Telegram Revenue & User Statistics 2024

Telegram is a renowned cloud-based messaging app that allows users to send multimedia messages and make voice/video calls. It works similarly to Facebook Messenger. 

Nikolai and Pavel Durvon founded Telegram in 2013. Telegram was initially created as an alternative to WhatsApp, but it has some interesting features which make it different.  

Telegram users can use their accounts from multiple devices. In terms of regulations and encryption, the app seems to be anti-Facebook. That’s because it claims to have a safer multi-data infrastructure and encryption. 

Over the years, Telegram has gained popularity. It has become one of the most highly used apps. By the year 2022, Telegram had gained 700 million active users worldwide. 

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Telegram Revenue and Usage Statistics

Telegram Key Statistics

Telegram users get access to secret chats where the messages can be set to self-destruct. It works similarly to Snapchat. 

Unlike other social media platforms, Telegram does not sell ads because the personal data gained by advertisers don’t go with its regulations. If necessary, Telegram can turn to user donations or freemium models. 

Telegram was never focused on making profits. Instead, it wants to offer the best service. It operates in secrecy and is committed to freedom from market pressure. 

Here are Telegram’s key stats in brief: 

  • As of 2022, Telegram has 700 million active users. 
  • In Iran and Uzbekistan, Telegram is a widely used app. 
  • In the first six months of 2022, the app was downloaded more than 153 million times
  • In 2016, Telegram was reported to have sent 15 billion daily messages. 

Telegram Overview 

Launch Date: August 2013

Headquarters: London (legal), Dubai (operational)

People: Nikolai Durov, Pavel Durov

Business Type: Private 

Industry: Social Networking 

Telegram Revenue 

Telegram has not reported generating any revenue, but it is determined to launch freemium models in the future. Telegram carelessly tried launching cryptocurrency in 2019 but has not planned to relaunch it. 

Telegram Users

By the year 2022, Telegram users have reported reaching over 700 million. Around 350 million users joined the platform in the past few years, making up almost 50% of the total current users.  

Telegram Users

It is reported that 25 million new users joined the platform during the 72-hour surge in 2021, i.e., 8.33 million per day. Ever since 2013, the app’s user base has been growing by 40%. 

Telegram Annual Users 2014 to 2022 (mm)

Year Users (mm)

Telegram Daily Active Users 

As of 2022, Telegram reportedly has 55.2 million DAU worldwide. It’s a 30% increase since November 2020. 

After the first year of launch, Telegram had 15 million DAU. Slowly, the popularity of this platform has only increased.  

Telegram Users by Region

As of 2022, India was reported to be Telegram’s largest market, with more than 20% of the total users. Besides India, Telegram is also popular in Iran, Russia, and Uzbekistan. 

Telegram Users by Region

Telegram User by Region (%)

Region Percentage of Users 
Asia 38
Europe 27
Latin America 21

Telegram Downloads

In 2021, Telegram surpassed one billion downloads, with over 430 downloads. The app has been reported to be downloaded 150 million times in the first six months of 2022.  

Telegram Downloads

The app saw a massive spike in the number of its downloads in 2021 when Facebook changed its privacy settings on WhatsApp. Globally in January 2021. Telegram remains to be the highest downloaded app, with 63 million downloads. 

Telegram has become the 7th most popular non-gaming app across iOS and Android. 

Telegram Cumulative Downloads 2014 to 2021 (mm)

Year Downloads (mm)

Telegram Popularity in Countries

Telegram Popularity in Countries

Here’s a complete ranking list of Telegram apps on iOS and Android under the social media category: 

CountryRank Among Social Media Platforms 
Australia 4
Brazil 1
Germany 1
India 2
Malaysia 1
Netherlands 2
Russia 1

Popular Channels on Telegram

Two of the most popular channels on Telegram are related to the app itself. Here’s a complete list of the top 10 channels on Telegram:

Popular Channels on Telegram
Channel Number of subscribers (mm)
Telegram Tips 7.5
Telegram News 6.3
Bollywood HD Movies Latest 4.1
Proxy MTProto3.3
Crypto Trading Bitcoin 2.9
Bitcoin News Crypto and Technical Analyst 2.8
Movie Temple 2.1
Amir Tataloo1.9
MyPoroxy 1.8

Telegram FAQ 

Ques 1: How many times are users added to Telegram each day?

Ans: Telegram has added 1.5 million new users in 2020.  

Ques 2: What number of Irains use Telegram?

Ans: Around 50 million people were using Telegram in Iran before the ban. But the number of users contributing to usage after the ban is not revealed. 

Ques 3: What number of Uzbeks use Telegram?

Ans: Around 18 million people use Telegram in Uzbekistan. 

Ques 4: What number of people have downloaded Telegram in Hong Kong protests?

Ans: During the Hong Kong protest, Telegram saw a 323% year-on-year increase.  

Ques 5: How much time do users spend on Telegram?

Ans: An average user is believed to spend 2.9 hours per month on the Telegram app. It’s more than the time people spend on Facebook Messenger. 

Ques 6: What is Telegram’s rank as the most used social media platform? 

Ans: Globally, Telegram ranks as the 10th most widely used social media app, with 700 million active users. 

Ques 7: What are Telegram’s gender demographics? 

Ans: The average Telegram user base consists of 41.4% female and 58.6% male users. 

Ques 8: How many stickers are available on Telegram? 

Ans: Telegram has roughly over 20,000 stickers available for usage. 

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