Reddit Statistics | Revenue, User Count & Growth 2023

Launched in 2005, Reddit has become a go-to social media platform for people to learn about new things. The platform was started to become one of the first inductees. 

Modern Reddit has the same functionality as it was back in 2005. Users can upload photos, videos, write posts, or share links. To keep the content organized, Reddit asks the users to post to certain subreddits. 

After a successful launch, Conde Nast Publications purchased Reddit for $20 million. Presently, Reddit has 52 million active users and 1.7 billion visitors globally. Additionally, the platform has about 100k active communities. 

Want to know more such interesting facts? Read on to find out. 

Reddit Revenue and Usage Statistics

Reddit Key Statistics 

Reddit is an impressive platform for finding out genuine product details, options, and people. Most internet users like this platform for its authenticity. 

Keep reading to know about the general key statistics of Reddit.  

  • Reddit is expected to generate 522.4 million in revenue through its advertising business. 
  • The platform has more than 52 MAUs.   
  • In 2020, Reddit got 30 billion views per month. 
  • As of 2022, Reddit measured 1.7 billion visits.  
  • Reddit receives over 430 million comments, posts, and upvotes every month. 
  • On average, users spend 15 minutes on the platform. 

Reddit Overview 

  • Launch Date: 23 June 2005
  • Headquarters: San Francisco, California
  • People: Steve Huffman, Jew Wong, Christopher Slowe, Alexis Ohanian
  • Business Type: Private 
  • Owner: Advanced Publication (shareholder)
  • Industry: Internet, Social 

Reddit Revenue 

Over the years, Reddit revenue has massively increased. As of 2023, the platform is reported to have generated 522.4 in revenue, majorly from advertising

The platform has also launched Reddit alt-coin that one Reddit user can gift to another.

Reddit Revenue 

Reddit Revenue Through Ads ($mm)

Year Reddit Revenue Through Ads ($mm)

Reddit is reported to have an average annual growth of 97% through digital advertising. 344k members of the total Reddit community are premium subscribers contributing to $1.7 million yearly revenue. So, an individual premium subscriber is worth $49. 

Reddit Users

In 2020, Reddit will have 430 million monthly active users, but this rate has stagnated in 2021 and 2022. 

Reddit Users

Reddit Annual Monthly Active Users (mm)

Year Monthly Active Users (mm)

Compared to Reddit, TikTok, and Pinterest have seen more growth. These platforms have growth of 38% and 32%, respectively, while Reddit has a growth of 30%. 

Reddit Daily Users

The number of Reddit daily active users has decreased. In the year 2022, the platform received 50 million DAUs

Reddit Daily Users

Reddit Annual Daily Active users (mm) 

Year Daily Active Users (mm)

Reddit Valuation

In the year 2021, Reddit received two valuation increases. It raised from $3 billion in 2019 to $6 billion and later to $10 billion. 

Reddit Valuation

Reddit Valuation ($bn)

Year Valuation ($bn)
Feb 20216
August 202110

Reddit Monthly Views

In 2020, Reddit saw a 42% increase in monthly news. It was recorded to be 30 million.

Reddit Monthly Views

Reddit Average Monthly Views (bn)

Year Monthly Views (bn)

Reddit Demographics

As of 2022, a vast majority of Reddit users were male. Around 63.8% of users are male, while 32% of users are female.  

Talking about the age demographics, a large user base of Reddit falls under the age group of 18-29 years. But the platform has gained recognition among other age groups as well. 

Reddit Age Demographics (%)

Reddit Users by Age Share (%)

Among the total Reddit users, 70% are American, while 7% are black. Therefore, more than half of the users come from the USA.

The platform is also popular in the UK, Canada, and Australia. 

Reddit Users by Income (%)

Reddit Users by Income (%)

Reddit Users by Annual Income Share (%)
Under $30k10

What is Reddit’s Popularity Rank?

Reddit is quite a popular platform, as 66% of internet users know about it. The platform grabs the 9th position in brand awareness.

What is Reddit's Popularity Rank

Relatable Platforms To Learn About a Product (%)

Relatable Platforms to Learn About a Product Share (%)
Amazon 89
Google 88
Reddit 86
Instagram 66
Twitter 64
Facebook 58
Snapchat 56

Reddit has become a go-to platform for 62$ Americans to know about new products. Most people will trust a product recommended by others on Reddit. 

People have more trust in brands that have a Reddit presence. About half of the internet users admit to learning about interesting topics from Reddit. 

Reddit FAQ

Ques 1: On average, how much time do Reddit users spend on the site?

Ans: Reddit users are known to spend a total of 10 minutes on the platform. 

Ques 2: How many posts are uploaded yearly on Reddit?

Ans: About 303.4 million posts are uploaded yearly. 

Ques 3: How many comments are made in a year?

Ans: Yearly, Reddit receives 49.2 million upvotes and 2 billion comments. 

Ques 4: How many videos are uploaded on Reddit in a year?

Ans: On average, 1.4 billion videos are uploaded on Reddit each year. 

Ques 5: How much of the US population uses Reddit?

Ans: More than half of the population of the US uses Reddit. 

Ques 6: Which age group makes the largest demographic on Reddit?

Ans: Most Reddit users are between the age group of 20-29 years. 

Ques 7: How many subreddits are available on the platform?

Ans: The platform has over 2.2 million subreddits, of which 13,000 are active communities.

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