Best Mobile App Engagement Platforms 2023

Even though you have developed a highly useful application, it won’t give good ROI until there is no investment in the best mobile app engagement platform.

Since app stores are flooded with hundreds of applications, the competition has no bounds. Therefore, engaging the customers and retaining them has become highly essential. 

It is when the role of the mobile app engagement platform comes to play. When working with the right platform, the chance of securing success in the long term is ensured. 

Let’s find out what mobile app engagement is, its importance, and the best platforms to invest in. 

Mobile App Engagement Platforms

What is mobile app engagement?

Mobile app engagement refers to the interaction between users and mobile applications. Different metrics help determine the different ways users interact with an application. These metrics are:

  • Number of times users open the application on their mobile
  • Duration in which the user retains or stays in the application 
  • Actions performed by the users while using the application 

Apart from informing about the users’ interaction, the right platform also serves other important functions that help marketers abundantly.

For instance, it enables them to manage the entire process and inform if the marketing tactics are working correctly. 

How do mobile engagement platform work?

Since app engagement is crucial for generating revenue, an efficient mobile engagement platform can help immensely.

It incorporates some effective marketing strategies and helps understand how well the marketing campaigns are working to bring engagement.  

The right engagement platform helps in the following ways:

  • Provide the right tools to understand the users
  • Tracks users’ behavior 
  • Helps to know if the engagement tactics are working 

In a nutshell, a mobile app engagement platform helps maintain communication between an app and its users in different ways. It could be within the app, through email, and SMS. 

The major features of a mobile app engagement platform include:

  • Livechat
  • Self-service 
  • Mobile automation
  • Personalization 
  • Multichannel communication 
  • Mobile analytics 

Best Mobile App Engagement Platforms 

1. OneSignal

OneSignal is a market-leading customer messaging and engagement platform that offers solutions to engage and retain users for a long.

It is a trusted platform offering mobile and web push notifications, in-app messaging, SMS, and email.


The platform is designed to uplift the business by providing the following:

  • An open API
  • Extensive documentation 
  • Intuitive personalization
  • Analytics tools
  • Free accounts 

Irrespective of business size, OneSignal ensures making things meaningful with its seamless messaging experience. 

Since OneSignal has a user-friendly interface, it is easy to set up and use. At the same time, due to its intuitiveness and the ability to unify the tech stack, it cuts costs and saves time. Moreover, it does not include hard-to-use messaging tools, thereby making things simpler. 

Features of OneSignal:

  • Omni-channel customer engagement
  • Cross-channel customer journeys
  • Push notifications
  • In-app messaging
  • Email and SMS

Hiring OneSignal ensures that messaging journey is made promising with a personalized touch. Due to the astonishing and easy-to-use features, OneSignal has plugins for WordPress, Shopify, etc., for both Android and iOS. 

It enables app developers and marketers to streamline their workflow with Rest API endpoints that support teach stack integration.

2. Airship

Communication plays a huge role in maintaining a healthy relationship between an app and a customer, and Airship is all about that. It features Mobile App Experience (MAX) that helps share value between customers and brands. 

While holding onto customers takes a toll, an in-app experience through Airship makes things simpler. It is tailored to individual needs, which helps build loyalty and thus generate revenue. 

Mobile App Engagement

Airship helps transform the ways your brand manages relations with the customers. It helps through the following:

  1. MAX Engagement– Airship assures superior MAX with its tailored Airship App Experience Platform (AXP). The motto of it is to make brands understand and manage the full life cycle of the mobile app experience (MAX). 

At the same time, it drives better engagement that helps monetize the app audience with the right app experience solutions and analytics. 

  1. MAX Integration– Integrating digital and physical experience is another way of enhancing mobile app engagement. Through MAX Integration, Airship drives customers to your app so that they can merge their digital and physical experiences and stay for longer. 

The most common example of it is airline boarding passes on mobile phones. It has not only made customers engaged with the app, but helped them save time and reduce efforts. So, it’s a win-win for both.

Services of Airship:

  • Professional Services
  • Technical Support
  • Fast response time
  • Online Help Center
  • Detailed developer documentation
  • Account Management

3. MoEngage

Another trusted customer engagement platform is MoEngage which is backed by the most comprehensive AI engine. Started in 2014, MoEngage has not left any stone unturned to become the industry leader in Customer Engagement. 

With intuitiveness and continuous product innovation, the platform has delivered the right engagement solution to the customers across all touch points. 

MoEngage Mobile App Engagement

The team of dedicated digital experts at MoEngage empowers you on multiple aspects, such as smooth onboarding, high engagement and retention, and effective and impactful growth strategies.

Some of the renowned clients of MoEngage include Nestle, McAfee, Flipkart, Domino’s, etc. It enables app owners, as well as marketers, to understand their customers so that they can make insightful and data-driven strategies for better user interaction and engagement. 

MoEngage keeps customers engage across multiple communication channels like web, mobile, email, social, and messaging so that churn rate reduces and revenue increases. 

Services of MoEngage:

  • Behavioral Trends
  • Funnel Analysis
  • Cohort Analysis
  • Open Analytics
  • Custom Dashboards

4. CleverTap

CleverTap is one of the best mobile app engagement platforms, as its world revolves around mobiles and applications. It gives superior services and a top-class user experience. 


Due to its multiple services and features, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that CleverTap is a one-stop platform with several solutions. It combines the following:

  • Best analytics
  • Rich customer data
  • Automated audience segmentation
  • Guided lifecycles
  • Engagement tools
  • Campaign insights 

With this, CleverTap ensures high engagement and valuable long-term relationships with customers. The platform also guides newbies and young organizations in making tactful marketing strategies.

Some of the clients of CleverTap include Canon, Tesco, Papa John’s, AirAsia, etc. 

5. Braze

Braze has led the engagement platforms by storm with its powerful customer-centric interactions between brands and customers in real time. This platform has given promising results as it is purpose-built to engage customers and increase revenue. 

Since Braze offers vertically integrated solutions that bring meaning, relevance, and insight into the customer experience, it has become one of the best mobile app engagement platforms. 


The platform offers a flexible open ecosystem and a host of channels to choose from. With it, you can scale the business- be it a small-scale with lesser needs or a large one with complicated requirements. 

So, if you are looking for a platform that can use multi-channel campaigns, Braze could be the best bet. It also involves third-party integrations to take mobile app engagement to the next level. 

6. Iterable

Iterable helps you connect with the users like you really know them inside out. Taking the services of Iterable enables you to understand your customer and unify their experiences.

It is a cross-channel marketing platform through which you can optimize the users’ interaction across the entire customer journey. 


Features of Iterable

  • Seamless speed– Iterable is known for offering seamless services across different channels offering email,  mobile push, SMS, in-app notifications, web push, social and more.
  • Personalization– Iterable enables you to build a cohesive lifecycle experience for the customers by providing them with personalized and tailor-made solutions for app engagement. 
  • Better connection– Iterable empowers users to connect to the brand through multi-channel. It ensures irrespective of their online presence; they’ll stay connected with the brand.  
  • Modern tools– Using the right tools helps build a strong and loyal user base. Iterable utilizes modern and effective tools that meet the high expectations of modern consumers. From Iterable AI and cross-channel personalization tools to dynamic content, everything about this platform is about enhancing users’ experiences. 
  • Best Services– Iterable has a dedicated team offering top-class professional and customer services to find a solution to challenges and empower your marketing campaign to give fruitful results. 

7. Pushwoosh

With the catchphrase “Engage, Retain, Earn,” Pushwoosh not only helps increase engagement but also converts that engagement into monetary value.

This platform focuses on customer-centric messaging and ensures that customers hook to the brand for a long period. 


With its scheduled marketing campaigns, Pushwoosh makes sure that users keep coming back to your app and stay there for a long. It ultimately helps in increasing user base, retention, and, thus, revenue. 

Features of Pooshwoosh

  • Simple and smooth onboarding– In-app messages hook users and make them feel connected to the app. Pushwoosh ensures this from day 1 of app installation by showering welcome messages to the users. 

Through in-app messages, Pushwoosh helps the brand communicate with customers and activate new ones. 

  • Upsell and cross-sell– Based on the tracked activity and previous purchases, Pushwoosh helps send tailored and customized messages to the users and insists them upselling and cross-selling. Thus it helps in raising revenue.  
  • Re-engagement– Pushwoosh constantly tries to reduce the churn rate, and it does so by keeping an eye on less active users. Utilizing the marketing tactics strategically ensures timely re-engagement communications. 
  • Increase purchases–  Efforts are made to increase revenue through following:
  1. Recover the abandon carts 
  2. Encourage repeat purchases 
  3. Stimulate first-time conversions
  4. Transactional messaging

All in all, Pushwoosh is one of the best mobile app engagement platforms for multiple solutions that include:

  • Planning campaigns
  • Tracking conversions
  • Increasing revenue

8. Leanplum

Leanplum, now working under CleverTap, helps manage web messaging, mail, and mobile messaging for optimal engagement. It utilizes the best and most effective tools that deliver dynamic results.

Whether we talk about its content creation tools that help personalize the messages or strategize the marketing campaigns, everything about Leanplum is excellent. 


It endeavors increased mobile app engagement through the following:

  • Email: It ensures emails are uniquely tailored to engage each user. The inclusion of personalized features makes them relevant. 
  • Mobile and Website Browser Push Notifications: Push Notifications remind users about new updates and upgrades, and the results of it go beyond the bounds of an active mobile app session. Push Notifications through the web help engage users irrespective of whether they are using a mobile device, laptop, or desktop. 
  • Mobile In-app Messages: It keeps a persistent message history, giving users a repository to revisit over time and stay engaged with the application. At the same time, the platform ensures it does not become too overwhelming. 

With the help of Leanplum, even complicated and sophisticated campaigns can be simplified. 

So, these are some of the best mobile app engagement platforms that can be used to engage users, increase retention and reduce churn rate.  

What is the need for user engagement?

In this smartphone generation, people are addicted to their mobile phones more than anything, irrespective of age. According to a report, people spend five to six hours on their mobile phones daily. Most of this time is consumed in browsing through different applications. 

Since there is always a need for useful and valuable applications, developers are not leaving any stone unturned to make the most out of this opportunity. Thus, many new apps are launched on App Store and Play Store every day. 

However, only the applications able to engage the users score the maximum points and help generate revenue. Therefore, customer engagement plays a key role in deciding the future of an app. If an app doesn’t work as per the expectations, a spike in the churn and uninstall rate is seen. 

Even though keeping the users engaged is challenging, mobile app engagement platforms can help manifold. If an app is able to entertain and engage the users and they are opening it at least once a week, it’s a good sign. It means they are interested in the services and products of that app.

So, it is important that an app is able to meet the expectations of customers and they are getting top-level experience. It drags even the one-time app user to become a lifetime customer. 

How to Increase mobile app engagement?

The best way to increase mobile app engagement is to know the shortcomings of an application.

Once there is a clear view of what aspects an app is failing, improvements can be made to engage and retain customers.

Increase mobile app engagement

Sometimes even a highly useful app is not able to retain customers. When the utility, credence, or performance of an app is in question, the chances of losing customers become high. Some prime reasons for it are:

  • Tedious signup process
  • Too many permissions 
  • Privacy concerns
  • Irrelevant notifications
  • Too much data or battery usage
  • Hangs the phone
  • Installing more useful competitors app 
  • Unused app
  • Addicting app

Apart from these reasons, users also uninstall an app when they need to free some memory in their phone. If an app is not of much use, users don’t think twice before uninstalling it. 

It is essential to engage and entertain the customers and keep them interested in the app. Depending upon the nature of the application, you can make efforts; for instance, if it’s an e-commerce app, you can ease the signup process. In toto, the goal should be making the app valuable to build a long-term relationship with the user. 

Here are a few ways of increasing the mobile app engagement-

1. Design smooth and simple onboarding 

Not every mobile user is tech-friendly. So, you need to keep the onboarding process as simple as possible so that the app gives a good first impression to the users. Too complicated a signup process usually compels users to abandon the app instantly. 

Make sure onboarding is not overwhelming and users are able to check out the app’s functions and services with no fuss. 

2. Push Notifications

Once users have installed the app, signed up, and checked the services, you need to remind them about it again. It can be done with optimized push notifications. 

When the right push notification pop-up at the right time, it can increase the app engagement abundantly. The role of push notifications is to remind and emphasize the value and usefulness of the application to the users. 

However, make sure that your push notification is not too pushy and beeps the phone at the right time. At the same time, receiving too many push notifications becomes an irritation. So, you have to work strategically to make the most out of push notifications.   

3. Encourage users to try features 

Often marketers make the mistake of assuming their customer base is the same. Once you have segmented your customers, personalized campaigns or messages can be planned accordingly. 

Users can be segmented on age, location, purchase habit, and time spent on the phone. Analyzing the audience and sending them personalized messages at the right time can play a key role in increasing mobile app engagement. 

4. Use in-app messages, emails, and social media

While in-app messages keep users updated about the app’s recent development, updates, or news, email, and social media can target and engage users outside the app. You can send compelling emails, encouraging people to try the popular services of the application. 

Likewise, social media platforms can also work wonders in bringing new users and keeping them engaged with lucrative services. Do not forget to include a convincing CTA in every post. 

Hiring the best mobile app engagement platform brings you one step closer to better engagement and greater revenue. Such platforms understand the market trends and users’ requirements, based on which targeting the right audience and personalizing the messages becomes easy. 

Such platforms work in favor of users’ interests, ensuring their needs are met and they are satisfied with the services of the application. Once the users are satisfied, they stay loyal to the app. It becomes a win-win situation for both- app owners and users.

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