Best ASO Tools for App Store Optimisation (2023)

As the number of apps increases in the App Store and Google Play, the competition between the app owners to rank their applications higher increases too.

As per the reports, there are over 2.8 million apps available for Android and iOS users.

Therefore, business owners are utilizing the best app store optimization tools to make their apps easily discoverable in the in-app search engines.

Best ASO Tools

What is ASO Tools?

ASO or App Store Optimization is a strategic technique that helps improve the visibility of an application in the app store.

It exposes the app to a higher level, ensuring good traffic and increased revenue. At the same time, it outperforms the competitors and increases the chances of an app’s success. 

Some major factors utilized by ASO tools include the following:

  • Optimal and well-researched keywords 
  • Useful images 
  • Localized descriptions 

At the same time, it incorporates analytics and A/B tracking to ensure using the most effective method to rank the app higher, increase visibility, and, thus, more downloads. 

Best ASO Tools to Improve App Visibility and Ranking

Using the most effective ASO tools gives you better control over the application.

You can improve the app’s marketplace performance, get an insight into the reviews and keep an eye on the competition too. 

So, let’s check out some of the best ASO tools that can help your business in multiple ways.


It is one of the most efficient ASO tools for games and applications. The popularity of Apptweak can be understood by its clientele which are Amazon, Expedia, PayPal, Udemy, LinkedIn, and other popular brands.   

Apptweak makes the most use of a smart keyword research strategy to bring an application to the forefront in in-app search.


Apart from keyword research, its suggestion tools allow for finding the most relevant keywords for the application. It helps the app secure the top position of the search results. 

Another thing that makes Apptweak interesting is it allows you to spy on your competitors and check their keywords.

It grabs the information and displays the search volume using Apple’s Search Popularity for the keyword. Moreover, you can check the difficulty score of keywords, which again helps in using the most relevant ones and ensuring a good ranking.

Key Features of Apptweak:

  • Keyword research and suggestion tool
  • Keyword volume and search popularity  
  • Keyword impact analysis
  • Keyword ranking history and install growth
  • Keyword translations 
  • Spy on competitor’s keywords 
  • Organic install per keyword 
  • Ranking based on category 
  • Visibility score
  • Revenue estimates 


Apptweak features different plans based on your requirements:

  • Starter plan for $69/month
  • Guru plan for $299/month
  • Power plan for $599/month


If the intention is more toward organic user acquisition, AppFollow is the best bet. It offers every essential tool for the purpose of the developers. Some renowned clients of AppFollow are HBO, Sony, Yahoo, Vevo, Disney, Hubspot, and others.

As per this ASO tool, the impressions increase weekly by five times, which leads to an increase in organic stalls by approximately 490%. AppFollow claims to augment the conversion rate by 11% on average with its tools and features.


AppFollow allows tracking essential KPIs such as conversion rates, downloads, and changes in the position of keywords. Moreover, it reports average monthly conversions rates based on location and app category.   

Another interesting feature of AppFollow is Top Chart Rankings, which allows you to analyze which games and apps are trending on the App Store and Play Store. Furthermore, it helps scrutinize the ASO strategies of the competitors so that you can make extra efforts to stay ahead. 

Features of AppFollow

  • Track app performance and KPIs
  • Keyword research automation 
  • Overview of competitors and analysis 
  • Featured app alerts 
  • Store performance index 
  • Conversion rate benchmarks 
  • Top chart rankings 


AppFollow features different pricing plan for start-ups and companies that are as follows:

For start-ups:

  • Free plan offers perks like 2 apps, 5 team members, 20 keywords, and 20 replies per month
  • Essential plan for $23/month
  • Startup plan for $47/month

For companies 

  • Growth plan for $55/month
  • Advanced plan for $111/month
  • Enterprise plan that can be custom


Another promising tool for app store optimization is ASOTools. With its help, you can check and analyze the competitor’s ASO strategy and perform more elaborative keyword research.

From searching the appropriate keywords to finding their relevance, popularity, volume, score, and difficulty, you can make the most out of the ASOTools keyword research tool. You can also categorize the keywords based on platform and location for maximum benefits. 


Apart from all these, ASOTools also gives keyword suggestions based on your search, wherein you also receive the data for each keyword along with the apps that are using it. It helps uncover the most beneficial keywords for your app. 

With the help of this ASO tool, you can analyze data that helps get accurate download and revenue estimates for applications.

You can also filter the apps based on different criteria like location, category, rating, revenue, and Facebook ads and track some of the best apps in your niche.

Features of ASOTools:

  • Keyword search and app search 
  • Download and revenue ranking and estimates 
  • App Tracking and other information
  • Google search volume of app
  • ASO suggestions 
  • MUA Estimate of app


The different pricing plans of ASOTools are as follows:

  • Free plan with limited features 
  • Basic plan for $9/month
  • Pro plan for $99/month
  • Business plan for $299/month

App Radar

With clientele like iTranslate, Arise, Meister, MixVibes, and Kolubri, App Radar becomes another big shot in the list.

Since the success of an app majorly depends upon the strategic use of keywords, App Radar ensures it with its effective app store optimization tool. 

App Radar

It gives an insight into what keywords are actually helping your app become visible and rank better.

At the same time, it allows comparing the same to the competitors. App radar will let you know when you outrank your competitors. 

Features of App Radar

  • Keyword analysis and optimization 
  • Elaborative keyword database 
  • Real-time App store ranking and tracking 
  • Management of reviews and ratings 
  • Competitor research 
  • App analytics and management 


App Radar is also available with different pricing plans as follows:

  • Free plan with limited features 
  • Starter plan for $39/month
  • Advanced plan for $69/month
  • Expert plan for $129/month

Sensor Tower

If you are looking for a mobile marketing intelligence platform, Sensor Tower is your go-to solution. It offers multiple advantages to the users, including ASO intelligence. 

When it comes to making decisions for an app’s optimization, Sensor Tower offers a plethora of data points.

It helps make the right decision at the right moment. From optimizing the keyword strategy to analyzing the competitors, Sensor Tower offers everything under one umbrella.

Sensor Tower

It helps you identify the popular apps and best publishers based on category, location, download, and revenue.

It also provides data on keywords, such as their difficulty score and the ones that actually drive traffic. You also get an insight into the keywords that competitors are using with Keyword Spy and find out how many apps are competing for a certain keyword. 

An interesting feature of Sensor Tower is Predictive Rank, which suggests keywords to help your app rank better for a particular keyword.

This feature is very useful from the app’s ranking point of view. In addition, it helps translate keywords as a part of its localization strategy. 

Features of Sensor Tower

  • Store data and top charts 
  • Keyword research, suggestion and translation
  • Competitors and localization analysis 
  • Search traffic score estimates
  • Predictive rank 
  • Featured app history and review history 
  • App profiles
  • Daily reports 


Sensor Tower has not made its pricing plans public. 

Split Metrics 

In order to boost organic traffic and decrease acquisition cost, an ASO tool like Split Metrics help abundantly. It is used by companies such as Fruit Ninja, Lab Cave, Lovoo, Wallapop, Mytona, Yandex, and many more. 

Split Metrics 

Split Metrics makes things easy by giving you an insight into users’ interaction with your app store page. It helps you understand the users’ behavior and pinpoint the elements that compel users to generate the most conversions. 

For instance, you can find out whether users watched your promo video and for how long. You also get to know if they scroll through the heatmaps (screenshots).

Apart from these, Split Metrics allows you to test the different elements of your app store page, such as name, description, icon, keywords, promo videos, heatmaps or screenshots, and much more. 

Features of Split Metrics

  • A/B tests 
  • User behaviour analysis 
  • Competitors’ insight and testing against them
  • Prelaunch app testing 
  • Tips and tricks on App store optimization 


 Split Metrics has not made its pricing plans public. 


Storemaven comes in handy when the intention is to enhance app store conversion rates.

Some of the renowned companies that have been using and trusting Storemaven are Yahoo, Zynga, Warner Brothers, HBO, Uber, TikTok, and others. 


The use of a strategic and scientific approach towards organic user acquisition has made Storemaven one of a kind. It involves an App Store Testing Platform that guides through A/B tests. The four major features Storemaven offers include:

  • Creates strategic hypothesis 
  • Designs different variants 
  • Increases test accuracy 
  • Analyzes results 

In addition, the unique ASO Tool Box of Storemaven allows digging deeper into your competitors and know things like their ASO strategies.

At the same time, it allows downloading their app stores assets such as descriptions, videos, and screenshots. It is available as a chrome extension too. 

Storemaven claims that using their approach for app store optimization helps reduce user acquisition costs by 57% and increase the conversion rate by 24%. 

Features of Storemaven

  • A/B testing 
  • Data-driven approach 
  • Analysis of test results
  • Competitor insight 
  • Personalized ASO strategy plan


Storemaven has not made its pricing plans public. If you are interested, you need to request a demo. 


TheTool is one of those ASO tools which is completely performance-based, helping you track a lot of things related to app store optimization.

For instance, you can get an insight into keyword ranking, organic and inorganic installs, app store top charts, reviews, ratings, and a lot more. This score helps you know how well the application is optimized. 


 It is used by companies like Ten Square Games, Pixonic, Privalia, etc. 

TheTool makes keyword research a cakewalk. It also hastens the process, which helps improve the app’s visibility.

With its help, you get keyword suggestions and track difficult keywords. From researching competitors to checking their ASO strategies, TheTools help you in all the ways.

Features of TheTool

  • Keyword ranking, research and suggestion 
  • Tracks organic and inorganic installs 
  • Competitors insight 
  • Download data
  • Worldwide tracking 
  • ASO score grader 
  • Top Charts and CSV export


  • Startup plan for €29/month 
  • Growth plan for €69/month 
  • Ninja plan for €199/month 


ASOdesk could be the best option for app store optimization as it offers multiple features with numerous benefits.

It is the reason why ASOdesk is used by companies like Kaspersky, Verv, Zephyr, Mamba, Yandex, Abbyy, and many more. 


One of the interesting features of ASOdesk is it gives an insight into the queries asked by users while searching for an app in the app store.

Additionally, it will provide information on the keywords your competitors rank for. Apart from this, it will also tell about the queries with low competition. In this way, it gives better clarity on keywords and queries.

Furthermore, the Apple Search Ads Popularity Index and Traffic Score algorithm of ASOdesk helps you know the most popular keywords.

Once you are done with app store optimization, ASOdesk will help measure the result as well. Usually, it is done on the basis of data App Store Connect. It involves different metrics such as impressions, downloads, product page views, and conversion rates segmented on location and country. 

Features of ASOdesk

  • Analytics, explorer and autosuggestions of keywords 
  • Comparative report of app store optimization 
  • Competitors and keyword chats 
  • Organic reports
  • Alert on trending searches 
  • Reviews and monitoring 


The pricing plan of ASOdesk varies for start-ups and companies and is segmented into different categories as follows:

For Startups

  • Small – $24.7/month
  • Medium – $49.9/month
  • Large – $84.2/month
  • XL – $118.3/month

For Companies

  • Small – $126.7/month
  • Medium – $169.1/month
  • Large – $249.9/month
  • XL – $416.6/month


Checkaso gains momentum in the race by offering useful and valuable solutions to indie developers, game developers, publishers, and agencies. 

The ASO index of Checkaso provides info on how well an application or game is optimized for the app store. Based on this information, you can implement an effective ASO strategy that will help in ranking. 


Furthermore, Checkaso will provide a keyword starter pack along with automatic keyword suggestions. Now the choice is up to you whether you want to add keywords manually or automatically. 

Finally, you can monitor the app ranking and analyze the keywords accordingly.

Features of ASOdesk

  • ASO index
  • Keyword starter pack and keyword analytics 
  • Monitor app ranking 
  • Adding keywords manually or automatically 
  • App store data
  • Results of live search 
  • Insight on competitors 
  • Customized tips 


The different pricing plans of Checkaso are as follows:

  • Free plan with limited features 
  • Startup plan for $14/month
  • Growing business plan for $62/month
  • Publisher & agency plan for $126/month

Importance of App Store Optimization 

App Store Optimization is an excellent way to enhance the visibility and ranking of an application in the app store. If you haven’t tried ASO, you are missing a great deal that can increase your revenue.

Here are some major benefits you can achieve using the best ASO tool.

1. Improve Visibility 

Often users try to discover applications and games in the App Store or Play Store. Since these stores are already flooded with hundreds of applications, it becomes hard for a user to notice your app. 

It is when app store optimization comes in, improving your app’s visibility. All you need is to use the most effective ASO tool and its features to include relevant and competitive keywords in your app store listing. It helps in ranking your application higher. 

2. More Downloads 

ASO is not all about increasing visibility but driving conversions too. Once your application grabs users’ attention and is compelling enough, you will notice more downloads.

ASO uses elements like keywords, descriptions, and icons; when these elements are used perfectly, users download the app. ASO suggests productive suggestions through A/B tests like changing the icon, description, etc. which helps significantly. 

If you are using the right ASO tool and making the most out of its features, there is no need to pay for ads. This is the power of app store optimization. 

3. Decreases User Acquisition Cost

As the application’s visibility increases and it helps grab more users organically, the cost incurred in acquiring users lowers down. Even though acquiring users is one of the effective ways of boosting an app’s performance, it is quite expensive. 

If your budget is tight and you can’t afford the high user acquisition cost, focus more on using the right ASO tool and getting users organically. 

4. Helps with Paid User Acquisition

Even if you are using paid user acquisition, app store optimization becomes essential. For instance, when people click on the ad prompting to install your app, they are sent to the app store or play store of your app. Once the user reaches there, it’s up to him whether he wants to install the app and complete the conversion. 

Now, if your app is not properly optimized, you may lose the conversion even though the user clicked on your ad. 

On the contrary, if you have optimized the app’s page properly with alluring promo videos and screenshots, it can convince the users to click on install. A well-optimized app is particularly useful for users who are exploring and haven’t decided whether to install the app or not. 

5. Reach a Global Audience 

Another benefit you can attain with the ASO tool is a worldwide audience. When optimization is done rightly, it helps reach the app worldwide, and better reach leads to more conversions. 

However, here you need to ensure that you have localized the app and app store listing. Once the creative assets of the app are translated and optimized for different localities, reaching the target markets becomes easy. 

6. Grab high-quality users 

Getting discovered by high-quality and productive users is the key to success, and ASO strategies make them easy. ASO helps reach the app to people who are actually searching for something like it. 

Using a smart keyword strategy helps grab the attention of the right users and, thus, more downloads. Since these users have discovered the app on their own and liked it based on its features, it is more likely that such users will keep using it. It is beneficial for both customer retention and monetization

7. Increase Revenue 

When the app reaches the right users through ASO, it affects the app revenue irrespective of the monetization method. So, a good ASO strategy helps tremendously in boosting app revenue. 

What to look for in ASO Tools?

Since there are plenty of ASO tools, app owners often find it difficult to choose the right one. Here are some of the features you should look for in your ASO tool:

  • Features related to keywords– The tool should be able to perform keyword research and find the most relevant keywords related to your application. At the same time, it should give an insight into competitors’ keywords and help to find their difficulty level. 
  • Competitor Research– ASO should be able to give you a better understanding of your competitors’ tactics and strategies on keywords that have helped them grow organically. Apart from keywords, it should also give an insight into their app promo video, screenshot design, icon or logo looks, etc. 
  • Localization– It is one of the important aspects of ASO; therefore, tools that enable you to translate according to different locations help tremendously. Localized listing is also a part of it.
  • Testing– ASO tools should split-test every element of the app’s store listing. If it is able to set up various A/B tests, it makes optimization fuss-free. 

So, app store optimization is one of the best ways to outgrow your competitors and increase your conversion.

Make sure to use the ASO tool that meets your business requirements and keep your application ahead.

Mani Pandey
Mani Pandey

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