What is a Metagame & Why Use it?

A metagame is a game that exists outside of the actual gameplay. It’s the strategies, tactics, and social dynamics that players compete against each other.

In other words, it’s the game that emerges as a result of players trying to gain an advantage over each other. The concept of metagaming is not new and has been around for a long time. 

For example: A mobile game in which a players primary task is completing levels and earning coins on the way.

The coins can be used to enhance the character’s capabilities such as attack or defense powers. The player will now have a competitive edge and the whole concept can be called as a metagame.

What is A Metagame

Why do you use metagaming?

Metagaming uses knowledge and information that is not available within the game. It is also the practice of simulation to gain an advantage in the game. While some players consider it unethical, others view it as a valid strategy to use it.

One way in which metagaming applies is to analyze user behavior. By understanding users’ engagement with their app, they can create better user experiences.

Some players may find metagaming enjoyable while playing with their opponents. As it allows them to use their knowledge and skills to outsmart other players. They may also enjoy the challenge of figuring out the best strategies. 

Another way in which metagaming applies is to analyze the competition. Players who want to win at all costs may use metagaming to gain an advantage over their opponents.

They may use outside knowledge about the game mechanics or the other player’s style to gain an edge. By understanding what other apps in the market are doing well, come up with a better version of it for their own app. 

Metagaming can also help to improve user engagement and retention. By creating a sense of community around their app, they can encourage users to keep coming back.

For example, they can create leaderboards, achievements, and other social features. That can encourage users to compete with each other and share their experiences with the app.

Why is the metagame important?

The metagame is important as it copes with user engagement. A good metagame can retain existing users coming back and attract new users to the app. After they’ve finished the actual gameplay they can come back.

If a player feels like they’ve mastered the actual gameplay, they may get bored and move on to a different app. But if there’s a rich metagame waiting for them, they’ll be much more likely to stick around.

The metagame is evolving as players discover new and counter-strategies to existing ones.

By keeping up with the metagame, players can stay ahead and gain a competitive advantage. Understanding it can help players to consider when choosing a strategy to use. 

For example, if a particular strategy is very popular in the metagame, it may be less effective.

Because many players are ready to counter it in the game. In contrast, a less popular strategy may be more effective. As opponents are not as prepared to deal with the less popular strategy.

The metagame can also be a way to differentiate your app from others. If your app has a unique metagame that players can’t find anywhere else. So, they’ll be more likely to choose your app over a competitor’s. 

What Are The Metagames Benefits?

1. Increasing session length

Metagames provide rewards to the users for staying engaged with your app or game for a longer time.

This can increase the length of individual sessions and playtime. This helps in leading to increased engagement and retention.

2. Differentiating your app

Metagames can also provide a very unique and engaging experience. This can set your app apart from others in your niche.

Offering rewards, and updating your app to the best version gives a new and exciting way to play. You can always attract and retain users who are looking for something different.

3. Making In-app purchases

Metagames can also drive in-app purchases that can increase revenue from the app. By offering rewards or incentives that are possible only through purchases.

You can always incentivize users to spend money within your app or game.

3. Improving user retention

Metagames can increase user retention by providing players with a sense of accomplishment.

By giving them goals to work towards and rewards when they achieve them. You can also create a sense of investment and motivation that keeps players coming back.

4. Build community

Metagames can also build a community of engaged players around your app or game. By incorporating social elements in the app such as scoreboards, challenges, and achievements.

wYou can encourage players to compete against each other.  They can also connect with like-minded individuals who were playing.

How do you implement metagaming?

In order for a metagame to emerge, players need to feel like they’re competing against each other. This is possible by implementing leaderboards, rankings, or other competitive elements.

A good metagame often involves social dynamics, such as alliances, rivalries, and communities. Encourage players to interact with each other through in-app messaging. They can also engage users with social media integration.

A good metagame should allow players to personalize their experience. This could involve allowing players to create their own profiles in the app.

They can also choose their own avatars, or customize their in-game items. Players need to feel like there’s a reason to engage with the metagame. Consider offering rewards for achieving certain milestones or winning competitions. 

Finally, the metagame should be regularly updated with new challenges, rewards, and features. This will keep players engaged and prevent the metagame from becoming stale.


Ques 1: What is metagaming 2 examples?

Ans. Examples include: To use knowledge from an earlier game to make optimal choices in a new game. Another one was pursuing secrets in character based on real-life knowledge to influence.

Ques 2: How do you play games on Meta?

Ans. Meta refers to the broader strategies and tactics beyond the basic rules of a game. So, it uses knowledge or information outside the game mechanics while playing games.

Ques 3: What is the difference between metaverse and gaming?

Ans. Metaverse is a virtual world where users engage in various activities beyond gaming.  While gaming focuses on interactive gameplay experiences.

Ques 4: Can you make games in Meta?

Ans. Yes, we can make games in Meta.

Ques 5: Why is it called Meta?

Ans. It is called Meta because it refers to something that is self-referential or goes beyond.

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