platform offers. Some essential features that need more focus to involve the following:

  • A/B testing 
  • Push notifications 
  • Fundamental KPIs tracking 

Apart from this, keep an eye if the platform is offering any specialized service which is setting it apart from the rest and making it more useful to you. 

2. Requirements of your app 

Every app is unique, and so are its requirements. Therefore, you must find a platform that works best for your app. 

For instance, if your app is intended for your enterprise and only a few people will use it, you need to check if it provides performance analytics rather than user experience. Likewise, in the case of highly original apps, the focus should be more on platforms that give customizable metrics. 

3. Level of support offered by the platform 

Choosing a platform that offers 24*7 support irrespective of when and where helps tremendously. So, check the following:

  • The documentation provided by the platform 
  • 27*7 hotline or customer care or account managers 
  • Tricks and tutorials offered 

If the platform you have selected is not able to offer all that is needed, it can impact the app’s performance.

You may lose track of metrics, data, and history, and all this won’t be of any good to your app. 

4. SDKs (Software Development Kit) offered by the platform 

Usually, mobile app analytics platforms offer SDKs that are easy to implement.

You may also encounter some platforms whose SDKs are so complex that they can slow down the app’s loading speed, functions, and, thereby, the entire app performance.

Therefore, make sure you choose the platform or tool that is fully compatible with your app, fulfills all the requirements, and is easy to use.

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